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:D Here is my most gross, yucky, disgusting nursing story! I was working a night shift on a tele floor as a new Nurse. We had this one poor old lady who was confused and was restrained as... Read More

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    LOL, too funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I will never be able to eat peas again!
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    Quote from Waggy
    I was obviously born to be a nurse! I have just read over the most disgusting stories I have ever heard and have still been able to nibble at my spoonful of chocolate frosting!!

    Laurlaur, I tolerated your story OK until I got to the detail of "carrots in the diarrhea"..........GAG!!!!!
    I too must be born to be a nurse, this is funny and sorta gross. Years ago I was working as a volunteer at a local hospital, my assignment was to help feed an elderly woman. After taking a mouthfull of peas she began coughing, one pea flew accross the room and landed in her room-mates plate. You guessed it, the room-mate promptly picked up the pea and ate it. I am amazed I continues wiorking after that (I was only 13 at the time)
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    The next story was from my nursing school days. I had clinicals with a very hyper , Type A nursing student. She had bathed her 80yr old patient and when I went in to she if she needed any help I noticed that her patient had a prolapsed uterus and the student had washed and powdered the entire thing!
    That is way too funny! I fell out of my chair laughing!
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    Had a resident hand me a hard piece of BM with vomit covering it. He said he wanted to give me a present. But the worst part is I brought it to the nurses station. Hey! ______ gave me a present, wanna see? You know, day shift and evening shift people have totally different senses of humor...
    After explaining to a patient that I would need a sample of BM to guiac, I asked if she would come get me when she had gone. Well there I am in the middle of med pass, surrounded by patients and family, when she walks up and places a hunk of BM right in my ungloved hand!
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    I recently graduated and have only been an ED nurse for about a month, but I hope this is the most disgusting thing I ever see (but somehow I doubt it).
    EMS brought an elderly woman in who called them because she said a "hematoma" in her abdomen (that she had for years) started "bleeding". When we removed the ABD pad from the "hematoma" we found a hole about the size of a dime that had some sort of tissue plug hanging out of it. The doctor decides to pull the "plug" out of the hole thinking she has some sort of intestinal fistula and that this is "old food" hanging out of her. As he proceeds to do this, a brownish-pinkish liquid starts spewing out of her abdomen with enough force that it arcs and only half makes it into the emesis basin (which we tried using to protect the linens...unsuccessfully)with much of it splattering all over the floor. And it just kept coming. We couldn't even get a colostomy bag over it! The doctor continues to manipulate her abdomen to expel whatever the hell is coming out of her...and did i mention that he apparently didn't have time to put on gloves. So, he's getting this stuff all over his hands, and I'm trying to look as if I've seen this a thousand times so as not to look unprofessional. All-in-all, I'd say we got about 800 or so cc's out of her, and then packed her with about 3 feet of gauze. The only thing I'm thankful for is that it wasn't infected because (praise the Lord) it didn't stink!! They think part of her muscle had died and just sat there and liquefied or something.
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    Here is one from the dark ages before nursing school when I was the night orderly in a medium sized general hospital. When there was need for emergency OR staff on a weekend I was sometimes offered the job as overtime. I was cheaper at time and a half then an on call RN. I'm the "circulating nurse" for the "dirty case". The pt has a peri anal abcess. So he is put into a knee chest position and the surgeon cuts a playing card sized window out each buttock. The smell literally slammed me back against the far wall of the OR. Then the surgeon reaches in with his gloved hand and scoops out necrotic muscle tissue that is the consistency of pudding. ecch!
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    Quote from Dayray
    I was a new CNA in the nursing home and feeling very proud of my first step in my chosen career.

    A nice littel old man in a wheel chair waved at one of my co-workers (a pretty littel 18 year-old, fresh out of high school sugar and spice type of girl). He said "honey come over here please" as she bent down to talk to him. He moved the blanket covering his legs and SPLAT! he ejaculated right in her face and mouth. I never saw her again and thus my nursing career beagn...........
    What happens to these dirty old men? I know that some of these men are so confused that they can't help but masturbate in public, but what about the men who are perfectly aware of their actions and if they were any other age, would be slapped with sexual harassment suits? While I was training for my CNA license, I cared for a couple of dirty old men. The first one asked me if I was a virgin and that he could remedy that if I wasn't. The second was a satyr and would do things like grope your breasts, buck his hips while getting perineal care, and was a constant stream of all sorts of nasty talk and wandering hands. Neither had any history of dementia. We were taught to firmly inform them that their behavior was not appropriate, and to avoid as much as we could by not sticking our butts near them, or covering as much as we could, etc. Is this all the coveragethat I can expect, or are further measures sometimes allowed? My friend Jamie had the hardest time and is reconsidering her career because of the harassment. Jamie is drop-dead gorgeous, with a fertility goddess figure and natural F-cup breasts that even the baggiest scrubs and 2 sportsbras can't cover. During clinicals, she was groped left and right, and one man grabbed her ponytail and tried to pull her down and perform fellatio on him. She learned to keep her hair up after that!
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    I once saw an intern shove a cold speculum into a "sedated" little old lady in candy cane stirrups. She clamped down on his head with her knees and peed all over his face. Even the attending surgeon was cracking up.
    Hope he enjoyed his shower. I'll bet he thinks before inserting anything cold into a woman's vagina now.
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    I'm soooo glad I have lost my taste for chocolate anything. I now eat fruity hard candy or fruit instead. At least I know I'm not eating poop.
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    OMG! I can't believe I just spent 3 days reading 80 pages of some of the grossest (and, as only a nurse can think of them, funniest) stories I've ever heard! My husband laughed at some, and looked at me like I was absolutely insane for continuing to read this after some. :roll Gotta love nurses
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    Many years ago, on my first day as a 16 y.o. orderly in our small rural hospital a doctor asked me to go into a patients room, handed me a butter knife and told me to cut a plug out of the leg cast where he had marked it. I started to object, but he said not to worry just do it like I was plugging a watermellon. Well, when I lifted the plug out maggots started to pour out of the cast and the stench was awful. I started to head for the door when I realized I had been set up, so I slowly walked to the nurse's station with all eyes watching for my reaction. Which was "Do we have any room deodorizer?" Brought the house down, and I passed their test.