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So many TV shows and movies take place, at least in part, in a medical setting. When you're a nurse, you automatically notice the severe errors in the scenery, which ruins the show. Or maybe it's... Read More

  1. by   CoffeemateCNA
    I love it when someone goes to their family doctor for a checkup, and the physician walks into the exam room wearing surgical scrubs, cap, and a has a mask tied around his neck. Uh no...
  2. by   RADIATION_RN
    I always crack up when shows like Mercy (I know, I know, it is an awful show about nurses) has one physician who seems to specialize in everything. I work in oncology and I was mad that they had the crazy physician prescribe chemo for one patient while also treating a girl who had an STD down the hall and another neuro patient next door.
  3. by   CoffeemateCNA
    I was watching an ER rerun the other day and had to scream at my TV when Dr. Clemente was assessing a patient with acute abdominal pain. He started with deep palpation, then light palpation, THEN decided to listen for bowel sounds. I guess no one ever showed him the correct order in which to do an abdominal assessment.
  4. by   JDZ344
    These shows are hilarious, though!
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  5. by   annacnatorn
    I hear each one loudly and clearly. I may not be an RN, but I've been around enough to know right from wrong..My Husband tells me not to make any comments when we watch medical type programs.
  6. by   zamboni
    I have just discovered what is my new favorite-of-all-time show..."24". We're watching the back seasons on DVD while keeping up with the current (and sadly, last) season. I am so happy to report that in an older episode, Jack Bauer finds an unconscious person (trying not to spoil here), and performs a picture perfect assessment, followed by proper CPR (proper by AHA standards in the early 2000s). When he's trying to keep someone alive that's been shot or stabbed, he uses direct pressure and pressure points (while screaming at them to give up what they know!). It was hysterical, because when he did the CPR, my boyfriend (who always cringes, waiting on my critique) looked over at me...I simply smiled and nodded. They "worked a code" in a clinic that was fairly spot on, although they gave up kinda quickly (in their defense, if I was working that code on someone with that much trauma, I would have bailed out too). I even predicted the intra-cardiac Epi dose before they did it...and given the situation, it's probably exactly what I would have done in real life (should I ever find myself in that ridiculous a situation...).

    It makes me happy that a show that uses any reality as a loose definition would go to the trouble to do simple little things like that right. And even though Jack survives being shot, stabbed, tortured, electrocuted, beaten, crashes, radiation exposure and bio-weapon exposure...I believe that would probably happen in real life too. Him doing proper CPR was probably the hottest thing I've ever seen on TV.
  7. by   Bill E. Rubin
    Quote from RADIATIONRN2BE
    I always crack up when shows like Mercy (I know, I know, it is an awful show about nurses) has one physician who seems to specialize in everything. I work in oncology and I was mad that they had the crazy physician prescribe chemo for one patient while also treating a girl who had an STD down the hall and another neuro patient next door.
    Just like "House" where the team does brain surgery, open heart surgery, medical diagnoses and management, oncology, etc, etc.

    And there are only three nurses who seem to always work the same shifts and who always have weekends free. I admit to liking Mercy, even though it's inaccurate. I also understand in the name of entertainment that it's easier to follow a smaller number of characters and to make the plots interesting, the types of situations these characters experience is made ridiculously diverse. Still, it makes me chuckle.
  8. by   RADIATION_RN
    I agree cityhawk, as much as the inaccuracies of Mercy bug me so much, I have gotten into it. I just wish they wouldn't have made Chloe a "new" nurse with a masters degree. I would think someone with a masters degree in nursing wouldn't seem so naive about everything. It's like she went through all that schooling with no clinicals! hehe!
  9. by   CT Pixie
    Watched Nurse Jackie last night..both Jackie and Zoe had to use their stethescope..both did so..putting the ear pieces in the WRONG way. Before I could even yell out (like I always do..its a pet peeve of mine) "TURN THEM AROUND..!!" My husband ( all ways) shouts out "Jeeze, turn them around, they are backwards" I nearly spit out my water!
  10. by   nitenite
    One of the things that also drives me nuts is when you hear ventilator sounds and the camera pans over and the pt just has a cannula and a couple of IV's.

    Also, can't forget pt's who've been in comas forever who still somehow have perfect makeup and hair
  11. by   jmwsinpc
    Don't even get me stated on Grey's Anatomy and the MASS amounts of things that I scream at the TV on every episode. BTW, this show was voted as the WORST show on TV for prortrayals or nurses and nursing. Wonder why? When was the last time you saw a bunch of surgery interns take vital signs and do I/O's? LOL
    Where are the nurses? Oh wait, they are in the closet having sex with the docs or they are striking outside. Other than that, you don't see them. SICKENING. BTW...WHERE ARE ALL THE CNA'S???? THEY DON"T EXIST!!!!!

    The first Army Wives this past week, when the nurse gave D's son the pills in the hospital ,and he was baker acted? The nurse watching didn't even look up! The nurse with his meds didn't check to make sure he had actually taken the pills and not cheeked them(which of course, he did). STUPID!!! THAT WOULD NEVER BE ALLOWED! DUH! You always check the cheeks and under the tongue. You make sure. And no way would the sitter nurse be not watching the kid and texting in the corner. Sheesh. I work as a CNA in Ortho/Neuro. I am pre- LPN. My fiancee is a CNA as well as an RN student and we both work PRN at a mental hospital when we need extra hours. We would SO get fired and loose our CNA licenses for that. Rediculous.
  12. by   talaxandra
    Quote from HollyHobby
    Oh, and remember the movie Flatliners? The premise was these medical students (or whoever) would put each other into a deathlike state, then debifrillate them back to life- from asystole. You don't shock asystole!
    OMG - that drives me the most nuts, that an entire film premise is based on an easily checked, massively wrong 'fact'.
    A film-making former friend asked me to act as medical adviser for a script he was writing. He included defibrillating an asystolic girl - when I read it (while having my hair done) I literally said aloud, "No! Nooooooooooo!" I gave him alternatives, including having a character say "It could be fine VF..." but he was adamant that she wouldn't really be dead (and therefore brought back to life) unless she was DC reverted. So I withdrew permission for my name to be included as an adviser.
    And in the 1994 Russell Cowe/Jack Thompson film The Sum of Us there's a scene where dad's in hospital after a stroke - the camera pans across the (ridiculously enormous) ICU room past the ventilator to the (bed rails lowered) bed, where dad has... nasal prongs in situ. Which promptly broke my willing suspension of disbelief, along with that of every other nurse and doctor in the cinema. WHich was a particular shame as it was a hospital find raising event
  13. by   dandk1997RN
    I LOVE watching House (seriously, who doesn't love an angst ridden bad boy who can play piano?) but it makes me crazy. I can not STAND IT when those doctors do every single procedure the patient needs. AS IF! It also really, REALLY bugs me when they mispronounce medical terminology.

    My husband, who happens to be a tv producer, keeps telling me I need to deal with the "suspension of disbelief," which just makes me even crazier.

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