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For those of you that have not seen it, there is a full article on the front page written by the Dean of the University of the Philippines School of Nursing stating: (the version that is in print in... Read More

  1. by   kathD_RN
    . THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT I WANTED TO SAY. WHAT'S THE PURPOSE OF NLEX ANYWAY? to be qualified working in states ryt? so what the heck are they complaining about the NLE leak?

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    Thank you.
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  2. by   suzanne4
    Quote from kathD_RN
    . THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT I WANTED TO SAY. WHAT'S THE PURPOSE OF NLEX ANYWAY? to be qualified working in states ryt? so what the heck are they complaining about the NLE leak?

    Tagalog is not allowed in this forum per Terms of Service (TOS).
    Thank you.
    There is much more to the leak with the NLE. There has also been issues with the CGFNS exam, the NCLEX exam, as well as the IELTS certification.

    If there are issues with cheating, it affects others and it has. As well as the purchasing of RN Diplomas and that is happening as well. Have actually worked with a few that have done that, and they are no longer working, have been removed from their positions, hopefully are on their way back home. So there is alot more going on then you are even aware of.
  3. by   Dush
    would you assume that, since it would be difficult to identify who did & did not cheat, all of them are cheats?
  4. by   kalayaan
    Quote from whammy78
    Btw Kalayaan, America is not the only lucrative place to go. The Philippines has just recently open its door to many opportunities. You just have to look around and use your resources. The neighboring asian countries with their booming economies are all prospects... even the rich oil countries in the middle east are prospects...

    Maybe I would just stay here and invite my well off classmates to invest in a nursing home somewhere in Boracay

    If we can not go abroad... then why don't we bring the pie here... just a thought.

    take time to go through this thread and youll see that this one focuses primarily on the Dean's write-up and also includes the issues on the 2006 june nle. even suzanne included it in the discussion.

    filipinos dont know when to stop and when to keep figthing. i felt sorry for those that took the last local exam. but i feel more sorry for those that just dont get it. and fortunately, i didnt take the last nle.

    whammy, let me remind you that the statements i have posted here, and in other forums, are not inteded solely for you, or to whomever ive replied to, but for the benefit of those reading them. all ive written here are straighforward, practical solutions to this controversy. filipinos are not used to frank responses, and i do hope u appreciate my honest opinion of what should be done. and if you dont like them, please feel free to give a concrete, truly viable option that will allow the june nle takers to take the nclex and work here. declaring the exams valid will not work in the US, bec for the moment they still consider it invalid. and other countries may think the same way.

    whammy, tell us why you took up nursing? was it to be a caring nurse in the phil? bravo to u if yes. America may not be the only lucrative place to go, but its where most pinoys want to be. tell me if it never occured to u to work here? i simply posted a remark to benefit all those that wanted to come here. dont take it personally. and the philippines is truly beautiful, despite the crippling corruption. i never said otherwise.

    and whammy, dont take posts from other unrelated threads and post them here just to make a point. but for my information, tell me where in the website can i find the exact answer to the question i posted.

    everyone, lets maintain an intelligent forum in a cool atmosphere. several threads have been deleted simply bec people were getting at each others throats. and this topic is on the verge of being closed and deleted. we have exhausted all types of opinions on this topic. it already happened.

    the only thing good right now is to discuss how this can be solved.
  5. by   tantrum
    At this point, any discussion will not bring a solution as it is pending in the courts. It's not even in the Supreme Court but the Court of Appeals, which means it might take more than a year to see any resolution. If both sides are very insistent on their rights, they can take any exam they want. However, even if you were able to get an ATT for the NCLEX, other problems will still be there when it comes to the visa screen where you need a hard license to verify. With retrogression coming, this will put more setbacks for everybody until they make more visas available, hopefully next year.
  6. by   whammy78
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  7. by   corrupted_caregiver
    Good thing I took up philosophy and logic classes in my UP days. har har

    I think whammy has a bit of a point there. You cannot really understand a person who have experienced a situation without undergoing the same experience. I mean, if you will talk to a person who has lost a loved one, and say "I know, I understand" when you did not even had experienced a death of a close relative is pure perception. The same goes with the NLE. If kalayaan did not took the same exam (lucky), then he or she cannot fathom the minds and hearts of those who took and passed it cleanly. There are a lot of bottled up emotions for us over here. That is why you can just go through, and draw the line as to the best way to be taken. Yes, I do agree that there must be a retake. And as you say, ASAP. But a lot of people who passed are reluctant, even disagree with that. As I said, emotions cloud the thoughts. And because you in the first place are devoid of the emotion wrecking feeling of the NLE, then you must understand what we are going through. A cool and civil conversation is needed. Yes. But flare ups cannot be avoided. This is an emotional thing. A life and death situation at that. So, kalayaan, your point taken. But you need to zip that fingers after that if you don't understand my post.:wink2: peace.

    To those who passed and are reluctant to take the test this december because it might also be problematic, I understand your feelings. I also didn't apply for a retake because I'm still waiting for issues to develop. I personally, may have to wait for a year, or if this will be a trouble free december NLE, then I'll take it right there. Or if the courts decided before december, that would be great. But all I have to do is wait.

    I've been invited to a lot of forums but I declined. I've seen it. Experienced it. And kinda hate it. I mean, we all talk our hearts out for possible solutions, short or long term. Then after the forum, it's gone again, like water turning to vapor. I've save my precious saliva by teaching nursing concepts instead.

