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:D Here is my most gross, yucky, disgusting nursing story! I was working a night shift on a tele floor as a new Nurse. We had this one poor old lady who was confused and was restrained as... Read More

  1. by   Pachinko
    #2 sounds like an urban myth...at least, I hope it is.
  2. by   BLove14
    One time we had a 812 lb. woman come in. She was so large that her two sons sat her in a chair and placed her chair on two skateboards and pushed her in the the ER. She was unconcious and we had to clean her. It took 7 of us to roll her on her side. I happily volunteered to clean her under-fold regions. I found a full container of Sugarbabies and decided to eat them, well, because, yolo.
  3. by   Pachinko
    Mmmm, one of the unspoken perqs of nursing...free fold candy.
  4. by   ERNurse752
    Quote from Pachinko
    Mmmm, one of the unspoken perqs of nursing...free fold candy.

    Yeah...I never knew how much better Twizzlers were when warmed to body temperature...
  5. by   almostthere06
    Quote from BLove14
    One time we had a 812 lb. woman come in. She was so large that her two sons sat her in a chair and placed her chair on two skateboards and pushed her in the the ER. She was unconcious and we had to clean her. It took 7 of us to roll her on her side. I happily volunteered to clean her under-fold regions. I found a full container of Sugarbabies and decided to eat them, well, because, yolo.

    please tell me that is a joke - please...because now, i might vomit.
  6. by   johnwaynehair
    While not a true "gross-out" story, this one is still interesting.

    We got a patient from the floor into our ICU post-op for a lower bowel perforation repair. Seems the lady had not been "regular" enough for her own tastes, and had decided to disempact herself with the stainless steel fork from her dinner tray! I joked with the surgeon that we would put in a dietary consult for her with the order "plastic spoons only" once she was back on solids.
  7. by   BLove14
    Maybe this post should be entitled "Alarmpits." Get it? About a year ago during clinical, we had a patient who complained of sore biceps, obliques, and armpits. She was, well, lets just say, a HTAW (Heavier Than Average Woman). It did not take long for us to find out what was wrong with her. My co-nurse and I lifted her left arm and found that it had probably been years since her last shave. The smell was terrible, to say the least. Imagine your worst armpit smell multiplied by about 27. Hence the title, "Alarmpits." Get it? Don't worry, it gets worse. As I'm sure you remember learning in clinical, women's armpit hair, unlike men's, never stops growing. Dreadlocks were beginning to form in her armpit hair and she also had staff infections surrounding the lower rim. To top it all off, she had, under both armpits, maggots living and thriving off of the bacteria under her arms. It was probably the nastiest thing I've ever seen.
  8. by   Squirrels?
    Absolutely the grossest thing I've ever seen in the medical field has to be this kid I saw come into the ER a few years ago. He was apparently into extreme sports -- did somes ort of motocross or mountain bike jumping or something like that. He was apparently out with some of his friends on some homemade jumps that they made when he took a jump wrong and headed towards a tree spread-eagle. He apparently tried to catch himself on the tree by wrapping his arms and legs around it. In addition to the injuries sustained from the force of hitting the tree, he also slid down the tree while holding on to it, getting scrapes, cuts -- and the worst -- tearing open his scrotum on some sort of branch or knot or something. Since they were close to the ER, his friends put him in their truck and brought him in. When he got in, he was literally holding the contents of his scrotal sack in his hands -- and I couldn't believe how much there was. Sure, you're taught what's in there, but nothing prepares you for the multiple feet (seems like yards!) of the contents that come out of there. Definitely the nastiest thing I've ever seen. Poor kid.
  9. by   johnwaynehair
    Reminds me of something I did in my first few months as an ICU RN: Had a pt with lots of bleeding in her ET tube from a traumatic intubation. Using 1 suction canister for both the in-line and the tonsil tip for her mouth. I finished oral care on her, and the suction tubing was pretty gummy, so I thought I would clean it. Pt had some peroxide at the bedside, so I suctioned some in through the tonsil tip. Next thing I know, the canister explodes, sending a frothy pink mess all over the ceiling of the room! Needless to say, I now use water to clean those suction lines!

    Quote from EDNURSEANGEL
    One of my most unusual experiences was this.
    We had just hired a new crop of nurse externs in the busy emergency department where I work. We hace a pt come in with necrotic fingers. You know the mummfied kind that will just break off. In the course of transfering the pt to the stretcher, we broke off one of the fingers. I asked one of the externs to do some thing with it. He later told me that he had placed it in a urine cup on the counter. He didn't tell that he had poured peroxide in the cup( he thought to perserve it.) Later there was a small explosion as the gases built up and the cup exploded. I'm not sure if we ever found the finger.

    All the rest of my disgusting experiences always involve urine. My patients haved p****d in their barf bags then dropped them on the floor, small emesis basins, the trash can, and my all time fav the coffeepot we kept on the back hall for patients and their families. We no longer have a coffee pot.

