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  1. purple_rage17

    Nursing School in the Philippines for a Foreigner

    he wants to start this june. where exactly is silliman university. do u have an address? how much is the cost of living, how much is the rent for an entire apartment? thanks.
  2. Hello. A friend of mine who is an Egyptian-born American wants to study nursing in the Philippines. What nursing school would you recommend for him? Do you know any schools for 2nd coursers where teachers speak in English all throughout the class?
  3. purple_rage17

    Nclex Poll For Filipino Takers/passers

    how many questions you had on your exam? 75! what did you use as a review material? i used feuer, saunders compre book, prioritization, delegation and assignment book by lacharity(very helpful), kaplan and saunder's strategy, and the pharmacology flash cards by kaplan. enrolled in a review center or home study? self reviewed for 3 months percentage of topics youre very familiar with on the actual nclex questions? i guess 70%... what did you feel after you finish your exam? relief and a sense of freedom...though my head was throbbing and i had palpitations after the exam ^_^
  4. purple_rage17

    How many got SELECT ALL THAT APPLY QUESTION? pass or fail?

    11 sata, no herbs, 3 computations, lots of pharm and prioritization, 75 questions. Thankfully, I passed...
  5. purple_rage17

    I passed NCLEX-RN-Thank you ALLNURSES.COM

    I found out yesterday that I passed the NCLEX-RN with 75 questions!!! I'm so happy...I thought I failed. I followed Suzanne's Plan and read the Priority, Delegation, and Assignment book by LaCharity and the Kaplan and Saunders Strategy books. I also used the learningext.com though I wasn't able to finish it. I didn't enroll in a review class. A big thanks :heartbeat to Suzanne and to those who contributed their 2 cents about NCLEX...
  6. purple_rage17

    Hot TIPS for Phil. Board Exam

    to vanniella skye... thanks for your tips and words of encouragement. I appreciate it. God Bless... :smilecoffeecup:
  7. purple_rage17

    Hot TIPS for Phil. Board Exam

    hello same! what does "IMCI" mean? Is it true that the NLE has a lot of "Community" questions? A lot of people are telling me to read the DOH book on its entirety...
  8. purple_rage17

    Hot TIPS for Phil. Board Exam

    Thanks for your advice. I'll keep that in mind. It's better to on the safe side than be sorry later.
  9. purple_rage17

    Hot TIPS for Phil. Board Exam

    hello guys! I'm going to take the NLE this June. Please share any advice and tips that you may have about what areas/subjects to focus on, what books to read and what review materials to study... thank you very much.
  10. purple_rage17

    Children and Immigration

    can an unwed filipina nurse bring her children to the U.S if ever she will be petitioned? thanks for your reply.
  11. purple_rage17

    NY Hospitals that Sponsors Foreign RNs

    hello everyone...do you know any NY,NY hospitals that sponsors foreign RNs? Your information would be very helpful. Thanks and Good day!
  12. purple_rage17

    How many pinoys in the house??

    hello peeps... purple_rage here from Manila! I'm on my final semester in nursing from Family Clinic College and will be graduating on March 2007...i can't wait!
  13. purple_rage17

    What's your Christmas wish?

    i'll be able to pass the NLE and NCLEX-RN next year !!!
  14. purple_rage17

    good training experience

  15. purple_rage17

    Introductions:"New" and "Old" Students.

    hi!!! I'm a 25 year old girl from Manila, Philippines and studying BSN at Family Clinic College. I'm about to graduate on March 2007!!! Yay!
  16. purple_rage17

    Filipino Nursing Students Thread : Introduce yourself!

    hello everyone!!!..i'm a 4th year nursing student from Family Clinic College and I'll be graduating on March 2007...I'm also a Registered Medical Technologist. I just hope that I'll be able to pass all of the exams though I haven't started reviewing for the local boards yet...This site is a great help because i don't know anybody with whom i could get reliable information. Thanks people, for your words of wisdom and inspiration.

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