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You all have heard of them and of course we never actually use any of these terms but somehow they are there and everyone knows them....... There the "unofficial" abbreviation list like ... Read More

  1. by   PICNICRN
    When we get a kido with toooooo many cardiac anomalies to list we take the short cut and refer to them as a FUH........ ****** up heart.
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  2. by   NotReady4PrimeTime
    Quote from PICNICRN
    When we get a kido with toooooo many cardiac anomalies to list we take the short cut and refer to them as a FUH........ ****** up heart.
    We usually call those "scrambled".
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  3. by   MUUGUZI
    When I worked in the nursing home, we had a resident who was morbidly obese, frequently incontinent of urine, and perpetually reddened between her buttocks.
    A nurse aide with a warped sense of humor used to yell at me, whenever she needed help cleaning her up: "COME ON MOSES, LET'S GO PART THE RED SEA!"
    Fortunately, this was always away from the resident's room. But I was mortified the first time she explained what she meant.

    She also used to sing a song about going on "PP" when it was time to do rounds.
    The first "p" stood for the female genitalia, which has another vulgar name synonymous with "cat".

    The male genitalia was not left out, either, as it has a vulgar name as well, which starts with a "p".

    The second "p" stood for "patrol"

    "let's all go on ________ patrol" !

  4. by   jlmb214rn
    We use the GOMER too!! Awwww, here comes Gomer!!!

    And I had a tech tell me once that our new patient had a serious case of
    " ****doo "
    (Fill in stars with the nickname for Richard)

    Translated to mean "his belly sticks out farther than his (insert term here).

    And we get patients who have FMPS (fluff my pillow syndrome)
  5. by   nerdtonurse?
    ER miracle -- as in, the ICU's full, pt needs an ICU bed, and

    ***miracle happens***

    They are suddenly better enough to come to the floor, and they proceed to code within a few minutes to few hours of arrival on the floor. Which leads me to....

    "CAV started at 2230" -- coding a vegetable.
    "Crunchies" -- when you are performing CPR on a LOL or LOM and you feel their ribs break -- as in, "about the 3rd time I did a compression, I had crunchies"

    C& T ward -- cabbages and turnips

    "[insert name of your floor] smackdown" -- when it takes every NA, CNA, LPN, RN and security to restrain a paranoid schizophrenic who's trying to go out the window. Without opening the window.

    "pee pot" -- a patient who's urine soaks the bed each and every void
  6. by   Peepsaretasty
    TTJ-Transfer To Jesus
    RTDD-Refer To Dr Deere (as in John Deere)
    PSTO (pronounced "pesto") Pet Smarter Than Owner

    And who could forget Fartical for describing a pt who has just passed gas for the first time after surgery.

    Used in a sentence: "Is Mrs Jones Fartical yet?" or "wooo hooo Mr Smith, you're fartical!"
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  7. by   PICNICRN
    Not a diagnoses but.....

    We used to refer to our lack of lunch breaks as being on the "(fill in the hospital's name) diet".

    "hey Nancy, did you get lunch today"???

    "No, I'm on the St. Rose Diet"

    Worked great, I lost 5 pounds in 1 RSV season!
  8. by   NurseyBaby'05
    Had to revive this after my last shift.

    BFB-----> Big **blanking** Baby

    A grown man kept calling his sister at home and having her call us every time he needed something instead of using his call light. Then he would call the patient emergency line and complain that we weren't addressing things fast enough. Like bringing him chicken instead of beef . . . . . . .

    Thank God I'm going on materniy leave after this week.
  9. by   tj_Medic_RN
    Here is one that we used alot on the ambulance,

    WADAO pronounced (WA-DAY-OH)
    weak and dizzy all over
    for those that can't figure what is wrong with them..

  10. by   WalkieTalkie
    whiskey tango - white trash
    DFD - drunk found down
    FUPA - fat upper (insert female/male part here) area
    cankles - can't tell their ankles from their legs
    transfer to the 10th floor - expire
  11. by   Medic2RN
    Moo Moo Dog Face = the look a patient has while 'circling the drain' and then ultimately crashing and having a thump and blow.
  12. by   Not_A_Hat_Person
    The hospital where I volunteer just opened a new cardiac care center. Among other things, they do CABGs. I call it "The CABG Patch." They don't do pediatrics, so no "CABG Patch Kids."
  13. by   aawnurse
    TFTB- too fat to breathe