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PedsRN1991 has 18 years experience and specializes in Peds; Peds Oncology.

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  1. PedsRN1991

    vomiting: reflux, rotavirus, or NGT feed problems

    I don't think the vomitting is a rota issue. However, it sounds like she is probably not being overly careful with hygiene between the twins. I know it must be hard with 2 babies....but it will keep going back and forth. The vimitting could be a reflux issue, if she is not keeping the baby upright long enough. Is the ng in the proper placement. If still vomiting, sounds like it shound be advanced to an ND. Good Luck.
  2. PedsRN1991

    Well, survuved my first two days of nursing school...

    Congratulations on surviving. Keep the positive outlook...it helps.
  3. PedsRN1991

    Guilt over other nurse's med error

    Always think of mistakes as learning. You know what mistake was made, just be vigilant now not to do the same. You are new and scared and it is normal. I agree with the advice from the above posters too. (((HUGS))).
  4. PedsRN1991

    Fort Lauderdale OB Nurses

    Broward General does. I'm not sure about Holy Cross. A little bit south is Plantation General (kind of small) and Memorial (Regional, West and Miramar have OB). If nothing else, Google the names and check.
  5. PedsRN1991

    bilirubin lab draw site on newborns

    We always do heelsticks for bili levels.
  6. PedsRN1991

    South Florida Roll Call!!!!!

    I never jumped in on the last roll call...but I'm here. In Hollywood.
  7. PedsRN1991

    Compensation ?...

    In the hospital where I work, peds is a specialty and we get specialty pay.
  8. PedsRN1991

    Child Abuse

    You see abuse...and it is horrible. I can never understand it...especially shaken baby. You give the kids the TLC they need while you are there. You then go home and hug your kids. All that you do is the best that you can.
  9. PedsRN1991

    Need advice about changing to Pediatric Nursing

    I did adult med-surg for 2 years before I changed to peds. If you are looking for a change...change. Kids aren't little adults, and they have different problems. If you are an experienced RN...you will catch on. Get a Harriet Lane, do some research...and then go for it. I love peds. Good Luck!!!
  10. PedsRN1991

    got my first nursing job!!!

    congratulations!!! :yelclap::urck::w00t::anpom::clphnds::nmbrn:
  11. PedsRN1991

    Advise on Broward Nursing Schools

    I live and work in Broward. A LOT of the nurses I work with are BCC grads. I have only heard great things about them.
  12. PedsRN1991

    Great Day!!

    Fabulous!! Congrats to you!! :yelclap::yelclap::yelclap::yelclap::yelclap:
  13. PedsRN1991

    I am a nurse!!! But this....?!

    I worked in a "smaller" hospital...and I understand your situation. When the peds census was low, they would float us to adult floors. When the peds census was high, they would float adult med-surg nurses to our floor. I came from adult med-surg, so it was not a problem for me. However, for those who had never done adults, it was incredibly difficult (and dangerous). Adults have issues and problems that peds pt's don't. After I had left this facility, I heard that a pt on peds had died (a gastro pt) that was being taken care of by a floating adult nurse.
  14. PedsRN1991

    Twas the Month after Christmas (Cute)

    OMG...too funny!!
  15. PedsRN1991

    Nurses' Christmas

    Loved it and sent it on to more nurses!!!
  16. PedsRN1991

    All White Uniform Dress Code?!!

    I work peds, and the all white policy would be disasterous. I could see the kids freaking out and running in the opposite direction.