1. Does ANYONE else find that commercial for Entresto HORRIBLY
    annoying? Or am I just a cold hearted beast? Those old people
    singing different stanzas of that horrible, vile song? That poor
    old guy looking out the window and singing, like he's going to
    die tomorrow?

    I'm just a cold hearted snake aren't I? Like Paula Abdul sang
    about in the 1980's. But GOOD LORD I hate that commercial.

    Anyway, I have my first ever patient tonight that takes Entresto.
    And I'm telling you, he's as annoying as that commercial. I think
    that medication makes you annoying.
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  3. by   Davey Do
    Quote from NurseCard
    Does ANYONE else find that commercial for Entresto HORRIBLY
    I find all commercials annoying, NurseCard.

    That's why I don't watch TV and only listen to commercial-free radio.
  4. by   amoLucia
    Yes, I do find that particular commercial annoying.

    I also find any commercial that plays 'the Carol of the Bells' (or something like that name) super annoying. Like isn't there any other Christmas carol to use?!?

    I will admit I do like the Kia car commercial that uses it. Surprised me!
  5. by   Daisy Joyce
    Is that the one where the old man is staring sadly out the window in the first scene, then in the last scene he's smiling down at a newborn in his arms?
    Makes it look like a drug that causes old men to have babies.
  6. by   hppygr8ful
    I find most commercials about pharmaceuticals annoying - like the one with the little irritated bladder following some woman around on her daily errands. Really !
  7. by   scuba nurse
    I find all drug commercials horrifying, and I can't stand them. I really do not think they should be on TV, I think they are a waste of money on drug companies part. I mean, REALLY, you list 100 symptoms that could happen if you take this what makes you think I am going to ask my doctor for it? Because I REALLY love diarrhea, and cramps, loose stool and losing control of bodily functions?? YEAH RIGHT...LOL
    Just STOP with the madness!!
  8. by   cardiacfreak
    If you or someone you know have been negatively influenced by pharmaceutical commercials, you may be entitled to a claim. Please call the law office of CARDIACFREAK at

    I loathe those type of commercials. Really? Xarelto caused a GI bleed? Didn't your nurse or prescriber tell you the side effects and reason for the medication?
  9. by   Daisy Joyce
    I thought that was an irritated intestine!

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