Infection control catch phrase to remind healthcare providers to wash their hands.

  1. I would like to throw this topic to healthcare workers particularly in hospitals. With the rise of infection cases in hospitals, particularly c-diff, are there hospitals out there that use catch phrases to remind its staff to wash their hands before and after seeing their patients? I work in a hospital and would like to see a more aggressive approach into how we wash our hands especially with patients with c-diff. We are ask to always wash our hands before and after every patients, but I would like to hear more if there are catch phrases that hospitals use to remind their staff to wash their hands. Suggestions are welcome.
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  3. by   Turd Ferguson
    I've seen posters all over hospitals that have "WASH NOW" written in big block letters
  4. by   Jack245
    I don't know about hospitals, but my CNA instructor used to always tell us "Hey...remember, you can't see germs!"
  5. by   1southernstudent
    "Give bugs the rub"
  6. by   Dazglue
    What A Simple Habit
  7. by   flashpoint
    Handwashing...the Anti-Bug
  8. by   Amysuenu
    I started a job earlier this weeking on a dementia unit at a LTC facility, lasted one shift and after that would not go back due to a similar situation.

    I was shocked to see an LPN who was training me not gloving when doing wound care, applying misc ointments to patients and not washing hands as dilligently as I was and had been trained to do in nursing school.

    This isn't the only reason I left, but I was absolutely disgusted by this not to mention various areas of the facility!
  9. by   supermotojen
    Our hospital uses "gel in-gel out" and wash with isolation,etc
  10. by   NRSKarenRN
    how about a video: wash 'em tune to michael jackson's beat it.

    wash 'em!

    at jefferson, we take preventing infections seriously. we are constantly working on improving our processes and results. our latest effort to boost our hand washing – jefferson's "wash 'em" video – is a great example.
    play video
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  11. by   NoAverageLPN

    I also implemented a hand hygeine campaign and I adopted the slogan, corny as it might be, "We Wash Because We Care". Sounds silly, but it was effective!
  12. by   nursecox2011