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  1. apoppyfield

    Does psych nursing affect ur home life?

    "Crazy" isn't exclusive to psych units. I've dealt with several people on an acute floor with Axis I & II dx.
  2. apoppyfield

    Common Correctional Nursing Interview Questions

    The interview went ok. There were 4 questions, 2 questions about diabetes and 2 of which were psych scenarios. I did okay, but was nervous. So they said I should hear something in 3 weeks, depending on when they get ahold of my references. I guess if they are going to the trouble of contacting references that there may be a job possibility. I didn't pretend to have more experience than I did, but stressed areas which would help me in this setting.
  3. apoppyfield

    Just a very happy post from a very happy new nurse

    Congrats. You were fortunate to get into a specialty like that.
  4. apoppyfield

    Is 1 nurse to 500 patients acceptable?

    I agree, insane.
  5. For anyone working at a CA state hospital, I am really trying to understand how restraints and seclusion are managed. Is it the same as in a prison, with custody staff directly supervising the IM. Or does the MD or RN direct staff to initiate the restraint or seclusion. What are the protocols for this. I am also interested in patient ratios and a day in the life of a nurse. Please explain what you like or dislike about the job? I have an interview next week and realized that I was preparing for a correctional interview. In reality, this may be a very different type of job.
  6. apoppyfield

    Fired during probation... what now-- more than 1 yr RN

    Right employers can be arrogant in their expectations for new grads. They are working with schools and pumping out new grads like crazy and have to justify that they are hiring. They don't care if you stay right now because they have an endless line of applicants. Look for a supportive environment where they really want and appreciate you, even if the pay is a little less than you were getting. You did get 3 mos of experience, so use it to your advantage. Get a job to insulate you from the bad experience. Check with your former HR Dept and ask them what information they divulge to employer requests. It may not be as bad as you think and they may not even want to divulge whether they would hire you back, that is prejudicial information anyway. Get a list of references, former employers, coworkers, instructors who can vouch for your work ethic. Not every job works out for numerous reasons. And don't worry about your age, in a lot of circumstances it is a benefit. Older workers are more mature, more settled, sleep less :), etc.
  7. apoppyfield

    Common Correctional Nursing Interview Questions

    Got a call for an interview at a state hospital and so glad I started to compile and study all the responses here. I'm happy, excited and a little nervous about this new chapter opening up, and I'm going for it! Thank you to everyone who has shared here. This information is invaluable!
  8. apoppyfield

    Correctional Nursing Interview-What was your experience?

    Just got a call for an interview at a state hospital.. wheh!! i'm so excited, nervous and a little afraid. So thankful for all the posts here and that I already started compiling them into a format for review. With all this input, I am confident that I will give a good interview.
  9. Has anyone ever gotten blood return while giving an IM injection? One of my clinical instructors said it's EBP that it is no longer done. Then I worked at a hospital that required it according to policy. I wonder what the chances are of turning an IM into an IV?
  10. apoppyfield

    Friend tells me she is diverting

    If you work with her you need to report it.
  11. apoppyfield

    Home based RN business

    Hello everyone, Really excited about all the ideas flying around on this post. I ended up buying a huge place that would be an excellent assisted living or board and care facility. It could easily house 5 residents and I am wondering if anyone can provide me with help in pursuing this idea. I know for a start that I would need to explore licensing. Has anyone operated a home like this or is familiar with CA Title 22 regulations?
  12. apoppyfield

    Downstate NY Correctional Nursing

    I could not tell you which agencies contract with your facility of choice and do not know if that is public information anywhere. It is very frustrating that this information is not readily available. Perhaps someone familiar with your state can help you. Some states require that you take an exam and the applicant is then placed on a list. There are many discussions on this forum as to whether a new grad should take a job in LTC are hold out for a versant or acute care position. There are pros and cons to both.
  13. apoppyfield

    Downstate NY Correctional Nursing

    Moochini, I too am a recent grad trying to get into correctional nursing. I don't know the politics in your area, but I do know that if you keep knocking on doors and gaining experience that eventually you will be able to reach your goals. The reality it that corrections is a revolving door and they need stable, mature people that won't get caught up in the drama. Don't let your heart be broken, just keep moving forward. Some doors are not open to us for whatever reason we don't know or don't need to know... so my solution is to go around them. Keep applying to the lists and you will get higher points each year. Take whatever jobs you can in the mean time that would enhance your experience, e.g. ER or psych experience. I've taken a LTC rehab position. Not my dream job but the next time I take the test I'll be higher up on the list. In the mean time, try to get certifications such as ACLS that will enhance your desirability and prepare for the interview now. There is plenty to do.
  14. apoppyfield

    August 2013 Caption Contest: Win $100!

    Is that the new vendor's PPE?
  15. apoppyfield

    Common Correctional Nursing Interview Questions

    That is a great idea. Would you mind sharing your document?
  16. apoppyfield

    Pending job loss, 975 hours cap

    Does anyone know if the 975 hour cap applies to state hospitals as well or to just prisons? Also, anyone know which registries will be providing placement for the new state hospital in Stockton?

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