Hot TIPS for Phil. Board Exam

  1. hello guys! I'm going to take the NLE this June. Please share any advice and tips that you may have about what areas/subjects to focus on, what books to read and what review materials to study... thank you very much.
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  3. by   joyes
    Hello Purple Rage ! I took the board exam last December 2006 and I passed with flying colors! Thanks to Sir Ray Gapuz for unselfishly sharing his outstanding and remarkable knowledge. He is really the best lecturer ever! There has never been a dull and sleepy moment during our review with Gapuz Review Center.
    Well with regards to the board exam we had, it was purely basic with analysis and more on comprehension. I also suggest that you read books on Med Surg, focusing more on the procedures. We also had a lot of questions about IMCI and nothing about DOH programs. Our exam was not that difficult except for test 4 which was really hard since it was on med surg topics.
    You have to know the test taking techniques and strategies which Sir Gapuz taught us.
    Good luck!
  4. by   lawrence01
    If your goal is to work and migrate to the US you can actually skip the NLE if your intended State do not require CGFNS Certification.

    However, if you have plans to practice as a RN in the Phil. then go ahead but be careful on w/c review centers to go through as some employers in the US will be asking if you have attended local review centers.

    The June 2006 NLE controversy is a big news in the US as it was here in the Philippines.
  5. by   suzanne4
    Probably even larger, there is something about it every single week in the Asian/Filipino newspapers in California that are found all over. And bigger news that is discussed is the review centers.

    I would seriously reconsider using that center that was at the base of all of the cheating scandals there. When you associate with a program like that, it rubs off on you.

    Just something to think about, especially when everyone is reading about the cheating that also is linked to the CGFNS exam and the NCLEX exam from that review center.
  6. by   msdreamchaser
    i suggest that you study diseases common in the country... read imci, doh programs... then also have a good study guide... n discipline in following your own made schedule. lastly, do pray!
  7. by   purple_rage17
    Thanks for your advice. I'll keep that in mind. It's better to on the safe side than be sorry later.
  8. by   purple_rage17
    Quote from ^same^
    i suggest that you study diseases common in the country... read imci, doh programs... then also have a good study guide... n discipline in following your own made schedule. lastly, do pray!
    hello same! what does "IMCI" mean?

    Is it true that the NLE has a lot of "Community" questions? A lot of people are telling me to read the DOH book on its entirety...
  9. by   vanniella_skye
    hi, well this is just an advice and it's up to you if you wanna follow or not. personally, while i was still reviewing for the dec2006 board exam, i really make it a point to have an adequate rest period in between my review sessions to give my brain some 'recharging'. yup, i sleep or just watch tv after 2-3 hours of reading and answering questions. i didn't enrol in any review centers due to the "issues" that made it to the headlines not too long ago, (with due respect to those who enrolled in review centers, i have nothing against them i'm just sharing my pov) because i fear that if any leakage comes out again, at least i won't have to worry cause my name wouldn't be included in the list. i focused on the doh books particularly their programs but in the past exam oh never mind i was just really surprised coz it was the first time i've heard of those questions. i even overheard the other examinees that they really had no idea where they came from, but still i'm thankful that i passed and my rating was much ok than my classmates who attended review centers. oh and practice answering questions on med-surg, then if you want to clear up something just look it up in your reference book so you won't forget. from my own opinion, it doesn't matter if you attended a review center or not, as long as you put your heart and set your mind into achieving something, then it will truly be yours. of course a good load of prayers also make wonders. my friend (who also didn't enroll) and i went to quiapo & baclaran churches a few days before the exam. i don't know if you're that religious or if you're a non-catholic, just pray to whoever you know is listening. i hope this helps, well, goodluck & godbless, future rn!
  10. by   purple_rage17
    to vanniella skye...

    thanks for your tips and words of encouragement.

    I appreciate it. God Bless... :smilecoffeecup:
  11. by   jonRNMD
    its because of these "tips" that June 2006 NLE passers got into trouble.....
  12. by   hanex
    hi everyone! i'll be taking the NLE this june. to enroll or not to enroll in a review center is still a decision for me to make. can you guys share the advantages of attending a review center & the advantages of not attending a review center? thanks
  13. by   eivan
    you are most certainly right!
  14. by   praeclarus
    Hi Hanex! :roll

    Well, attending a review center can motivate you to study harder. I think almost all review centers have a thorough laid out plan regarding concepts to review as well as areas that one should concentrate on. Time can also be used efficiently and effectively. Time will not be on your side, however, because the review center already has a scheduled plan for all their students. You really need to attend or else, you will be missing a discussion.

    If you choose to self-review, you need to be responsible and disciplined enough to follow your planned schedule. Make sure that you meet all your goals within a specific time period. The good thing about it is, your time will be really flexible and you will get plenty of rest.

    hope that answered your question.