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I have come across bouncing jelly. No word of a lie, the darn stuff bounced at least twice when you threw it on the floor - it was uncuttable. Asparagus for breakfast (Ewwww).:p One poor chp in... Read More

  1. by   canadian
    We once got a orangey-purple jelly in a styrofoam cup...we held a contest of who could identify it (even with taste tests)...people suggested pureed squash, pudding, congealed grease....kitchen finally identified it as sodium-free gluten-free vegan gravy (I guess that is one way to limit the number of special diets catered to)
  2. by   nessa1982
    When I was in the hospital when I was 15 I got some turkey, mashed pototoesand GREEN gravy covering the whole thing. Good thing for me some friends stopped by and brought me some french fries and a jumbo shake, which were yummy , but then the nurse gave me an insulin shot (IM not diabetic either) and told me now maybe I was gong to be diabetic (I was in the hosp for asthma, the increase in blood glucoase was caused by a combo of predinose and jumbo shake & fries, guess I shoulda had the green gravy)
  3. by   beenaround
    while working in a ltc the kitchen pm staff decided that since they ran out of turkey they served warm pickle and pemento loaf between white bread with turkey gravey white rice (ran out of potatoes) raw carrots mmmmmmmmm refused to serve this meal and called the admistrator who called the diatician who came in and a new meal cooked and seved.
  4. by   Dayray
    I once had a a very confused patitient to whom I delivered a Hamberger.

    Later I came back and it was untouched which was really weird becuse I could swear I had seen him eating it. Anyway I asked him if he was hungry and he said he was hungry but that our food was S*** and that he had called and complained to the kitchen. This same guy had called 911 and told them we were trying to sell his kidneys to Russia so It dident surprize me. I took the tray out and put it on the cart.

    A few minutes later someone from the kitchen came up with a new hanberger and took the old tray off the cart. I found out later that the dietition had sent him up so she could take a look at it and figure out what went wrong.

    Has anyone guessed what happened next?

    I get a call from the dietion who is very angry at me. The patient had taken out the meat and replaced it with a neatly patted out peice of S***.

    All I could say was I know I saw him eating it!
  5. by   nessa1982
    Man and I thought McDonalds food was bad!
  6. by   luvbug
    That is the most disgusting thing I have ever heard!! Was he eating it before or after he said the food was s***?
  7. by   Dayray
    before he just ate the patty then replaced it with his own creation. I have allot of these stories used to work nuro/med surg and got all the crazies
  8. by   kids
    Pureed fish sticks with a dollop of tartar sauce on top.
    Pureed red velvet cake (looked like GI bleed barf in a bowl).

    One place I worked (very small) had a visiting RD who insisted they use this diet/recipe system that made the puree be formed so they could serve it on a plate, the idea being that puree is a texture, not a consistancy... it looked like poops on the plate.
    She made us get orders for a liquid diet if someone needed it thinner.

    If I ever have to be on a puree diet I am going to be one of those stubborn LOLs who ONLY eats ice cream and pudding.
  9. by   Cubby
    How do you feel about pureed Rice Krispi treats? Looked and had the consistency of glue-God only knows how it tasted!!!
  10. by   amy
    Pizza stratta. It is alternating layers of bread baked with tomato sauce (never enough), cheese (? type), too much pureed, and I mean pureed beef (of course not in the description). It is vile. Smells ok, but when you bite into it you get a squirt of warm gritty soft sand-like material that is the beef that rolls around in your mouth and gets ground into the contours of your teeth for hours. Even a toothbrush doesn't get it all.
  11. by   CseMgr1
    Gag a maggot.....!
  12. by   NurseGreenEyes RN
    Let's see, I remember serving my patient something gross and smelled gross as well!
    Pureed meatloff and spinach!!! What did my patient say about this? "You aint serving this *&$(# to me" You better call the doctor! Of course he was there and no way was his diet was changed? Did he eat it????

    Yup! He had no other choice, either he eats his last meal and wait till the next day after lunch, because he was going to be NPO after MN. Oh! well......bottoms up

  13. by   luvbug
    Do you ever wonder how the kitchen staff can make this stuff and put in on plates?!? Yuck!! I just heard that my grandfather was served a pureed bologna sandwich!!! nasty!!

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