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  1. justanurse

    How much do you make?

    RN (ADN) Hospital Critical Care Float Pool 17 years Last year I earned ~$40,000 My position has 15 weeks off with pay per year
  2. justanurse

    Was anyone ever a floor nurse?

    I worked 4 years in orthopedics until I went to CCU on the "buddy-plan". I worked 10 years in CCU and then did CN over our CCU/PCU (tele). I loved it (most of the time). It took me 8 or so years to say my worst day in CCU was actually worse than m...
  3. justanurse

    IABP Removal

    IABP = Intra-Aortic Balloon Pump This device is a near ventilator size machine attached to an arterial line placed into the patient's femoral artery. On the end of the line is a balloon that is rhythmically inflated and deflated with helium. This...
  4. justanurse

    What can you do with your pay?

    Now, my $.02 1. No 2. No 3. No in the traditional sense 4. Yes 5. Yes 6. No 7. Yes, if I wanted 8. Yes Now, all that said, if I had made some different decisions financially, I would probably be able to answer yes to a few more of t...
  5. justanurse

    What Does a RN do?

    Hi, Ellen & all, I picked "justanurse" as my name on here partly in fun of what people think of us. Oh, she's just a nurse, it's the doctor who does all the work and makes all the decisions, and saves your life. Yeah, right! It's really that...
  6. justanurse

    Dream Job

    I've just landed my ?dream job. I will go from making $44K to $34K (which is only a grand or two less than I made last year before my big raise), but I will have two months off with pay, and can still take the 7 weeks of vacation/holiday time I ear...
  7. justanurse

    What can you do with your pay?

    Mijourney, care to provide answers for your own questions? Just wondering.
  8. justanurse

    What Does a RN do?

    clock in get report look over patient's chart/orders/medication sheets/labs search down thermometer/bp cuff answer phone do assessment on one patient: introduce yourself, vs's, neuro check, listen to heart sounds/breath sounds/bowel sounds,...
  9. justanurse

    RN vs. BSN

    ADN vs. BSN Both are RN's. Just where to you want your career to take you? What are your goals in nursing? If you really want the BSN, go for it. If you want to spend a couple of years obtaining a degree,go for the ADN. Either will get you a ...
  10. justanurse

    How much do you make?

    RN 14.5+ years 4 ortho / ~10 CCU, 1 currently CCU/PCU CN $21.50 base pay, $2.50 diff for CN [This message has been edited by justanurse (edited April 05, 2001).]
  11. justanurse

    Comfort Care

    The physician usually orders a dosage to begin with. You can increase the dosage every 30 - 60 minutes to get the desired effect of pain control that your patient needs. Possibly more often at the beginning, then back off once patient is more comfo...
  12. justanurse

    Regrets about ADN?

    No regrets to having gotten "only" an ADN degree. I went straight out of high school, knowing I wanted to be a nurse. I received a full tuition scholarship to our local community college for my ADN. I told myself I would go back to school within 5...
  13. justanurse

    Charge Nurse-ing

    Yep, did that too. I took over as one of the Charge Nurses in our CCU 3 years ago. For two years, I wore many hats. Many times I had 3 patients right along with everyone else, praying "please, God, no codes today." As of a year ago, I don't have ...
  14. justanurse

    Critical Care Pocket Guide & Calculator

    Hi, telemetryrn. Here are the sites I have found helpful with my palm: www.rnpalm.com/software.htm www.pdamd.com This one will probably have more options for you, since your software probably differs from mine. If you can find and d...
  15. justanurse

    Using Haloperidol for sedation

    Be very careful. Check out your policy. At the hospital I work, we had a state review last summer. A nurse received an order to give Haldol to a patient who was very uncooperative & combative in an attempt to sedate the patient. The nurse...