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  1. Nitengale326

    meds late from pharmacy

    You should start the antibiotic right away. There has already been a delay in treatment and further delay could be big trouble for the patient. This is about care of the patient not convenience
  2. Nitengale326

    carbo/taxol/avastin order of admin

    For us...inpatient unit...we always do avastin last...run it over 30-45 mins and then scoot them out the door. Let me do some research and I'll get back with you. Good luck with your "google" doc...sounds like a peach!!!
  3. When our hospital was built in 1997 it was all private rooms. But the local demand for beds increased so fast they had to re-equip the rooms with double everything and squeez in an extra bed and additional furniture. Now we have many unhappy patients and still too few beds. The kicker is despite all of this... the local agencies are denying the certificate of need for additional beds!
  4. Nitengale326

    Hospital Staff Charged With Killing Patients After Katrina

    Just a couple of additional thoughts on this.... 1. I am so friggin' p.o.'d at the govt for even thinking this.... I will be calling and emailing!!!! 2. During a crisis such as a Cat 5 Hurricane, isn't there something about traditional laws are kind of out the window? There were no police, no authorities to contact or even to "protect" anyone involved on either side of this story. 3. I recall a Dr. being interviewed on CNN during Katrina. He stated that the pharmacy had been locked (the pharmacist left the hospital) and he had BEEN GIVEN vials of morphine "to do what needed to be done" "because no other meds were going to be available". 4. If this IDIOT is calling this 2nd Degree murder what is he charging the mayor with for those that died at the convention center? Isn't there a law about tossing the dead into a public bathroom and just leaving them? Oh I could go on and on but I am so angry at the politicians for being so friggin' stupid and at the media for their twist and spin I could spit!!!! My heart goes out to all in that horrible tragedy. And my support goes to the 3 that are being made scape goats. I know from now on...I will think twice about staying over in a disaster situation and I know there are hundreds more like me that will have this story in the back of their minds when asked to stay and help out!
  5. Nitengale326

    Need positive reason for palliative radiation

    I know I am late posting but I just found this thread. Just last month, we had an end stage bone mets pt with a new lesion found on her spine. The lesion was causing cord compression and she was experiencing significant pain down her rt buttock and on into her rt foot. No meds were helping. After 2 rad txs she was up walking with her little ones in the hall way... had a bit of a limp ...which resolved with 2 more treatments... but she was so much more comfortable. She was able to see her littlest graduate from kindergarten and made it for another one's birthday before she passed. In my opinion... it was worth every bit of effort for her to have those extra "good" days with her babies. I'm sure she would agree. Hope this sheds some lite on the positives of palliative xrt.
  6. Nitengale326

    2-day Oncology Course-where??

    i'm not sure about the Baltimore area but I live in Northern VA and the INOVA hospitals offer them 2-3 times a year. Also the hospital in Winchester VA offers the class a couple times a year. I would think Hopkins would offer it as well. It is a national certification so you should be able to take it anywhere... not MD specific. If you have not obtained it yet, let me know and I'll keep an eye out for you for the INOVA classes. Your best bet would probably be at Fairfax. You could also ck out ONS and see if they have a schedule and places for the classes.
  7. Nitengale326

    Thinking about Ped. Onc.

    I am starting to get flutterings of interest in peds onc. the downside is my hospital (which I love) does not have a peds onc unit (yet I'm hoping). But I was wondering ...what is the AOPN certification class?
  8. Nitengale326

    Onc Nursing Reference Books

    YOur best souces would be to go to ONS.ORG and look their library. We use one of their books to chemo certify our staff. Another that everyone here really likes is Oncolosy Nursing Drugh Handbook by Gail M. Wilkes and Margaret Barton-Burke ISBN number... 0-7637-3923-5. We are really lucky here...our unit is about a year old now but we were able to get a nurse that has worked in Onc for about 20 years. She is extremely knowledgeable and a wonderful mentor. If you have access to someone like that, find out what they use as reference material. This will cut out a lot of the crap out there. wanda
  9. Nitengale326

    Day shift vs. Night shift in Oncology

    I work nites and 12 hour shifts on ONC... (7p-7a). Sometimes it can get VERY hectic but for the most part it is pretty laid back. Very few meds are given... a few pain meds ( most have PCA's) and a few antibx. We rarely run chemo overnight unless its something like 5FU. Due to the sheer number of resources that are available during the day vs the night, our docs and our manager prefers that most chemo be given during the day. It also allows the family to be available and present when the anxiety levels are higher. We have 10 beds on our unit. 8 are in private rooms and we encourage families to stay overnight in the private rooms. They help out alot! I personally let the family member know I am there for them as well. I give them footies, coffee, heated blankets, etc. I spoil them just like I would my patients. They are so appreciative and in doing these little things, it eases their anxiety as well and their nit picking and micro controlling because everything else is out of control. You will have some folks that will become lifelong friends! Hope this helps... wanda
  10. Nitengale326

    Your honest opinion...

