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My ultimate funny was when I jumped up on a stretcher with a blanket over myself and waited for the nurse to come on night shift. she near had a heart attack!!:roll... Read More

  1. by   NurseLKY
    I work with this nurse that nobody really likes and on a slow day we thought we would play a little joke. As she was sitting charting myself and a CNA were standing behind her at the counter. We squirted her with some saline. She looked up. over the desk and back at us, at this point we were busy charting ourselves so how could have we done it. So she went back to charting and we got her again. Again she looked up, I guess she thought the celing was leaking. This time she got up and moved. To this day she doesn't know it was us.
  2. by   Love-A-Nurse
    Originally posted by rhona1
    My ultimate funny was when I jumped up on a stretcher with a blanket over myself and waited for the nurse to come on night shift. she near had a heart attack!!:roll
  3. by   Love-A-Nurse
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    Myself and another co-worker staged a disgusting prank on several of our RN co-workers one day. I was a new RN then and was thought of as the craziest nurse on the unit (this reputation has followed me...not sure why?) We had a comatose, going into the light type patient on a vent. We asked for a few lifters to help roll the patient over to clean up the "C-diff" code brown. What we did instead was put down a sterile chux and place butterscotch pudding on it. We had this all staged for our comrades and when they came in we preceded to have this arguement of whether it was C-diff or not. So I ran my finger through it and wiped it across her mouth and asked "it smells like it, does it taste like it too?" Our shift manager nearly had a coronary.....I on the other hand nearly peed my pants laughing from the reactions on their faces. Ahhhhh just one of my cherished nursing moments.
  4. by   inSANE
    During an unusually slow night in our chaotic inner city ED I "ATTEMPTED" (key word is attempted folks) to soak one of our ED physicians. I brought in a handsomely huge super soaker, filled it with the iced water I painstakenly prepared at home and had another coworker tell him we had another chest pain patient. I hooked myself up to the monitor, with an occassional tap to the RT anterior lead for some good VTach. To my surprise the entire staff came to visit 60cc syringes, and restraints. I found myself in a backfired prank, soaked, in four point restraints and on the ER ramp for all to see.
    I am still looking for a way to get even with my tattle tale coworker.
  5. by   yazisizit

    In our hospital, all dead bodies to the morgue were brought down by security guards and a Nurse.

    One quiet night shift, about 3 am, I struck with my cohorts!

    We had a new Security guard on our shift, a young guy who was taking things just too seriously.

    So, we turned down the lights in our holding area, and I jumped onto a stretcher with my shoes and socks off.

    My fellow nutcake Nurses tied a toe tag on me and covered me with a sheet. We wrapped it up around me tight, so I appeared well packaged in the dim light.

    As Security arrived, our prey being one of them (all but our victim was involved here!), they positioned the morgue stretcher next to my stretcher.

    My cohort ER Nurses, our tech and the guards got ready to transfer me. They counted, "1...2...3..."

    On the count of "3," I sat up, my arms waving, with the sheet still over my head, and yelled frantically, "UBA GUBBA UBA GUBBA!"

    The poor new security guard jumped back in horror, as I was informed, and we all just burst out laughing hysterically!

    Our new guard had now been initiated into the night shift ER gang! My performance became legend in the hospital, but I was sadly never promoted for it by management...
  6. by   patsue53
    I work in the endo lab. We had a new GI doc who had been working with us for a couple of months and we decided it was time for his initiation. One of the girls brought in an inflatable doll left over from her daughter's bachelorette party. We put a gown on her, put her on the cart with the blanket pulled up to hide the back of her head and had her in position on her left side. She was all set for her upper endoscopy. The nurses assigned to the case deserved an academy award for their performances. They were explaining the bite block and the cetacaine spray as the Doc comes in, looks at the patient's chart (the real patient was set up in another room and knew all about what we were up to....thought it was hilarious) and the doc walks over saying "good morning" and bends over to tell her the risks of her procedure. As he bent down to look into her face he jumped back a mile and then realized he'd been HAD! We were all peeking in through a window in the room and started roaring. He got a good laugh out of it too. :chuckle
  7. by   Dayray
    A few weeks ago I had a nursing student following me. We had a C-section schedualed and I asked the doctoer if she could watch. the doc agreed as well as the patient. I showed her where to change into scrubs and was walking out so she could change. The studnet asked if she should take off her rings. I said "no just keep gloves on its unlikely you will do anythign but watch" another nurse overheard this and said " just make sure you take off your underwear" the student looked puzzeled and I said "oh yeah dont forget that" I was sure she knew we were jokeing but later I saw her and she had no panty line =P was funny and everyone had a good laugh.
  8. by   chrisrob
    we had a new nurse that noone realy liked so one night we told her she had to go to the mortuary as a body was not tagged right the mort tech had put his hand in the fridge for half an hour when she went to switch on the light he caught her hand she thought someone had risen from the dead we had to send her home in shock
  9. by   Scavenger'sWife
    These are hysterical!!!

    One day on my unit a very young and VERY innocent NA came running up to us at the nurses' station. She had been doing cath care on a young male who was heavily medicated. She insisted that a nurse needed to see this man, that SOMETHING WAS VERY WRONG with him! I went to see the patient, came back to the station, sat down and resumed doing my charting. Of course, the NA as well as,by now, several other NA's and nurses, wanted to know WHAT was so WRONG with this guy that had the NA in such a tizzy. I replied, "He is just...hmmm...shall we say..VERY well endowed!" and never took my eyes off the charting I was doing!! (Poor young NA had not done cath care on a young man before!) It took a loooonnnnggg time for her to live that one down!
  10. by   kellie
    I didnt do this myself, but the units had a funny video contest 2 years ago, and my unit won with this song ,to the tune of RESPECT

    A T I V A N! Getting this makes me grin! HEY! Give it to me give it to me give it to me give it to me......

    on their videos they were dancing around with syringes and fainting!
  11. by   Flo1216
    My very insane coworker once took a piece of brownie and molded it into the shape of a turd and stuck it on the wall in the linen room. We just wanted to see if anyone would clean it up. It was there for almost two weeks! Speaking of brownies, one of the agency nurses put some brownie in a specimen cup and set it to the lab as a stool sample. The lab was so flustered and confused.
  12. by   nursebarbie
    SO FUNNY..I enjoyed that!!
  13. by   saddlupasb
    I usually pick on people from time to time, and one night I put stickers on a couple of my fellow worker's backs. One, a retired Lt Col Army nurse ended up with "old geezer" on his. After I put these on, I got busy and forgot about it. Well, I work in CCu, and we were on code call. When the operator called a code on one of the floors, the Col went (of course), and everyone had a good laugh about the "old geezer" doing compressions. He didn't know about this until he got back in the unit. We all had a pretty good laugh.