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I had an interview at a Hospital this morning in Ga for one of their ICU units. Basically the interview went horrible and I was ripped to shreds from the moment they walked in through the door. I was... Read More

  1. by   HeatherGurl84
    Be thankful you saw the true side of them IN THE INTERVIEW, and not after they hired you!
  2. by   CrazierThanYou
    I don't think I'd WANT that job.

    I once interviewed for a job in another field and had a similar experience. The interviewers didn't shake my hand, wouldn't even smile and spent the whole interview looking down their noses on me.
  3. by   RNFiona
    Group interviews can be tough and some nurses can just be downright nasty.Even if they felt you didn't have enough experience they could have conducted the interview in a less demeaning manor. Laughing in your face was unnecessary and just downright unprofessional. We were all new once.
  4. by   withpurpose
    If this is any reflection of the hospital's culture, I would not want to be a patient there. This is the type of culture that has set itself up for experiencing preventable errors resulting in significant patient harm. Why? Because people are afraid to speak up, afraid to speak against someone of "authority", afraid to stop the line. All because they work in a culture that does not value what each individual has to offer in the care of the patient (including ancillary and support services). Being upfront about the current culture is one thing, but treating a candidate horribly in the attempt to weed out candidates or see "if they can take it" is inexcusable. It is very sad that someone that behaves in that manner is a Director. What you experienced is unprofessional and unbecoming to the nursing profession and healthcare leadership. Best of luck to you in finding the best match for you to continue to grow in your profession.
  5. by   harleyridingirl
    As a relatively new nurse you already feel insecure because you don't know everything, haven't seen everything and even though you feel you can handle your job since you have learned o much since getting your license, these people ripped you apart. What a shame. I agree that thank goodness they showed their true colors. Too many times on interviews everyone smiles and is so nice and then when you take the job you find out you have a terrible boss who screams and yells. You never know what you are going to get when you take a new job unless you know someone that works there. I do not understand why nurses don't have a more sympathetic view of newer nurses. Why don't they want to help us and train us so that we are great nurses? I have been lucky to have a few that have but then I refuse to work at a hospital. The only problem with that is no one wants to hire a nurse that hasn't done time in a hospital.
  6. by   KenH
    I'm sorry that you feel bad, but YOU failed the interview, YOU need to learn from it so you don't make the same mistakes on your next interview. They took the time to interview you; I bet there were lots of others that didn't make to the interview process.

    Quote from garn12
    . The entire interview process made me feel horrible.

    Nobody can make you feel anything, it's your choice.


    Quote from garn12
    .They told me verbatim that "I have no experience". They implied to me that if I get a job here I need to know how to access a patient which offended me because I felt like they were basically telling me I don't know how to assess a patient which is something all nurses do. They asked me if I had any experience with central lines and foleys. They laughed in my face when I told them my hospital I currently work at has an IV team.
    You were OFFENDED, O my lions, tigers and bears, you were applying to work in a ICU unit and you told them you didn't have experience with starting IV's, because your hospital you currently work at has an IV team. What did you expect them to say, O that's ok because you can ask someone else to do your work for you?

    ARE YOU ON THE IV TEAM? & why not.

    There was this medsurg nurse that made it into the ICU. One day she said out loud, that she was getting a patient from the floor and was worried because they needed a Foley and she hadn't done one in a long time. How long do you think they lasted?

    Quote from garn12
    At times I would answer questions they cut me off and even re asked the same question which led me to believe that they were not interested to begin with. I felt degraded and as though I haven't accomplished anything at all.

    THEY TRIED TO HELP YOU, but you didn't notice because you were TOO offended.

    Quote from garn12
    . I would have personally preferred to receive an automated rejection response from HR than to sit in an interview for 30 minutes and be hazed and asked do I know what I'm getting myself into by coming to work here.

    You were applying to work in the ICU, What you learned in that 30 minutes that will help you grow into an ICU NURSE.

    Quote from garn12
    . The unit director asked me what was our patient satisfaction scores on the unit I work for. I actually don't know that answer but I know it is accessible to the public if she was curious. I thought the interview was about me not the unit I work for???

    You really said you didn't know, REALLY! Seriously?
    Patient satisfaction and employee satisfaction go hand in hand. Patient satisfaction scores ARE really important otherwise the director would not have asked you!

    Quote from garn12
    .Where is nursing going these days? Why are people so rude? If I met the qualifications for applying for the job and I was offered the interview why was it necessary to bring me in to humiliate me.

    Because at least on PAPER you have the qualifications for applying for the job.

    PLEASE, I'm not trying to be mean or hurtful , you have accomplished a lot, But you need to learn from this interview so you don't make the same mistakes on your next interview.
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  7. by   newokiern
    That's terrible. Their behavior was completely unprofessional. You're obviously a qualified nurse and you certainly don't have to tolerate abuse from anyone. It's better that they behaved this way during the interview. It would have been worse if you had accepted the position and then had to work with them.
  8. by   canadianhungarian
    I had an interview a few months ago very very similar to yours. Felt that I was treated unfairly and all they did was belittle my previous experience. However I had to turn around and look at it at a different light. What was it they didn't like about me that I could learn from? A previous poster; KenH has many valid points. I took that interview as a learning experience. Only way you can deal with it now is move forward. Granted most facilities I have interviewed at have been professional and that was the only place where I felt like they wanted to kick me out the moment I sat down!!! 2 weeks later I went on an amazing interview that landed me my full time position at a pretty prestigious hospital the confidence you can (standing up for yourself) will help you in your next interview! Good luck! Keep your was up!!!!
  9. by   canadianhungarian
    Keep your head up!! Excuse my spelling and damn autocorrect!
  10. by   Horseshoe
    They asked me if I had any experience with central lines and foleys. They laughed in my face when I told them my hospital I currently work at has an IV team.
    They shouldn't have laughed, but you did give away your inexperience with this statement. Most nurses would not be expected to have started a central line. What they were asking was if you had experience giving meds through central lines, drawing blood, taking care of the dressings, comprehension of proper flushing techniques, etc. An IV team would not be doing that for you.

    Just wanted to give you the heads up on that one if you are asked that question in the future. The proper answer would not be that you have an IV team, but that no, you have not had any experience with working with central lines.

    Sorry you were treated badly and good luck in the future.
  11. by   apoppyfield
    Their staff must be sitting in the parking lot having panic attacks before walking into work. Bad management is bad management in whatever profession.
  12. by   MochaRN424
    They called you in for an interview why? I will never understand this...if they didn't like what they saw on your resume why even bother to waste your or their time. I agree with the few comments I have read...Yes Thank God they showed their true selves. I think you dodged a bullet there.
  13. by   MommyandRN
    I actually got up and left an interview like that. My interview with the manager went well. But then I was sat down for a peer interview with three RNs. One of them was nice, but the other two were horrible. I got up and said I needed to go after about 30 minutes of it. There are plenty of other jobs.