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  1. apoppyfield

    Does psych nursing affect ur home life?

    "Crazy" isn't exclusive to psych units. I've dealt with several people on an acute floor with Axis I & II dx.
  2. apoppyfield

    Working at new DSH / CHCF

    I've got to get that book!
  3. apoppyfield

    does CA state prison still have lots OT for RNs?

    I hope not! I just signed up to hear the response from others.
  4. apoppyfield

    Prision dress code

    I know exactly what you mean blue sky. I don't want to buy scrubs that I won't be able to wear.
  5. apoppyfield


    I can't wait to be a psych RN. My entire career has prepared me to enter this field.
  6. apoppyfield

    To get insurance or to not get insurance...that is the question

    You could be sued.... personally. Do you want to give up your home, vehicles? Insurance is $100 per year. I don't know a single doctor who doesn't carry it.
  7. And once you start on the job, leave the personal stuff out.
  8. apoppyfield

    Working at new DSH / CHCF

    Hello, I just wanted to start a new thread for the employees working at the new hospital. I will be starting soon and know that there are unique problems working at a facility that it opening, like putting out fires all over the place. In addition, this is a new model in prison health care which may present it's own challenges. Would like to hear from anyone working here about pitfalls or how they are coping with this unique environment.
  9. apoppyfield

    IV push

    Your IV drug book should give parameters for everything. I agree with a lot of the comments above that diluted meds are easier to control.
  10. apoppyfield

    Fired after the first month as a new grad! In shock!

    Toxic workplace... wow that doctor. Be glad you got out before you got Stockholm syndrome.
  11. apoppyfield

    Bedside handoff?

    It might work for someone with insight, but for someone in crisis, not. There are even patients in medsurg that would not be appropriate for bedside reporting.
  12. apoppyfield

    CA State Hospitals/Prisons

    Hi Bluesky, Yes I got the good news and am hoping to connect with other employees working there. Sent you a pm to catch up.
  13. apoppyfield

    Admission first nursing note

    Excellent narrative. Thank you.
  14. apoppyfield

    CA State Hospitals/Prisons

    Anyone working at Stockton state hospital or CHCF?
  15. apoppyfield

    Possible Friction with Senior Psych Techs

    Sounds like the SPT is out of line. Check with your supervisor or union rep.