    Just another p***y day in the ED.
  10. by   johnwaynehair
    We have a GI doc down here in TX that likes us to give milk and molasses enemas to patients--can't get them from Rx...have to go to Dietary and mix them up ourselves! You can imagine the looks the cafeteria ladies give us when we ask them for the supplies!

    Quote from mjlrn97
    My latest poop story is pretty mild compared with the last several posts, but it was rather amusing.........

    Yesterday I admitted a 49-year-old woman for, of all things, bowel obstruction. Or as our hospitalists like to call it, obstipation :chuckle
    She hadn't had a BM in 13 days---on lots of narcotics and psych meds, unfortunately with little fluid intake thanks to Roux-en-Y surgery in 2002. (She lost over 130# and is now a size 4.....hmmmmmmm........) Anyway, in addition to being rather an anxious, flighty sort, she felt totally miserable, and her poor little belly was so distended I was almost afraid to touch my stethoscope to it to listen for bowel tones. So of course the MD ordered soap-suds enemas Q 4 hours, GoLytely (which may take her about a month to finish at the rate she was sipping it), Dulcolax, the FOS regimen.

    Well, I hadn't given an old-fashioned SSE since my nursing-home days, and with an A&O patient you can't really fake things, so I told the patient flat out, "Look, I'm sorry but I've got to do this, it won't be pleasant for either of us, but we'll get through it together." At least I remembered to use warm water and plenty of chux pads......well, no sooner had I inserted two inches of tubing when I ran into a block of hard-as-rock, firmly impacted stool, and she jumped so high I thought I'd have to scrape her off the ceiling. Then there was the matter of instilling the fluid itself: she couldn't tolerate more than a few cc's at a time, so it took over 20 minutes just to get half the solution in. This was, of course, at the end of the shift.......here I was supposed to be at report, and instead I was trying to get this stupid enema in before my back broke in two at the waist line.

    Then, about two minutes after I finally gave up, the patient yelled, "Oh, I've gotta go NOW!!!" I helped her out of bed, she hit the floor running---literally---and let go with a huge "PLOP! PLOP! PLOP!" Three egg-sized poops landed on the floor, along with a healthy amount of loose watery stool that had been oozing around the obstructions.

    Now, based on her behaviors earlier in the shift I would have thought she'd have been embarrassed, but this gal started pumping her fist and going "YESSSSSSSSS!" Then she threw her arms around me and hugged me for dear life, thanking me profusely for delivering her from "two weeks of Hell"!
    Even her husband, who had remained in the room through this whole ordeal, was filled with gratitude: "Oh, Cindy, look at all the poop!! thank you so much, Nurse, you've saved the day!!"

    Well, by this time I was getting embarrassed, so I made an excuse about needing to page Housekeeping. When I finally left for the evening, I could hear, all the way down the hall, that she was evidently experiencing more success as I heard her spouse calling to her through the door, "How big is THIS one?" :chuckle You'd have thought they were having a baby.
  11. by   LPN2RNdude
    my gross experience will be etched into my brain forever....
    8 years ago i worked as an ER tech just out of the military.......
    i clocked in and walked into the ER and was checking vital signs, when i came upon a woman who had not had a BM in 2 weeks.... she was a dementia patient.... the nurse from the previous shift had given her a high and hot enema, and left the poor woman in a side-lying position, trash can behind her butt, and a ton of feces were being evacuated,,, all over the poor old lady, and into the trash can!!!! bless her soul,,,,, needless to say, it was a BIG mess for me to clean up!!! i will never ever forget that incident!!!!
  12. by   grace90
    I've read through about 30 of these stories. My grossest one so far (I've been a nurse for about a year and a half) actually happened when I was a nurse's aide in a very sorry nursing home that is gratefully now closed. It was breakfast time and I was feeding a patient that had apparently pooped during the night. I was around 4 months pregnant at the time. Anyway, I fed her the first spoonful and when I pulled it out of her mouth there was poop on the spoon! It was all I could do not to puke!
    I couldn't talk about it until after I had my daughter or I'd start gagging.
    Actually, I still gag when I think about it! *shudder* *heave*
  13. by   ktwlpn
    The other day at work one of the aides asked me to do her a favor and take a look in her ear.She said it had been bothering her since the morning prior...Well---I got out our new deluxe otoscope and took a look-and saw something looking BACK AT ME!!!! I was speechless-TOTALLY SPEECHLESS-and that NEVER happens....It must have been a small roach-I saw the antennae waving at me and then it turned away...I couldn't move---I just kept looking-I did not know what to say. :stone ....The other aides thought it was a joke-they were laughing and carrying on. ..The unit clerk said she knew I was telling the truth when she saw how pale I was. :uhoh21: I irrigated the canal once with some saline and looked agin and did not see anything.She was off yesterday- I told her to call her doc if she felt anything going on in there again...I can't wait to go back to work tomorrow and find out if she had to go in...The morale of the story-whenever a co-worker asks you for a favor-be very VERY busy.....

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