Is there a job where I can work when I want, part time?

  1. Is there a job where I can work when I want, part time? Or at least part-time like weekends only (2 days out of the week)? I have a little under a year of RN experience and 6 months of CNA work. I work at a non-urgent clinic full time and want to downgrade due to juggling with too many stresses like a new house, new kid, taking care of a disabled parent, and preparing for a rigorous RN-BSN this Summer. I think I could use a "light vacation" if you know what I mean ....... been working non-stop since '09 even during nursing school. I have 12 months of emergency funds covered and my part of the bills hover around $600/month including food, utilities, and all other house bills (no mortgage).

    So is there any such job like that where you can work when you want, part time as an RN? I read about emergency hotline nurses but can't find any more about it. Thanks in advance.
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  3. by   krisiepoo
    Look into home health... my old boss used to do assessments as needed for an agency
  4. by   meanmaryjean
    Private duty nurses also have considerable control over their schedules. At least, I do!
  5. by   applesxoranges
    Some hospitals hire contingent or supplemental but those are usually you get what you get positions which may mean you get nothing for awhile. Part-time at my hospital is 2 days a week.
  6. by   JustBeachyNurse
    Private duty home health especially pediatrics like Bayada. Most are per diem based on your availability. You are eligible with a year experience and most offices would love extra weekend help. You would also have the chance to fill in extra shifts as your life permits.
  7. by   ceebeejay
    I do private duty nursing, mostly peds and school RN. I take the hours and days I wish. I fill in every now and then on the days I don't usually work just as a good will gesture. I got smart fast and signed up with multiple agencies and the work is coming more than I can handle. All of the agencies I am with are great about taking "no" for an answer. They must want you to show up when you say you will.
  8. by   J-Swish
    Wow, alot of mentions for private duty nursing. I have several questions. What facilities do you normally work in (hospital based? clinic?)? And how do you find these agencies? Any tips?

    I need to look more into per diem.
  9. by   JustBeachyNurse
    Private duty in home care for 4-16 hours most often special needs pediatrics/young adult. Some agencies also contract RNs as substitute school nurses (valid RN license & CPR card) or accompany client to school or adult day program. (Need background check for dept of education)

    Here is one agency that is in many states and well respected. If you lived in my area, an experienced nurse with weekend availability you could be eligible for sign-on & retention bonuses
  10. by   JustBeachyNurse
    Another multistage agency:

    I would contact a few to see which office best suits your needs. I've worked pediatric PDN for 3 years now. I work with two agencies, one full time and one per diem. I interviewed at two others. The two other offices were disorganized with grandiose promises (working on reputation of other offices). The two agencies I work with each have their pluses and minuses. And both are aware that I work for 2 agencies, I just can't work for the same client for both agencies (some medically complex kids with nursing 16h/day x 7d/week split the shifts between two agencies to ensure full coverage).

    Two regional agencies are Loving Care Agency/Links 2 Care and Newborn Nurses that you can look into.
  11. by   applesxoranges
    There are hospitals that "self-schedule." You get 36 hours a week and usually work every third weekend. Other than that you list the days you want to work. Unfortunately sometimes they do move people around.

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