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  1. G'smommy

    Help a fellow nurse?

    Hi guys! I have worked a bit of everywhere except L&D, so I have no clue about what I am needing to know right now. I am attempting a natural (med free) childbirth in July. Last pregnancy was a VBAC. My OB told me she agreed that I am low risk and need to be in the shower and up moving around, but when I come to the hospital they have to treat me as high risk, so come at the very last minute. How do I know when that is? :) I labored at home with perfectly regular contractions 6 hours last time and came in at 3 apart, 1 long, 1 hour and was just 1cm. I could have handled the pain, but my OB insisted I come in. I am only ten minutes from our hospital. I need to know what my husband and I can look for as signs that we are close to delivery. I wish I could have a home delivery, but in AL it is illegal.
  2. G'smommy

    odor control lotion

    Does anyone know of a lotion or other topical product that controls odor from urine leakage? My MIL is asking me to find one. She was using A+D Personal Care for Bladder Leakage, but I can't find it anywhere and this is not my kind of nursing. Ideas?
  3. G'smommy

    Question about working from home

    I am able to get up and walk around. My calls come via fax and I return them. I can hear my fax machine ring when I have a call. I do laundry, watch movies, etc between calls. That being said, my protocols aren't as vigorous as many here, so I don't spend as much time on the phone as they do.
  4. G'smommy

    which patients are in/out of your comfort zone?

    The only patients that ever unnerved me were the ones with "important" family who hovered over the bed and reported everything I did to management, the doctor, God, whoever would listen. The ones that make you unable to take care of your other patients as well b/c you are so busy keeping them happy. I love neuro trauma.
  5. G'smommy

    Stepford Wife Triage Nursing

    I think that is nuts. So if the patient went in and was dx with strep and on abx for only a day, if you don't know that, you just send them right back in? I am so glad our protocol isn't like that. That is nuts. We even have a "failure on abx" protocol, so if they call b/c they aren't getting better, we can go to that protocol and say "has it been 72 hours? etc."
  6. G'smommy

    How do you deal with a crying child?

    Not all kids are the same. No matter what the age.
  7. G'smommy

    How do you deal with a crying child?

    Thank you to the peds nurses who try to give children a chance to be calm. Their is nothing worse than taking my son (who loves going to the doctor's office) to a medical office or the hospital and having them automatically try to hold him down. That alone, is enough to scare a kid. I know some kids need to be held down, but others will very much listen if you just try.
  8. G'smommy

    Do you miss the hands-on care?

    That is nuts. I triage a lot more calls per hour than many of the nurses on this forum and I would go crazy doing 100/day more than a few days a year (Labor day was like that for me/ 115/8 hours). You might start applying to some telecommute positions. Fonemed pays per call (at least that is what I saw on their site).
  9. G'smommy

    Do you miss the hands-on care?

    I miss IVs. Sometimes I wish I could bring some home and stick my husband for kicks. :)
  10. G'smommy

    Do you miss the hands-on care?

    Well for me, it is all about my family. I'd shovel crap as long as I could be here with my kids while I did it. So for me, I'd rather do hands on care if it meant seeing them more. Plus, people are more likely to be rude to you on the phone in my experience. They don't have to look you in the eye. They can just take their frustrations out on you. So in you case, I guess I would miss hands on care. What made you switch? Have you looked in to working from home instead? Or do you think you would still miss hands on care? I am 3 years + away from hands on and have actually started to miss ICU a little bit. Not enough to go back mind you, but just a little. :)
  11. G'smommy

    Pediatric telephone triage - Help!

    If you keep BS protocol by the phone and use it exactly, you will never go wrong.
  12. G'smommy

    Do you miss the hands-on care?

    Nope. I like being with my family while I work.
  13. G'smommy

    Do even pediatric nurses get jaded?

    The parents can be very annoying. I might have a mom bless me out b/c I don't think their 15 year old with a fever of 99.8 needs to go to the emergency room. Then I'll have a child with a stiff neck, petichiae, and high fever and the mother (who is "educated") refuses to take her to the ed even though I tell her she might die. I have moms tell me they can't take their one year old's temp b/c "they won't let me". It also gets very sad to know just how poorly so many children are taken care of. It can be heart breaking. BUT the once in a blue moon that the parents seem super grateful or you know for a fact you saved the child's life, makes it all worth it.
  14. G'smommy

    Who numbs for needlesticks?

    Perhaps the person saying "suck it up" has never been in the hospital with their own child. I have-- watching my 4 year old son tear up each time someone walked in the room b/c he knew he would get stuck again was painful. He tried so hard to be a brave boy and didn't fight at all, but it would have been tons better on him if we could have numbed the site. For kids who don't trust nurses and doctors anyway, it is a great idea. It shows them that we are doing our best to make it as painless as possible.
  15. G'smommy

    # of calls per hour

    4-10 calls per hour is for my evening shifts 5p-10p and long weekend shifts 1p-11p. I work from home and might be one of 6 nurses working during a given shift. We cover for 150+ pediatricians
  16. LOL! I will say that sitting in a freezing cold hospital bathroom floor with my girls hanging out was never much of a break for me. :)

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