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  1. IV push antibiotice in the home

    I worked in IV therapy Home care until recently. We did do IV push antibiotics. Most MD's are afraid to order them and alot of CHHA home care agencies were afraid to use them. But, they are so much easier to teach the patients or family members about...
  2. Do I Smell a Rat?

    I wouldn't want to be there when CPR is performed on someone with a legal DNR. I cannot imagine how they plan to get away with that. Are looking to be sued?? Are people looking to lose there licenses?? I would talk to someone fast. Good luck.
  3. I saw your post about changing careers. You said you had a web site about medical transcription at home. I wanted to e-mail you, but your address was not listed. Could you share that information with me. I want to try the same thing and stay at home....
  4. I am looking to work from home after I deliver in january. Does any have any ideas how to use my RN in this manner? I have hospital experience, Case mangement experience and on call experience. I was looking at babysitting, but I was hoping there was...
  5. I was wondering if anyone works at home. I am pregnant have been on bedrest for 2 months. I was working for an Infusion Company doing case mangement,POT's and etc. My friend has offered me a job that I can do from bed and continue to stay at home wit...
  6. Death With Dignity?

    I think the topic "Death with Dignity" includes pain control for the dying. Nothing makes me more upset is when MD's done want to order pain meds except Tylenol because "the pt may become addicted". HELLO, the pt is dying and is on comfort care!!!! I...
  7. Spooky Stuff

    Yes, one night while I was working I had a scary experience. The halls were dark and I had walked to the end of the hall to the closet. There were no patients that far down the hall at the time. So, as I looked for my supplies, I got tapped on the sh...
  8. Nothing changes

    I left Hospital work and went into Home Infusion therapy, thinking things would be different. I guess I was wrong. I have been there 6 months and I am starting to see how things really are. It is run by a nurse and the rest of her family. You are cut...
  9. iv's and aeseptic technique

    I always wipe with alcohol, and I teach all my patients in Home care that they must wipe all surfaces before they enter. I don't know where she got that idea, but I don't agree. Always wipe, wipe, wipe!!! We don't want to take any chances for infecti...
  10. Has anyone ever refused an assignment?

    YES I have refused an assignment. When I was working as an LPN I got floated to a Medical floor. Of course I got dumped on with the most and hardest patients. ( A hold other topic there!!) I walked into the first patients room who had a CVP line, ble...
  11. How long did you stay on your first nursing job?

    Two years on a Gyn floor as a LPN which I like very much, had to leave and go to L&D after becoming a RN. Hated L&D. Lasted 7 months. I had to leave Gyn because of the Union and bidding process in our hospital. Well, no RN jobs on Gyn, so off...
  12. I am sorry to hear about the problems you are having. You are in a hard place right now, I don't know what I would do. I would think it doesn't make a difference if he is your husband or not, that you should report him. Did he get any help? Or did he...
  13. getting started in w/ nursing career

    Good luck with your dreams!!! I did the same thing that you plan to do. I work as a nurses aide, got my LPN then got my RN. It is alot of hard work but I learned alot! Not sure about grants or loans out there for you. I would suppose the grants would...
  14. nursing salaries

    I think my area is the worst. In the Syracuse NY area a new RN starts at $12.63/hour. It is horrible and people are way to overworked. What else is new!!!
  15. Opening Sharps Containers

    If the mangement is so crazy as to want you to count syringes and put the nurses at risk, I guess they should do it themselves. Sounds like a mangement job to me! Watch how fast that dumb rule would change, huh?