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  1. by   cherrycoke
    Quote from 2b_usrn
    see the purpose of the so called "june 2006 nle mess" ???
    the task force nclex was able to proved that we are able to correct what is wrong and to proved to the ncsbn that we deserved to hold an nclex testing center here in manila.

    everything happens for a reason, indeed we can only correct a mistake by doing what is right and not patching it with somethng wrong that wud jus make it worse.

    god knows how to teach

    praise him

    that doesn't change the fact that mr. dante ang is still pro-retake.

    i can remember a lot of the june 2006 passers hating him because of his stand on the issue. now please thank him for his effort. peace!!:spin:
  2. by   lawrence01
    Quote from cherrycoke
    That doesn't change the fact that Mr. Dante Ang is still pro-retake.

    I can remember a lot of the June 2006 passers hating him because of his stand on the issue. Now please thank him for his effort. PEACE!!:spin:
    Agree, everybody owe him and should thank him. Yes, you are correct he is still pro-retake up to now.

    FYI: He was interviewed in a Radio station recently. Some nursing graduate groups are now trying to persuade him to lobby for them for a favorable decision in regards to Visa Screening after his success in lobbying for an NCLEX test center here. He said that he reminded them that he is still pro-retake and that re-taking would have been the fastest route, esp. if it were taken last Dec. 2006. He gracefully said that it is out of his hands. Also, noticed that he was angst about certain groups (or a particular person) saying that the scandal/controversy has nothing to do w/ the NCSBN denying an NCLEX test center to be approved last July 2006 and that there was a time-table already for an approval in 2008 anyway; controversy or no controversy.

    Poor guy.. he just made a mini-miracle of sorts and some people are still unhappy and are stealing the thunder away from him.
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  3. by   lawrence01
    Maybe we should have a "Thank you" or "Job well done" thread for him in the Phil. forum. Any one is welcome to start and create one. :spin:
  4. by   cherrycoke
    Yeah I heard that DZBB interview yesterday lawrence. And I just remembered (now) seeing a lot of the June 2006 passers attacking him on different parts of the net, as seen on the comments section of blogsites.. But now, see, he's done good for everyone.

    So, yes thanks to him, indeed.
  5. by   ricph
    Yes, let us give credit to where credit is due.
    Job well done and thank you very much indeed, Dr. Dante Ang.

    It's sad to hear people who are quick to criticize but are slow to show appreciation and gratitude.

    As what i have heard, some people even have the gall to deny credit to the delegation that went to Chicago to persuade the NCSBN to put up a testing center here, saying that putting the testing center in Manila had been planned all along, with or without the leakage contoversy.

    They have been saying that the June 2006 exam leakage has nothing to do with NCSBN'S decision to deny the Philippines' request for a testing center for the past 2 years, and that it is the Philippines' peace and order situation that turned them off.

    If i remember right, an Asian country's railway system, located in its biggest city, has been bombed by terrorists last year (2006) but 4 NCLEX testing centers had been put up in each of its 4 major cities.

    And to think that more than 80% of the foreign-educated nurses currently working in the US come from the Philippines, it is really ironic that we have been denied a testing center.

    Up to the present, NCSBN'S statistics show that majority of the foreign-educated nurses who take the NCLEX come from the Philippines. And up to now, we don't even have one testing center in our country.

    It breaks my heart to think that we are being discriminated. When i read the list of countries outside the US that have NCLEX testing centers, i couldn't help but laugh at some of the testing sites (i won't name them). i mean, who the hell would take the NCLEX in those places? Countries where most people don't even speak English, its preposterous to put up a testing center for prospective US nurses there; while the Philippines is being ignored!
  6. by   loryn
    A most welcome news to start the Year for us Nurses.

    I salute Dante Ang's all out effort to bring in the bacon.

  7. by   sinagbayan
    i agree with you ricph. without a doubt we are being discriminated. despite the fact that most asian nurses who work in the us are filipinos, we have not been given even one testing center.
    this is no accident really, i believe that they are doing this to control the influx of filipino nurses. by staging exams anywhere but the philippines, despite the fact that most examinees come from the philippines, ncsbn and america ensures a controlled flow of filipino rn's (for whatever reasons). although nobody would ever admit this, this is just a proof that america never really felt comfortable with us.
    history will tell us that all philippine governments have always, and always been american stooges and all philippine presidents always, and always kow towed to the whims and caprices of american presidents. so much for american-us friendship.
    by refusing to place a testing center here, don't you think a message is being sent?
    i really do not believe that an nclex testing center will be established anytime soon, if that even materializes. not to be a pessimist, but if they haven't done it before, why now, why this time.
    surely ncsbn will not really put up a testing center just because of the excellent negotiating skills of dante ang. it would indeed be naive for us filipinos to think so.
    don't get me wrong, i want to be a us-rn. but history has never been kind to us filipinos. then again, this is just me. peace.
  8. by   suzanne4
    But all of you are going to need to make sure that everything concerned with the NCLEX exam there remains above board.

    With the new statement that was issued by CGFNS, there are going to be many additional eyes watching. Any issues that arise with the NCLEX exam there and it will immediately be. CGFNS thoroughly studied the information that was presented to them and you have seen what their decision is.

    There has still been no date of starting the center or centers there as of yet.
  9. by   marilag16
    Anybody here who's got an idea on when will the actual operation commence here in Manila? What was the timeline for HK? Thanks.
  10. by   nxt777
    i just hope that if a testing center becomes operational here in the philippines, we wont mess up with it.... u know the leakage stuff...
  11. by   suzanne4
    About three months before they even accepted appointments to test, and another couple of months before they opened. This is what happens with each center, and they know beforehand of the pending centers.

    This may even take longer since it was added just on its own..........Pearson-Vue handles the testing and their input will be required as well.
  12. by   jelorde37
    its really nice to hear that the nclex may be coming to the pi. The shortage and understaffing in the us is really stressful, and the shortage will get worse as more and more baby boomers start to retire. hope to see more pi nurses in the future.
  13. by   mgfan1001
    i emailed pearson vue and they replied that there is still no date of the opening... i can't wait to have a testing center in manila. is it true that it will be set up in 3 months' time?

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