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NoAverageLPN has 5 years experience and specializes in Infection prevention and control.

I say I am no average LPN because I am tired of the bad rap that is automatically associated with being an LPN. I love being a nurse and am pretty great at it! :o)

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  1. Baker College AH LPN to RN ROLL CALL!!

    Did you work while attending??
  2. ADN Program challenge exam...

    What school are you at?? I had to take an 'entrance exam' to get into my bridge program even though I have been working. It was basically on Fundamentals and was just like taking the NCLEX tho..pretty challenging I must say!!
  3. Help please!!!!!!

    You can also google but at the top you will see Web, Images, Map, etc and then you will see more with an arrow, click on that and select scholarly and that will give you a list of only scholarly journals and articles. Good Luck!!!
  4. This seems unsafe to me..

    Agreed. Best lesson I ever learned that was not taught in nursing school. I get picked on by other nurses because I chart and document so much but I will tell you this, I have had to go head to head with the State of MI as well as surveyors and my ...
  5. What GPA do you need to continue?

    I am at Baker College and we have to maintain a B average. When I went to OCC for my LPN it was a C. I would think those who are upset are obviously those who want to skate by and not put much effort into it which when they get out and licensed (if...
  6. This seems unsafe to me..

    I have been in similar situations and have on several occasions taken a break in the courtyard of the facility with a couple of my high risk residents. I would pull my paper charting and the my two lil ladies who could not seem to keep themselves of...
  7. Baker College acceptance letters???

    OH NO!!! That really sucks...I am so sorry! They are extremely disorganized over there...I think they think that communication is overrated!! So sorry again....
  8. Baker College AH LPN to RN ROLL CALL!!

    I am in!!! Who else got in??? Anybody else on board with starting a fb page???
  9. Baker College acceptance letters???

    Hey hopesgramcracker I am so glad you got in!!! Guess I will see you on the 12th! That office was so disorganized, I hope it gets better as the program goes along!! Super excited to start!!!!
  10. Baker College acceptance letters???

    Thanks!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! I know you feel better!!!!
  11. Baker College acceptance letters???

    Which email did it go to?? your regular or your baker???
  12. Pregnant while in nursing school?

    I started my LPN program in January and was pregnant with our first who was born the week before my first clinicals started. I had 6 weeks left at that point, I had the option to start again in the fall but I pushed through driving my 2 week old bab...
  13. Baker of clinton township nursing program

    I wonder if they have any idea how frustrating this wait is......
  14. Baker of clinton township nursing program

    I am LPN to RN and since they changed everything, pharm doesn't count for me anymore which really kind of made me mad considering I already had it at OCC on top of taking 3 other classes....UGH! So if I wanted to figger it out I would add my gpa for ...
  15. Baker College acceptance letters???

    We were done the 26th too but grades didn't have to be posted until yesterday. My packet stated there would be an email after grades were posted, followed by an official letter the first week of September. I'm dying here!!! :eek: