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  1. OCN 2015!!!

    I took the OCN in July of last year and passed. While I did not think it was crazy difficult, it was one of those tests where I had no idea how I did until I hit the "submit" button and it said passed. I took the all day review course offered by the ...
  2. Advice on Fall schedule AP RN-BSN

    Howdy guys, Just needing some advice. I am currently in my third nursing class, Health Promotion. I have taken Professional A&B and Holistic Care of the Older Adult. I would like to take classes this summer but my financial aid for the 2014-20...
  3. Research starting 2/23

    Thank you! I have only taken Professional Nursing A&B and am now halfway through Holistic Care of Older Adult. I was planning on saving Research until the very end just because of the horror stories I have heard about people getting stuck with aw...
  4. Research starting 2/23

    Sorry to but in, but is the rumor true, research no longer requires any group work?
  5. OCN vs. Cancer Basics Vs. Bio/chemo cert

    I just took my OCN exam in July and passed! Yay! I went to an all day review class a few weeks before and that helped me a lot. Then I studied the free material and videos on noep.org which re-inforce that material. I also purchased the Oncology Nur...
  6. UTA FALL 2015...Which general ed classes can be taken together?

    You can search the threads on here for some of the answers from students whom have taken Gen Ed classes through UTA. The consensus is pretty much to avoid the History classes and Math classes as they are insanely time consuming and difficult. I neede...
  7. Neck Radiation Burns

    I see that all the time unfortunately and we don't have wound care nurses as my clinic is not in a hospital setting. What our rad oncs recommend is keeping the area as clean as possible, they are big users of Domeboro soaks, Silvadene to help fight i...
  8. ACC Spring '15 Hopefuls

    Congrats everyone! I graduated ACC in December 2012 and I remember all of this excitement! ACC has an EXCELLENT program and their students are highly respected.
  9. RN-BSN and ADN-BSN Easy?

    I am going through the online RN-BSN program at UT Arlington. 99% of the nursing classes are 5 weeks long, so you can work as fast or slow as you want. The first class, which is the one I just finished, is 10 weeks long and it was pretty easy. Like s...
  10. New Job - Confidence Low

    Welcome to oncology! I am in outpatient oncology also but in the radiation side of it. Every new specialty takes time to gain confidence. My outlook is that as nurses, we never stop learning and we will learn new things everyday. Helpful tip which h...
  11. Uuniversity of Texas Arlington RN-BSN Online

    Clinicals aren't required because you are already an RN. I believe the Capstone course, the last course of the program, you may need to shadow a nurse manager, but that it all.
  12. Anyone starting RN to BSN online in Fall 2014

    No actual lectures, just short videos for each week and honestly the videos were enough of a recap of important material so you could successfully do the quizzes and/or discussion board for that particular week. If you click under "resources" there s...
  13. Anyone starting RN to BSN online in Fall 2014

    I just finished that course. I was used to the online format since I chose as many online courses as I could through nursing pre-reqs. I don't enjoy sitting in a class and having teachers read power points to me. With that in mind, as tech savy as I ...
  14. UTA RN to BSN Online Fall 2014

    You can look on the website and they are divided up by alphabet of the student's last name
  15. UTA RN to BSN Online Fall 2014

    Nobody ever called me, I took a shot and looked up my advisor and sent her an email. She responded within a couple days and then asked me to send the very detailed information about the classes they overlooked and everything was fixed within a week.