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ive been trying to search this site for recommendations of a good grad school but to no avail.. so im posting this thread. :D these are my questions: 1. what grad school can you recommend?... Read More

  1. by   esjay
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    hi freemilo!

    i have been seriously considering cebu normal univ for my master's degree. how much does it cost? and what are the requirements? i hope you could help me so that i can finalize my decision. thanks in advance!
    you can call them and ask for the requirements -- 2537915 thats the grad school dept's phone number.. the entrance exam is this march 7, the requirements are tor, honorable dismissal ( but is ok if you'll submit it later), (2) 2x2 id pictures, long brown envelope with plastic.. 200 pesos for the entrance exam.. im not sure though if this is right, its P200 per unit, and there are 9 units in taking masters, that makes it 1800.. im not sure coz its too cheap,sounds impossible..lol

    anyway if you take it this summer the classes are everyday compared to taking it on june where classes are only on saturdays.
  2. by   Rene3
    Good Day,
    A MSN/MAN would be a plus factor when you apply for a nursing position. CI needs to be Masters prepared as well as hospital supervisory positions. MSN/MAN can help you best "work through the ranks" if you were able to imbibe what the program wish to produce. There are specific concentrations available like administration ( when you work in a hospital or school managing people) and education ( wanting to be a CI for effective teaching). The graduate studies can enrich your perspective hopefully learn from it. Therefore the reputation of the school you want to graduate is a big factor. You can visit the school and inquire. Know who your prof , alumni , shool linkages, honor society, support post graduation . If you like what youv seen , apply. The three letter word after your name world be worthless and could even be a liability rather than asset if you did not become a better nurse after graduation. Your reputation, that of your school and the Philippine graduate education is at stake. Go for it!!!
  3. by   bubbles0220
    Hi esjay! hi rene3!

    to esjay: wow! thanks for the information! i hope i could go there this weekend to inquire personally but the data you gave me is really helpful. much thanks!

    to rene3: hi there! yes, i hope to use my continuing education to the betterment of the filipino's health care system. there's just so many to improve on and i hope to be an instrument for that cause.
  4. by   esjay
    i want to specialize in medical surgical--- then hopefully be promoted to someday the supervising nurse in the surgical nursing area (lol) -- so should i be taking MSN or MAN? i really don;t know what the difference is between these two, i called up the school and the only information the girl on the end could give was the former having a thesis and the latter none. @_@
  5. by   ledzil
    elo there!
    im taking up masters in CNU. completed my classes in just a year.
    MSN was called MAN last 2007 but they changed it to MSN last year. that's what i knew.

    some information you'd wanna know...

    MN - you pass 3 titles about using a specific nursing theory to a patient with a specific disease process. then the dean of nursing will choose one for you to go on a formal case study. once you have the title already, you go on duty for specific number of hours and work on the case study. end work: case study

    MSN - you pass 3 thesis proposals...same thing, the dean would have to approve a title...this time, research work. you may do a quantitative or qualitative research. end work: thesis

    *** during the making of this required paper work, you'll be given an adviser***

    if you have plans in taking up further studies (e.g. doctorate), MN graduates needs to attend additional classes while MSN graduates can directly do so.
  6. by   bubbles0220
    hi ledzil! on what days did you take your masters? i heard that they offer it on saturdays.
  7. by   ledzil
    Quote from bubbles0220
    hi ledzil! on what days did you take your masters? i heard that they offer it on saturdays.
    yes, they have saturday classes but it would really depend on the availability of the subject you are taking...
    in a semester, you only have to attend one subject per week around 2 hours each and the maxmimum units you could take is 12...
    while if you attend during summer, you can take subjects everyday for a month (2-3hours) or every Saturday(or Sunday) for whole day (8-12hours)...
    it actually really depends on the availability of subjects...

    before, i was able to complete the classes for a year coz i was doing it full time and the subjects did not overlap...
  8. by   bubbles0220
    thanks ledzil! i might call up the school after i take some exams.
  9. by   12hours
    How about the online MAN at PWU and Lorma? If cost is important, nothing beats PLM. Don't touch the Philippine College of Health Sciences with a ten foot pole. They churn out MAN's faster than sewage spewing out into the Pasig River. LOL! I've also read about this 7 or 8 month MAN program offered by World Citi College. And I thought FEU's 14 month fast track post grad program was quick !
  10. by   optimistic,RN
    I'm considering PLM and FEU.. guys any suggestions which schools is the best who offers Master's Degree in NUrsing? I'm considering the fee also..Please advise me..Thanks a LOt!
  11. by   baldoRN
    hi chameng! is UPOU strict with the "one year work experience in hospital" thing? do they have a GWA/NLE rating requirement? entrance exam? TIA
  12. by   baldoRN
    arjay_gimikero --- pls share some info on the TUA entrance exam? is it mainly on nursing knowledge or gen info? have you started ur classes for MAN? how is it? TIA
  13. by   cstellar18
    Quote from arjay_gimikero
    sure thang!!!:spin: the only think is, im not so sure how to send those file using this site?? but yeah, most of them are in word format. there are couple of pdf file.. unfortunately, for ceu, feu and arellano, i went to the school so all ive got is the actual leaflets not a soft copy..
    ei arjay, so how was it going? ur masteral study? im planning to take it also, so your attending your class only on weekends? thanks!!