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:D Here is my most gross, yucky, disgusting nursing story! I was working a night shift on a tele floor as a new Nurse. We had this one poor old lady who was confused and was restrained as... Read More

  1. by   Sue Damonas
    The lady eating her face has to be THE most horrible and disgusting thing I've ever heard in my 25 years as a nurse!! Yuck!!!
  2. by   Kaiulani
    Oh my goodness. I almost lost my coke through my nose laughing about the cop kicking the leg into traffic!!!!!!!!!!:roll :roll
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  3. by   PeachPie
    In my clinical, there's one of those students who's painfully dumb and annoying (she's flunked all 3 exams so far and plenty of clinicals yet hasn't dropped). She's the type who always grabs stuff out of your hands while you're looking at it, is always reading over your shoulder and getting in the way during skills because she wants a better look, and will walk right into people's rooms to watch despite the nurses' requests to stay out because "wanted to see." At first, I was patient with her, but she has proven that she has no capacity to learn, and is kind of dangerous, so all I can do now is give her step-by-step instructions, repeating each step several times and consoling myself with the fact that she won't be returning to school next semester.

    Anyhoo, yesterday, I was changing the diaper of a cranky, crabby patient with the worst yeast infection I have ever seen, with loads of yellow cottage cheese. We cleaned the woman up using at least 3 washcloths, and my classmate jumped in to clean up. She took the basin and all of the soiled cloths, covered in feces and cottage cheese, and started rinsing and wringing them up without gloves, threw them in the room's clean linen closet without a bag thinking that it was for dirty laundry, said that the floor nurse was starting to give insulin meds, and that we should go and see. I had to remind her to wash her hands, and then throw out all the soiled linens. This classmate scares me, and I have since lost all patience with her because this is one of many similar episodes.
  4. by   25(2)+2
    i work in ltc facility 3rd shift. One night as i was doing rounds i walked into a lady's room to find her eating her feces. she then informed me that her chocolate tasted kind of funny.
  5. by   navynurse06
    OK...I have some but I'll limit them to just this one for now.

    This was in the ER when I was doing my SR practicum in nursing school. We had a MVA pt that was a rather large young woman. So she was on the back board with neck brace etc. So we need a urine sample. Therefore, I had the pleasure of inserting a cath for her. Well...to start off with...I pull back the sheet and tatooed on her mons pubus (sp) is "Fran and Jerry's P****. (names have been changed for hippa). Neither of those names where her name. The female name was of one of the visitors that she said was like her "mother". Ok...after I get over that shock I start cleaning with the cotton swabs; I loose one!!! So I'm trying to hold my breath b/c the smell is overwelming. :trout: So I'm trying to keep to keep a straight face, but I still can't find that cotton ball. I look up at my preceptor and mouth the words "I lost it." So after some digging around we find it. Needless to say that was the most interesting cath I've ever done.
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  6. by   FORTUE
    hie this is lovely i just joined forums any good looks out there
  7. by   TDub
    Quote from PeachPie
    In my clinical, there's one of those students who's painfully dumb and annoying (she's flunked all 3 exams so far and plenty of clinicals yet hasn't dropped).

    I have since lost all patience with her because this is one of many similar episodes.

    Wow, our nursing school allows two flunks and then you're out and can never come back. Has no one talked to this girl???
    Are You All Ready? It Was A Hot Summer Day In Er In The 70's. A Viet Nam Vet Was A Patient. He Was An Amputee But Otherwise Fully Functional. He Used Crutches With A Prostheses And Showered Etc. He Was Filthy As Was All Of His Family. When We Undressed Him He Had Maggots In His Crotch.
  9. by   crackerjack
    No sooner had we run around the corner to see what was going on than we spotted Jenny, who was shuffling toward us with a half-full catheter bag........along with the entire catheter, balloon and all. "I yanked this contraption outta that feller down the hall,' she announced, handing over the apparatus before heading back down the hall to her own room. "Guess now he's got something to holler about!!"
    Now she's my kinda gal!!! BWWWAAAAHAHAHAAHAHHAHA
  10. by   nursebearfeet
    Quote from andylane78
    had a guy in the er, mentally slow, with an infected stasis ulcer to the back of his calf x 1 month. picture this, large round area of black escar surounded by a "canal" of non-existant and barely there flesh. the the decaying flesh had been gnawed away by non the less magotts which were still in residence in large numbers in his leg. the smell was so nasty!!!!! stank up the whole er! then........it gets better. he decides he has to pee and can only do this standing up! gets out of bed bleeding and dropping magotts everywhere! then surgery decides to debride the nasty leg in the room! eewwww!!! discovered that lidocaine makes magotts "dance".
    needless to say not much appetite that shift!
    i work in "the city", we see this all the time. yes the smell is horrid, but on the bright side maggots work really well at debriding. we have actually had to take people in the ambulance bay and hose them off. never a dull moment.
  11. by   meme_911
    thank god i didnt have such an expiriance yet and i hope that lasts for ever
  12. by   crackerjack
    Originally Posted by teeituptom
    thats called a Code Brown
    In our hospital, the "official" meaning for a code brown is for our communication systems being down. You can imagine the uproar of laughter when hearing that on the overhead speakers! The entire place insists that was the dumbest thing to label it knowing that a 'true' code brown is nothing of the sort
    This Was In The E.r. But Definitely A Psych Case. I Had A Patient, Female, With Very Bad Suppurating Leg Ulcersshe Was Very Overweight And Needless To Say The Odor Coming From Her Room Was Nearly Unbearable. After An Indepth Interview With Her Significant Other She Was Admitted And When Psych Came To See Her It Was Revealed Her Female Roommate Had Been Injecting Her Legs With Human Feces @the Patient's Request!she Was Admitted For Munchausens By Proxy As Well As Her Sepsis.