    We can't dictate what to do. Like the dean of UP. Or the dean of FEU. They have all their positions. And have expressed it to the authorities. But what happened since that? Nothing.

    If you are dreaming to overhaul the system, dream on. I dreamt of the same thing. It will take you a thousand lifetimes to do that. I mean, look at Jose Rizal. He's a great guy. Philippines is great. Just don't look at the mirror and ignore the rumbling of your stomach.

    I have 2 kinds and a wife. I have a family. I'm 24. I took nursing because there might be something in it for me as my Pastor dad discouraged me to take also the same calling. So I think God put me into this profession with a sole purpose of providing quality nursing care to people. I have a lot here on my shoulders friend.

    So I don't expect somebody to understand the emotions in my situation. I just need somebody to understand my thoughts as my PHILO classes in UP taught me to separate emotions from rationale thoughts.

    That's it. ANother day has passed. Retake asap? I can do it. Vote me for president of the philippines. But as of now, all I need to do is wait.
  8. by   lawrence01
    let's try to maintain everything friendly and civil here guys.

    friendly debates and exchange of opinions is ok as long as everyone doesn't take it personally.

    hope to not close this thread if things heats up.
  9. by   whammy78
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  10. by   caloy
    To answer the question posted by Dush

    i don't think that would be fair. And besides the parts of the test that had leakage were not included in the results (so i guess, no one was able to cheat successfully)

    Someone correct me please, if i'm wrong
  11. by   stickadoraRN
    i agree with caloy.however,the US must not be mistakenly judged on the way they look at the june 2006 passers.they,in fact,are not greatly affected with the june 2006 NLE issue.if there is,only few.the ncsbn stated in the the media that june 2006 passers are not to blame and to be puniched by the issue because everyone in the batch are victims.if they opt to apply and work in the USA, there are standards and tests to be done in order to be a practicing RN in the state.the NLE is not the only basis for judging the competency of the nurse but it is actually on the performance in the area, performing the over all education and skills he/she had taken and mastered.if the nurse is not competent, the license can be revoked anytime (negligence, malpractice,etc) and that will be the time to say that the nurse isn't competent enough in her profession.

    with the Dean of UP,it is shameful to put her colleagues and fellowmen down from her own mouth!yes it is true, she has her wealth and position that is why it is easy for her to say those stupid things.very unjust to june 2006.and even the state boards were shocked by the way she addressed her statements due to her judgemental attitude that should not be in any way be against filipino nurses, she might be getting out of her mind, remember, she is a filipino too.
  12. by   tantrum
    I don't think the Dean of UP was just speaking about the June NLE passers. She even clarified in the newspaper that her view is that all graduates should have some work experience (locally) before working overseas.
    Although I agree that employers should be selective, I don't believe that a long period of clinical experience can screen off bad nurses. Plus, how can all the new RN's have local experience if they are not being paid properly if they work locally? Some are even paying for their "clinical experience".

    She kept on parroting the flawed statistics by Galvez-Tan about hemorrhage of medical personnel. There are too many schools and too many RN's in the Philippines. Each year there is an exponential increase in the number of students and graduates in Nursing. What is lacking are the funds necessary to hire the right number of nurses. That's the reason why there is an absurd nurseatient ratio in govt hospitals, not because there are very few applicants.
  13. by   pinoy_guy
    Quote from caloy
    i don't think that would be fair. and besides the parts of the test that had leakage were not included in the results (so i guess, no one was able to cheat successfully)

    someone correct me please, if i'm wrong
    'test 5 questions still computed in nurses final grade'

    a statistician on monday said she did not invalidate 90 nursing board exam questions in computing the final grades of the board examinees. the 90 questions, all from test 5 of the 2006 nursing licensure exams, were reportedly leaked to several review centers two days before the exams.

    in an exclusive report on abs-cbn's bandila, dr. mila ibe said removing 90 out of the 100 questions from test 5 of the nle would invalidate the whole test.

    "if you remove 90 questions, then only 10 would remain. [ten questions] would no longer be dependable or reliable to gauge [the examinee's] knowledge of test 5," she said. test 5 tackles questions on psychiatric nursing.

    ibe said she removed 20 leaked questions of test 3 of the nursing board exams in the computation of the final grade. she said she did not receive confirmation that the 90 questions on test 5 should be left out of the final computation of the results of the board exams.

    "better to nullify it than to take it for what little information that you get from the remaining 10 items. i won't allow that only 10 (questions) would be the basis (for the test 5 results)," she added.

    . . . . .

    she said that she was not given a test framework or list of topics that should be tackled in the licensure exams to gauge the knowledge of the examinees.

    prof. rene tadle said failure to use the test framework invalidates the results of the whole exam.

    'flawed computation shows need for retake'

    the 2 statisticians consulted agreed that there should be a retake.

    the only question is retake of what?

    the easy way would be to retake only tests 3 & 5.

    however, the quote "prof. rene tadle said failure to use the test framework invalidates the results of the whole exam." showed their position to retake all 5 tests.

    this, plus the earlier testimony of another examinee that tests 1 & 2 were also leaked...

    i agree with suzanne. why fight a battle and lose the war?

    if you fight this retake, you waste your time--years of waiting for the courts to decide--waiting for your license which might in the end not even be given, if the courts rule on a mandatory retake.

    best to retake the nle, get your license, get a job, and earn money (pesos or dollars, it's up to you).

    good luck to everybody