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  1. J-Swish

    Frugality thead:work less, spend less

    I'm not sure how receptive this would be, but I'm a huge advocate for retiring abroad where your money will go further. Places like Thailand, certain parts of Europe, Mexico, Belize, etc. Many Americans do that. I convinced several older colleagues to do that as well and it's working very well for them. Ofc it's not for everyone though and requires you to have stashed away when you were younger. That, or you won the lottery.
  2. J-Swish

    My Experience With Burnout

    The burnout is really real. It probably doesn't help when you have friends and family making the same or more in salary while working in a career that makes them happy and comfortable.
  3. Questions to Disease Management/Health Consulting Nurses - What are the common chronic diseases you normally have to deal with and educate about? In my head, I'm thinking it's asthma, hypertension, diabetes, COPD, etc. Are those the most common?
  4. J-Swish

    Questions for school nurses.

    Hey all, new to school nursing here. Got several questions if you don't mind. 1) For immunizations, is there some sort of app where you can input dates to see if you're within interval? When is an immunization considered bad? I have a difficult time trying to plug dates into my head. Memorizing the schedule doesn't really help but I do keep it handy. 2) What do you keep in your emergency pack and what's your fast method for treating abrasions? I see it is very common where I am. 3) Any of you use Co-Ban? Is it mainly used for fractures, sprains, etc? Can you use it for wounds/abrasions with gauze? 4) Are there other duties you have at school that aren't really meant for the school nurse position (i.e. working registrar, etc.)?
  5. J-Swish

    Should I quit my 2nd job? How many work 2 jobs here?

    I think a summer job would be a good idea provided you get enough time off during the summer. What kind of summer job, I have no idea.
  6. Wow, alot of mentions for private duty nursing. I have several questions. What facilities do you normally work in (hospital based? clinic?)? And how do you find these agencies? Any tips? I need to look more into per diem.
  7. Is there a job where I can work when I want, part time? Or at least part-time like weekends only (2 days out of the week)? I have a little under a year of RN experience and 6 months of CNA work. I work at a non-urgent clinic full time and want to downgrade due to juggling with too many stresses like a new house, new kid, taking care of a disabled parent, and preparing for a rigorous RN-BSN this Summer. I think I could use a "light vacation" if you know what I mean ....... been working non-stop since '09 even during nursing school. I have 12 months of emergency funds covered and my part of the bills hover around $600/month including food, utilities, and all other house bills (no mortgage). So is there any such job like that where you can work when you want, part time as an RN? I read about emergency hotline nurses but can't find any more about it. Thanks in advance.
  8. J-Swish

    A Nurse with POTS Disability: A Great Success Story!

    You go! Congrats!!! I'm going to try the alarm clock trick for work tomorrow, thank you.
  9. J-Swish

    Difference between night and day nurses

    Experiences vary per shift depending on the people and the work environment that surrounds you.
  10. J-Swish

    Cursed at a patient-fired

    Sounds like my colleague, who has anger and cussing issues but learned to manage them by replacing them with words or letters and gradually weaned off of saying them out of habit. Sounds silly, but it works... Instead of holy ****, say holy smokes. Instead of ****, say duck or similar. Instead of *****, say ditch or similar. Those are some of the most common swear words in the US. If only we can say "bloody hell" like the Brits (Yes, that is a swear word, and it doesn't sound as bad).
  11. J-Swish

    Bad Job Market? Be a NURSE! (Insert eye roll here)

    Nursing schools have been popping up left and right across the country all tell potential students that there is a shortage for nurses right now. But all they're trying to do is fill their student quota per program year and get you to pass the NCLEX. They get more funding, basically. It's all a business, folks. But of course, you have those professors who do acknowledge there is a tough market right now. The finger can be pointed at the media as well for saying there's a shortage. All of this has to stop. But this starts with us - the nurses. This is why I kindly discourage those bad cookies who wanted to go into nursing for all the wrong reasons. I can tell who would make a good nurse from the bad nurses as I get to know them. I tell them the truth about the job market for nurses, how competitive it is for a job, the horrors of nursing school, and so on. 99% of the time, they start to reconsider. It works! By doing this, I am helping the real folks out who really want to be nurses. Because the ones who don't care what I say and believe in their heart that they can be a nurse deserve to be one. So by "weeding" out those folks who go in for the wrong reasons, I am helping new grads out by lessening the competition while putting in little by little more effective, hard working and passionate nurses in. Yeah, I'm crazy but I don't care. You just don't sweet talk lazy, money-eyeing folks to go into nursing. We're getting the wrong type of people I never thought imagined could go into nursing. And I'm known to be lenient and open minded. That's saying something!
  12. J-Swish

    Got fired for changing fluid rate

    Touche. Something's up. I just like to give people like that a chance, even if they mess up. There's a lesson and mistake everyone learns from. But of course, there's a limit to that.
  13. J-Swish

    Got fired for changing fluid rate

    You know who's at fault? EVERYONE. The OP's story doesn't quite add up and practiced outside her scope, that ER was using the M/S Floor as a dump, that preceptor did not intervene, these people on the AN forums shouldn't be critiquing the OP based on previous posts (I think post history should be disabled), and last but not least those folks who say she deserves to be fired. Shame on you. This does not represent professional nursing.
  14. J-Swish

    Why do some nurses use their titles as a big ego boost?

    Off-topic. This coming from a jerk nurse. When dealing with jerk physicians about personal health concerns, I suggest not mentioning about being a nurse. Say something else, like "hobbies" that you do....you can say gardener, auto mechanic, beauty consultant, college student, etc. Then once you go in-depth about the pathophysiology behind a disease or describe specific muscles/tendons, it will make them raise an eyebrow. Start quizzing them further and they might not be able to shake it off and give a good answer. Seen some clueless doctors out there and often times I even looked smarter than them because I explained the reasons for this or that. Try it! "Hm, you are quite knowledgeable about this. What do you do for a living?" "Oh, I'm just a Business major in college."
  15. J-Swish

    I don't want a male nurse! - Caption Contest Winner

    This is nothing. I have been told I look "12 years old" or "teenager," therefore they want another nurse.
  16. 1. Options before applying Physical Restraints or 2. Pain and the subjective level. Ex: Pt has 10/10 pain but nurse gives only Anti-Anxiety Med due to pt appearing "normal"

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