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You all have heard of them and of course we never actually use any of these terms but somehow they are there and everyone knows them....... There the "unofficial" abbreviation list like ... Read More

  1. by   preemieRNkate
    From when I used to ride as an EMT:
    DILLIGAF=Do I look like I give a f***?
    Rapid Deceleration Syndrome=MVA's
  2. by   squeakykitty
    I came up with this one a long time ago, and now I can see how it can cross nursings path.

    "King Boyfriend" syndrome---applies to a woman who puts her boyfriend and his needs first, far above what her kids need, to the point that her kids have to beg her to pick up groceries--and she still "forgets" to pick them up or only picks up the bare minimum (like just bread and mayonaise)for days and weeks at a time.

    Not so good if she has a kid who needs insulin, or has severe asthma, and if she can't pick up the groceries, she will probably "forget" to pick up the medicine.
  3. by   nrsang97
    Vitamin "H" for haldol. B52 (5mg Haldol and 2mg of Ativan). Vitamin "X" for xanax.
  4. by   EmmaG
    Quote from CashewLPN
    lolfdgb- little old lady, fall down, go boom
    ctd- circling the drain

    + O sign- Mouth open
    + Q sign- Mouth open, tongue sticking out
    Dotted Q sign- Mouth open, tongue sticking out, fly on tongue.

    Celestial Discharge

    '45'= 1 chromosome short of a full set
  5. by   CeeKayRN
    How about a few(while it's q&s around here)

    A.R.T- Assuming room temperature
    D.B.S- Dead Bigger 'n' $***
    Melvic/Meculum- for the male patients/staff/family/docs suffering from acute manginitis...
    Goin' to Graceland- The room we have to go do a gyn exam on

    LOVE all the other ones on here!!! Keep 'em coming
  6. by   Chaya
    wt* list

    (Whenever we have to call a Doc b/c we can't decipher handwriting or need to call another facility with crictical info on an admit we collate everyone's questions into a "what the heck???" list before we make the call!) :spin:
  7. by   Kiwimid
    i have a family member who we refer to having bse

    she is a bit of a mad cow
  8. by   Murseintraining78
    What about someone having a case of rectal - cranial inversion.....also known as someone having their head up their a**!!!!!!
  9. by   nyapa
    A friend of mine used to hand over her patients to the next shift as being on "weedkillers" (IV antibiotics) and "ratsak" (warfarin)
  10. by   nratchet
    For those working in Nursing home management

    Law suite waiting to happen= Family members who walk in with
    cameras, complain about everything, hate all the staff
    and have had their loved one in every nursing home in
    the area before yours was stupid enough to accept them.

  11. by   nancykday
    status hispanicus= histrionic spanish speaking female

    Vitamin v = valium
  12. by   prmenrs
    B O H I C A---bend over, here it comes again. Usually in re: administration's stuff.
  13. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    Quote from prmenrs
    B O H I C A---bend over, here it comes again. Usually in re: administration's stuff.

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