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They are currently screening for Basic Skills Training in LCP. Has anyone tried this? Would you guys recommend this? This is a 3-month training: 1 month lecture and 2 months practicum. It costs 6,000... Read More

  1. by   lana_08
    hi gab! so how was the training? was it all worth it? i mean with the fee and all.. hehe.. on average, how many patients do you handle everyday? and what nursing procedures were you able to perform? do they also have lectures or case presentations aside from the actual duty?
  2. by   jessnextdoor
    like i said
  3. by   jessnextdoor
    yes IVT is stated on the list of requirements i dont know about the batch next year. like i said, i only know that they have already started accepting applicants for the next batch for the training late this year. I suggest you call the Lung Center Training Office for more info
  4. by   joanbunyi
  5. by   frankie04
    are the skills taught in the BST program same with the nursing skills fair taught by other organizations like the CCNAPI or PNA?
  6. by   testosterone55 per frankie04' post about nursing skills,has anyone attended the Nursing skills fair offered by CCNAPI and PNA here?how was it?
  7. by   tweety001
    slightly OT: what are other trainings offered in Lung Center? since i already had a paid working experience before.
  8. by   cathy13
    hi.. i had my BST training in LCP last summer 2008. I was part of the "top 10" and been given a chance to apply. I had gone through the psych exam, but almost a year has passed, i haven't heard from them. I tried to follow up my application, but they said they have no slots available yet. This is so frustrating. Even if I did well on the training, there's still no guarantee that I will be absorbed. Who among here are graduates of BST that had applied? Any news yet? what's the status of their hiring? your replies will be very much appreciated.
  9. by   Nell017
    Quote from jessnextdoor
    i'll be starting my training at the Lung Center of the Philippines on June 15. I registered and completed all requirements last week. Aside from the 6,000 training fee, I paid 300 for the CXR, 300 for the PPD, 150 for the Lung Center T-shirt (required!), and 340 for the scrub suit (with name ebroidered. required!).
    Hi jessnextdoor.. I just wanted to ask what mainly comprises the 1 month Didactic training? Would it encompass some learned theoretical lessons that LCP will primarily provide? Can you please give me some further out view of it? I will start my training by the month of January 2010 and I really want to be prepared for it.. thanks and hoping for your prompt response! God bless! :spin:
  10. by   newbornballer
    ^ yes mam, please inform us about the lessons that are included. and also, how are we graded in the class?

    thanks a lot! your replies are appreciated...
  11. by   piquant
    theyre currently accepting BST applicants for May 2010 batch.

    Hi Nell017, how is your training?
  12. by   jidousha
    hello guys, i just wanna ask if do i have to pay the 6,000 cold cash when I go there to register? thanx
  13. by   Love_RN
    HI RNs! Is Lung Center still offering basic skills training for 2010? Thank you!