Would you answer this ad?

  1. "Wanted: licensed nurses to care for patients in our hospital. We respect the work nurses do by providing safe staffing, adequate equipment, and excellent support services. The MDs are always polite, willing to listen to the nurses opinions and observations, and explain their rational for orders.
    We promise enought time to do physical and emotional care as well as charting. Medications and supplies are there when needed, lab, X-ray and other tests are done quickly with the results available . There is a system for getting extra staff in the event of admissions, codes, emergency surgeries, or transfers.
    The management realizes the purpose of a hospital is NURSING CARE. If someone does not need nursing care they are not admitted to the hospital. This means NURSES ARE OUR MOST VALUBLE RESOURCE! If you are willing and able to give the finest quality care please apply.

    Would you answer this ad?

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  3. by   Genista
    HA HA! That's a good one.
    Sounds way too good to be true. That ad is EXTREMELY HARD to believe! (Sounds more like an RN's fantasy than a real life scenario. It sounds GREAT.In answer to your question- yes, I might respond to such an ad; if only to see who could create such big whoppers. LOL. Take care.
  4. by   Heather27
    HAHAHAHAHAHA!! You had me hooked right up to "Polite physicians"!!! Then I KNEW it was too good to be true!! *sigh*
  5. by   Blue11RN
    Ok, you are trying to fool with that one? Nurses are there most important resource!! I almost couldn't stop laughing to even type that statement!!! I would answer that ad just to see how it turned out. I hard to keep burning nurses and expect them to believe anything you say later on. Again, nice one!!!!
  6. by   MitziK
    Rolling on the floor laughing!!!!!!!! Way too good to be true
  7. by   justanurse
    What's the pay rate?
  8. by   pickledpepperRN
    For where I work the doctors ARE polite. The hourly pay is average for Los Angeles, but we don't get overtime for holidays except for Christmas and New Years. We pay for classes and take them on our own time even though it benefits the hospital. Our work IS respected by management. The patient comes first before profit. Other things such as staffing etc. are either better or equal to other hospitals in the area (still not the ideal in the ad).
    What is sad is that a hospital offering the chance to do the higest quality care is not believed. Look how they market to the public. Would any facility agree to have the people know how it really is? Do those running ads think it is like their ads?
    I have seen "committment to excellence" from a dirty understaffed facility that uses 50% registry countless times.
    Would you work at such a hospital if this ad were true even if the pay was slighly less than the rest of the community?

  9. by   MaxNurse
    LOL!! The ad made me laugh! Especially the part about enough time to take care of the patients and do charting! I've been a nurse for almost 6 yrs, i have friends that have been nurses even longer and i've not seen nor heard of any place that allows ample time for all the work that has to be done. The story is always the same.... overworked and understaffed, no matter what the pay is.
    I would call about the ad just to see what the catch is...it sounds way to good to be true. But hypothetically if the ad was true i would consider working there. You asked "even if the pay was less" well, how much less are we talking. A couple of dollars less would be worth the piece of mind, knowing you finished your shift completing all tasks, and gave quality care to your patients. But we all know we work for a living and not many of us can afford to take a major cut in pay, not even for a job sent straight from heaven
  10. by   DIDI
    hello, I had to keep reading to find the punch line! no I would not answer that ad, a few local agencies have tried simular ones in this area

  11. by   Agnus
    OK, I admit it; I am new and naive. Even though I know nothing is this perfect, I am fresh enough out of school to want to reply to something like this hoping that atleast there was a grain of truth some where in it.
  12. by   Babette777
    I am killing myself laughing.... too good to be true or even anywher close to the truth but I would give them a call out of curiosity.... ask them what planet they are from!!
  13. by   ecb
    I would, even for a slightly lower pay if OT was a reasonable option. I would talk with people who work there, and try to find a couple of peple who USED to work there. I would try to come to the hospital one day to eat in the cafeteria.
    but YES I would answer the ad, and even interview. My problem is I get dissolusioned pretty fast

    *** May we all have the serenity to accept what we cannot change, and the determination to change what we cannot accept. ***
  14. by   janqc
    Ask them if they'll put it in writing..LOL

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