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anakat_evangelista is a RN and specializes in medical, surgical, OB, pedia.

im a nurse volunteer

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  1. anakat_evangelista

    how can i be a nurse midwife here in phillipines

    please send me a copy of the new case form too.. thanks! anakat_evangelista@yahoo.com
  2. anakat_evangelista

    negligence vs. malpractice??

    thank you for posting this. i was having trouble differentiating these two terms. am i correct in thinking that malpractice is under negligence? because as stated here, malpractice is professional negligence.
  3. anakat_evangelista

    Military nursing

    is it true that you will not be accepted as a military nuse if you're wearing eyeglasses?
  4. anakat_evangelista

    ivt in january?

    Bulacan Medical Center will conduct it's IVT this january. just google it
  5. anakat_evangelista

    IVT training

    i will undergo my IVT training here in bulacan medical center, i think they still have open schedules for january. just google it
  6. anakat_evangelista

    vluna any1?

    when is the next schedule for vluna's qualifying exam?
  7. anakat_evangelista

    The Medical City (Meralco Ave., Pasig City)

    i've submitted my requirements to TMC last september, but at that time my requirements was still incomplete.. should i submit a new complete set? thanks
  8. anakat_evangelista

    Suggestion to Philippine Nurses

    that's a good suggestion! actually some hospitals here in the philippines are using the term "nurse training" and "nursing residency" instead of "volunteer nursing"...
  9. anakat_evangelista


    well at least I salute PNA for raising this issue. and i do hope the hospitals comply.
  10. anakat_evangelista

    IVT training

    these are the number of cases you need to complete for submission to ANSAP after your IVT seminar 6 IV push 6 IV insertion 2 Blood transfusions there is also a cases form you need to fill up with these cases. ANSAP IVT card processing is between 6-8 weeks.. I myself will undergo IVT training this january. God bless to us
  11. anakat_evangelista

    Clinical Instructors and lecturers with no hospital experience?

    i salute you mcnursie! surely, that was a difficult decision for you.. but believe me, you will reap the rewards of having clinical experience first before teaching in the future.. i myself refused an offer like yours and is also having a hard time finding work.. but i know that it will come at the right time.
  12. anakat_evangelista

    barely passing NLE... how important is it??

    i agree with you, but some hospitals really look at the applicant's board rating. that is why almost all hospitals require a Certificate of Board Rating from PRC as one of the requirements when applying. but do not be discouraged, if you can prove to these hospitals that you are way beyond what you got in the NLE im sure they will give you a chance. God bless to us!
  13. anakat_evangelista

    which grad school should i choose? MAN or MSN?

    hi chameng, thanks! may i just ask what is the different of the UPOU MAN program to the regular MAN program in UP manila? thanks!
  14. anakat_evangelista

    which grad school should i choose? MAN or MSN?

    thanks thanks! your replies have been very helpful. arjay, can you send me those files? the school TF's you said are still a bit high for me but I guess I'll still think about it.. nothing come cheap nowadays. thanks again!
  15. anakat_evangelista


    ONE WORD TO DESCRIBE THIS ISSUE: IRONIC. so many jobless and available RN's, but still not enough nurses in the hospitals. i find that nurse to patient ratio depressing. how can the government assure it's citizens safe and quality nursing care if that is the N:P ratio?
  16. anakat_evangelista

    Clinical Instructors and lecturers with no hospital experience?

    lack of working opportunities in the hospital is also one of the reasons why CI's with no clinical experience is increasing in number. i just dont know why these schools are allowing RN's with zero experience to teach: is the sallary lower when you hire newly grads? i mean no offense, but obvoiusly the quality of education nursing students are receiving from these newly grads are limited. we have all the rules and means to prevent this issue but still, it happens.

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