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I got my rn license in August of 2017. It is not February 2018 and I still having been able to secure a job. I have associate of science and currently in schoo doing the bsn.I live in south Florida.... Read More

  1. by   Korumcall
    I agree. I have seen new graduate RN residencies in places like North Dakota. If you are single, have nothing to tie you down where you currently live, I say go and relocate. Good luck!
  2. by   nuangel1
    work with an agency do contract or local travel assignments .usually 13 weeks.
  3. by   ruby_jane
    Can you get a per diem job like a flu clinic gig- something where you're doing something nursing related?
  4. by   brillohead
    I'd be willing to bet that there are plenty of private duty jobs with home health agencies with Medicaid patients.

    Doesn't pay much, but it's better than working at McDonald's, and if you're working nights there's possibly a lot of downtime that you can use to study on the clock, too.

    Once you have nursing experience, you can work your way into the job of your choice.
  5. by   RNtoDOC
    It has to do with being a new grad (cost of training a new nurse) and your current location. Guess which U.S state has the highest surplus of nurses? Florida. Therefore, employers are able to pick and choose who they want (as previously stated by another poster). I'm new to the forums so not sure if I'm allowed to post another websites article. But! this article is interesting:States With Highest Demand For Nurses |
  6. by   SpankedInPittsburgh
    Quote from Davey Do
    Belinda, my wife, worked with a medical nurse at WRMC (Wrongway Regional Medical Center) who sold her house and moved to Florida. After six months of not being able to find a job, she returned to WRMC.

    WRMC will hire any nurse who has the credentials and has the ability to undergo spontaneous respirations.

    And, I'm not kidding.
    Do you get a long orientation before you are expected to do spontaneous respirations all on your own?
  7. by   caliotter3
    Find one of the companies that provides flu shot clinics and get started. It ain't much, but it is a nursing entry for your resume that can work around your current school schedule.
  8. by   Dadrie
    D G
    West Park, Florida 33023 (

    Nursing Professional
    License number:946
    I am a skilled, compassionate, and dedicated nurse with more than 4 years of hands-on experience administering care in private homes. Most importantly, I have a passion for helping others and a willingness to go above and beyond for my patients.
    Bachelor of science in Nursing
    Broward College, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Present

    Associate of Science in Nursing
    Florida Academy of Nursing, Miramar, Florida, 2016

    Associate of Art in Nursing
    Broward College, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, 2012
    Professional Experience
    Cosulate Health Care Harbor Beach nursing and rehabilition center- Fort Lauderdale, Florida
    Registered Nurse Supervisor, October 2017- Present
    Provide supervision for CNAs providing direct resident care to ensure quality resident care on the assigned unit.
    Monitor compliance with resident, record documentation requirement, as directed
    Comply with evaluation, treatment, and documentation
    Medication administration and monitoring
    Wound care and treatments
    Admissions and discharges

    CLEVELAND CLINIC FLORIDA 80 Hours Medical / Surgical -Weston, Florida
    Registered Nurse Extern, June 2014 – July 2014
    Shadowed experienced nurses on the floor and preformed all task of CNA (check vitals, assist with activities of daily living)
    Assisted with Total Parental Nutrition feeding
    Monitored I &O (intake and output)
    Medication Administration
    Performed wound care and catheterization
    Completed full charting at end of shift
    Educated patients and family members on procedures, lifestyle modifications to assist patient in reaching optimal health for condition, and when to contact Health Care Provider if any adverse reactions took place

    Esthers Home Health Services Inc. - Pembroke Park, Florida
    Home Health Aide, March 2012 – March 2016
    Delivered high Provided patients with emotional support and ensured they were in good spirits.
    Recorded observations and discussed issues or complaints with a registered nurse or case manager.
    Directed patients in simple, prescribed exercises or in the use of braces/artificial limbs, under the supervision of a physical/occupational therapist.
    Safely transported clients to doctors' appointments, errands and other trips outside the home.
    Reminded patients to take their medication per physician instructions.
    Responded quickly and appropriately to emergency situations.
    Professional Strength
    Outstanding communication skills, able to liaise with patients, families, doctors and other nurses.
    Adept at conveying assurance, emotional support and empathy in a medical setting.
    Ability to work as part of a team to accomplish goals and provide the best possible care.
    Excellent problem-solving skills, able to respond quickly and employ innovative solutions.
    Proven ability to maintain composure and professional attitude in the completion of all duties.
    Computer literate with proficient skills in standard software programs.
    Self-motivated, reliable and resourceful with a great work ethic.

    There's my resume.
  9. by   Wuzzie
    So, I'm confused. You DO have a job as an RN?
  10. by   Dadrie
    Yes I am per diem at a nursing home. The give probably 2 shift per month
  11. by   caliotter3
    Then tell your employer you want to go to part time. Or add a second per diem nursing home job. That's two nursing employment resume entries.
  12. by   SpankedInPittsburgh
    You guys are all stinkers!!!

    You are wrecking my fantasy of moving to Florida for my retirement job in 3 years. I owe the VA about 3 years because they paid for my NP studies. I was going to try to work that off and transfer to Florida and eventually retire there like every other geezer from Pittsburgh.

    I'll say it again .... STINKERS!!!
  13. by   PrmedcRN
    The Midwest is full of job opportunities - class hasn't even graduated and everyone who has interviewed has received at least one offer (starting in May).