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  1. whammy78

    IV therapy and basic CPR

    if you have 'certificate of passing' (from PRC), hosp here wld accept that if you're just after their training... fyi.
  2. whammy78

    Philippines News August 30-Sept5 issue

  3. whammy78

    Philippines News August 30-Sept5 issue

    to kalayaan... all information you need in CA licensing is in the CA Bon website... fyi.
  4. whammy78

    Philippines News August 30-Sept5 issue

    btw, when did you take your phil nle? you sounded from another thread that you just came to the us and about to take your nclex in california? if you take your nle in the phil, for 5 years stragight, you are aware that all tests 1 to 5 are integrated questions of subjects covering funda, mcn, med-surg, psych nsg... and even if test 5 psych nsg (the test w/ leakage) was taken out or nullified... psych nsg questions were also visible in test 1,2, 3 & 4... meaning if we just passed test 1,2 & 4 (test w/o leakage) it's already enough to measure our competencies in those subjects i mentioned ealier... gets? i hope they spend the 14m budget in cleaning the oil spill in guimaras... or the rehabilitation of bicol area, due to the mayon volcano eruption...
  5. whammy78

    Philippines News August 30-Sept5 issue

    sure, were not afraid to retake the exam just to prove that we could pass the NLE without leakage. and any international tests for that matter...it's not even an issue here... and of course we are aware that we should meet the criteria set by US in hiring nurses... and this applies not just in US but also here in the phils... no question about it... the issue here is the UP dean's e-mail... the hipocrasy of it all...
  6. yeah, exactly what is the rantings & jitters all about???... if you intend to work in US (and I assume everyone does), the 'local boards' is not even a requirement!!!... we know 2 people who graduated last march, went to US and applied direct in a hospital (they didn't take the nle! lucky & wise decision for them)... but they passed the N-CLEX!... they left for US this month on immigrant's visa (whole family)...one we knew, didn't make it in 2005 nle... but, also passed the N-CLEX! she's now working in US & earning dollars... my point is, if they want to question the credibility of the entire 2006 nursing batch, let us all take the N-CLEX! no prc, no (phil) bon, and no leakage there... let the N-CLEX decide our fate... :angryfire the few 'elitist nursing deans' have no rights to questions the integrity & quality of the whole 2006 nursing graduates... that is very judgemental coming from people who are suppose to support the recent nursing grads... after all, some of these grads were taught by them... clowns! :biggringi
  7. whammy78

    Dialysis...where to go?

    Ospital ng Maynila has dialysis center (had my NCM205 duty there), but they cater to Manila residence only... you can always try though... or you may go to THE NATIONAL Kidney and Transplant Institute (NKTI) in Quezon City. God bless!
  8. whammy78

    June 2006 Philippine nursing board exam

    hi. you may refer to this site http://www.ielts.org/ testing site, sched, fee are all there. including practice test...
  9. guys, if you want something productive to do (while waiting for the nle result)... i think it's nigh time that you review for ... ielts and n-clex... i suggest you do self-review only... to qoute d 'nurse adminstrator' here, review centers are not really recommended to pass any nsg or english exam... all you need is practice & perseverance... practice makes perfect!!! and... be positive! claim it that you already passed the 2006 nle!!!:balloons:
  10. hi projenny, i don't hate you... i don't even know u personally to hate you (this is nothing personal...) just that, this is a critical moment for all june 2006 test takers, that we get the nle result as soon as possible ... it won't help to believe and patronize leak issues that are not reliable... it only fuels the issue all the more... and it's sad if a lot of people are misled (including all members of this forum... this is int'l forum. i hope you're aware) if we patronize news/rumors that are incorrect it might reflect on us... and you're chance of being recognize abroad... so my thought, let the prc/bon handle the complaints of the baguio students... but, let the prc/bon release the result of nle first... coz it's unfair to those not involved to be dragged in this issue... our share or part is that, we should handle the issue with intelligence... let the prc/bon handle the complaints of the baguio students before bringing this to congress or supreme court (ano ba yan!).... (my gosh! english translation. hehe!)... you know it's like going to a pit full of snakes... well, the issue has become something like that coz people are starting to believe the tsismis they hear, instead of awaiting the investigation or action from prc/bon... some are even attacking and wants to discredit prc... i believe we're all educated persons here... so we must act with intelligence at all times... remember, this is just local boards... we have int'l exams to beat pa... filipino nurses are known to excel in international exams, like the n-clex (haven't heard of filipinos passing n-clex coz of leakage:o )... we are hoping that all this fuzz will die a natural death and that the nle result will come out... that's all! peace to you projenny...
  11. to projenny: it's just one congressman, who wants to ride with the issue, who's planning to bring the 'leak issue' to congress (thanks to the 92 baguio students for their idealism, and 1 lawyer relative to all: maybe this is the same congressman, who almost got away of passing bill to make nursing graduates stay for 2 years in the country before they leave abroad, we're lucky we have an intelligent president to 'veto' such crazy bill, so we'll have money coming in for our economy... band wagon mentality is still in... not just gossip mongering... just a piece of advise... gossip mongering is entertaining past time but shld be done in private only...

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