    My unit is a mixture of everything med surg and last year they designated 10 beds as ONC beds. Of course we all balked at the idea and management stepped in and put only the stronger nurses on that unit. (whether we wanted to or not). New grads have to complete orientation on the med surg portion and be able to handle a full patient load (5-6 patients) before granting them a position on ONC. This has proven to be very effective. Our onc has everything the others said... the repeat patients that you just fall in love with and their families are so so supportive of you and your intentions. Sometimes it does get hard and very emotional. We hug each other alot and yes we do cry sometimes but we know we can lean on each other when we are feeling the emotions of the day. I had thought I didn't want to work this unit full time. Last week they pulled back to the surgical unit and OH MY GOD.... they are SO whiney!!!! I wanted to wheel them over to ONC and show them they needed to shut up!!! So needless to say...I'm back on ONC and I want to stay!!! I am studying for chemo certification. You might want to look at ONS.org and see what info they have as well. That might give you some additional insights. Things I didn't expect on ONC.... drug seekers, telemetry, laffter!!!! It all works out and at the end of the day... you hope you have done your very best for those that needed it the most. Good luck! I read that some were peds oncology nurses. I am considering switching from adults to peds... can anyone share some info? Wanda
  11. Nitengale326

    Low level or High level?

    Granted my boards were 11 years ago but it was the beginning of the computerized boards... I will go to my grave believing I only did 57 questions rather than 75.... I looked up and saw "QUESTION 54" I answered 3 more and then the computer shut off.... I absolutely freaked out!!! I went to the proctor and she checked and said..."No it says you did 75 questions"...she couldn't explain the "question 54" at the top other than saying..."you must have flown thru the last 21 questions" and laffed at me. I do remember my med questions...2 were on Tylenol of all things.... the doctor orders Tylenol 650mg... you have 325mg on hand...how many tabs do you give?.....I KID YOU NOT... that was my board question!!!! The next 48 hours were total agony.... I knew if I didn't do all 75 I would have to retake and OMG>>>> not enough valium in the land for that to happen... and then the Tylenol question on top of that....I thought that maybe I had failed eveything else and the computer wanted to have at least one right answer.... any way...I passed...so don't sweat until you have results because honestly you never know... Good luck
  12. Nitengale326

    Make up...?

    OMG... I don't wear makeup at all...I find it very uncomfortable and irritating. If my eyes are dark ...oh well...I work nite shift!!!! Blame it on the lites. I honestly don't see how your instructor or future boss could make you wear it!!! Just my 2 cents
  13. Nitengale326

    Former Nurse Sentenced

    My heart goes out to him IF he is indeed innocent. Based on what was presented in the article, the jury and the judge were waaaay off base with their decisions and their judgements. I worked LTC for nearly 20 years and more often than not, the patients DO get their stories wrong!!! I imagine, he was a caring nurse, trying to do what needed to be done... an accurate temp and maybe the patient had soilded herself... he took it on himself to clean her up and to hit all the nooks and crannies... sometimes poop does go there as you know... I just heard a major shift in the nursing appreciation poll....especially among the men.
  14. Nitengale326

    Heads Up For Pandemic Flu Coming

    In all of my reading it has said..."from handling the bird". Either way, I'm nervous... I did a quick poll here at work and everyone laffed at me when I asked what they were doing to prepare... I mean literally laffed!!! I'm going to order some masks and see about getting some meds, have started on the water and the food. Just wondering what else I need to get to prepare... has anyone talked with their own local officials to see what the municipalities are doing? The guy on Oprah recommended finding out how much clorine is on hand at the water treatment facility... I don't know how that would help ....to call them to find out... I would hope the city/county govts have already addressed such issues. Just wonder what areas will be hit that we haven't thought to address....
  15. Nitengale326

    I have insomnia!!!

    Sorry you have insomnia... I have it some days too.... have you tried Valerian Root. It smells awful but it works... settles your brain, makes you drowsy and allows you to stay asleep for a good 4-6 hours. No hangover feeling the next day. I am going thru menapause and have insomnia off and on and didn't want to try any of the meds like ambien or lunesta... my doc said to try valerian root and see what happens... I take 2 caps and poof... in about 20 mins...its sleepy time.... Now that its almost 5 am... try the new MDX ..mountain dew energy drink... sugar free, caffeine free... works like a charm!!!
  16. Nitengale326

    JACHO patient safety goal

    We just implemented a very simple...ticket to ride form... it is basically for professional to non-professional hand offs. It has a place for the transport person to sign and contains basic info.. fall risk, dnr status, meds due, other issues...etc. Our transporters were told they could NOT transport unless they had this paper completed by the nurse. Initially it was a little hard (as usual) to get all on board but it has taken off and the simplicity is wonderful. If you need more info...let me know...

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