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  1. How much do you make?

    RN (ADN) Hospital Critical Care Float Pool 17 years Last year I earned ~$40,000 My position has 15 weeks off with pay per year
  2. Do You Use a PDA On the Job?

    I've got one and keep it in my pocket. There are lots of things you can get on them. Lots of good things if you are willing to pay the money for the programs. I'm a cheapo, for the most part. Everything I have on mine are freebies. The drug book...
  3. pregnancy don'ts

    If anyone will, please refresh my memory, it's been a long time since this debate has occured where I work: What patients are pregnant nurses NOT supposed to interact with? Thanks bunches!!!!!!!!!
  4. Non-ICU nurse pulled to your unit...

    Don't take the assignment unless you're trained in caring for the vent patients. You need at least some orientation in what care you should provide these patients with. Some training on the ventilator itself. Not to mention managing the airway if ...
  5. We all have to work for a living. To be honest, if I didn't have to work I'd have told them to stuff it all a long time ago. And you might as well enjoy the work you're doing. If nursing was not a calling in some fashion to me, I wouldn't be able t...
  6. I didn't answer the other post, but I'm going to try this one: I entered nursing because it was always what I wanted to do. I grew up wanting to be a nurse. Nothing else. I enjoy being a nurse. It is a big part of who I am, although NO WHERE NEA...
  7. who is the Boss?

    to write you up on. Just make sure to have your own in hand. Do it very calmly. Graciously. Then proceed to cut them off at the knees. I've had my own round with a doc in the last year. He tried his best to win. Went to my manager and demande...
  8. What Would Your T-Shirt Say?

    It's a cartoon shirt with 3 nurses standing behind the nurses station and a doc walking by with a scalpel blade and syringes sticking in his back. Captions reads "Dr. Moe began to realize he had upset the nursing staff." My other one is from there ...
  9. Any Nursing Toons/Jokes Sites?

    is http://www.nursetoon.com But, I guess that's not what you're looking for if it's not supposed to be sarcastic. The funniest part of it is that it's usually true at some point or other in your career.
  10. Men Never Listen!

    But my hubby didn't. What's he know, he's a man.
  11. abused nurse...HELP!!!

    When I first started as a nurse, i worked in our orthopedic department. Longest orientation anyone ever had, cried everyday for weeks when I left. But I got through it and became stronger for it. About 4 years later it was unbearable and I was de...
  12. Verbal Orders, Do you take them?

    And, so far haven't been burned. I re-read my orders back so I know & the Doc knows I've got it right. Did hear about a very good Critical Care nurse who worked in ER and had a Doc tell her to start TPA on a CVA patient. She re-verified it wit...
  13. Stupid questions/comments made by doctors!

    We used to only have one nephrologist in our town (that was because he ran all his partners off). Anyway, when he'd go on vacation he had a "rent-a-doc" fill in for him. The guy didn't have a good clue. We had a patient on the vent and he wanted ...
  14. Stupid questions/comments made by doctors!

    I work critical care. Last year we had a new cardiologist to one of our groups. Not new, he supposedly taught at a big hospital. He whirls into the ccu, grabs an ICU nurse who was floated there, proceeds to go into the patient room and take out t...