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You all have heard of them and of course we never actually use any of these terms but somehow they are there and everyone knows them....... There the "unofficial" abbreviation list like ... Read More

  1. by   MaryAnn_RN
    ***** -****ed up beyond all remedy

    Circling the drain

    Normal for (insert name of your town) ie low intelligence

    Family tree doesn't fork

    Deceased pt = parcel
  2. by   rgroyer1RNBSN
    Quote from VivaLasViejas
    I love this one.........it's a perfect description of my past several shifts:

    "Give Marla the new admit.......she's only got five patients, she can handle it"

    "Marla, the pharmacy's on 4730 wanting to talk to you about 208 (I just took this patient two minutes ago and don't even know his NAME, let alone what his usual meds are)"

    "Nurse, this patient needs disimpaction, a soap-suds enema, and an NG tube STAT" (said patient being a combative, demented nursing-home resident who cannot POSSIBLY cooperate)

    "Marla, you're getting two post-ops, and the patient in 222 needs 2 units of packed cells right away" (can anyone say "FREQUENT VITALS??!")



    My term-
    Funny old man shoveling snow, short of breath Aquireing AMI.-LOL
  3. by   rgroyer1RNBSN
    Vitamin H- Haldol!
  4. by   lahlee
    IGTGP-I got to go pee

    TFTB-To fat to breathe

    GPO-Good for Parts only

    NQR-Not quite right as in "Im not sure what this rhythm is but its NQR."

    Acute Pneumoencephalopathy - airhead
  5. by   rgroyer1RNBSN
    dilaudidemia-drug seeker/dilaudid levels low.
    demerolemia-demerol levels low.
    percoemia-percocet levels low.
  6. by   Morettia2
    ok I got this one in college while getting my undergrad B.S., and it was way before I ever thought about Nursing although now I am an R.N.with multiple degrees, but I still find it so ridiclosly funny and use it to this day..F.U.P.A.=Fat Upper ***** Area, and in college years ago we used to use that saying to refer to the girls that were crazy skinny, and would insist on wearing the most skin tight pants, and had this thing below the stomach, but wasn't a beer gut, it was this thing that we couldn;t describe, and one of my 13 housemates, (yea 13 girls living under one roof and no my college did not have sorites or frats) one night in a druken rant said F.U.P.A., I said what the **** is that? She said what it was, and I think I wet my pants b/c I was laughing so hard. It had nothing to do with having kids, or loosing an extreme amt. of weight, but it had to do with anorexic college girls, bindge drinking around that time of the month wearing SKIN tight pants, which I used to be one of those anorexic college kids always bindge drinking, but never wearing SKIN tight clothes anytime of the month. And to this day sometimes I catch myself saying it, at WORK as an RN and laughing when I have to explain what it is.
  7. by   stripec30
    Alright, how about:

    - Milk of Amnesia - Propofol
    - Gravity Assisted Concrete Poisoning - jumped from height
    - Hi 5 - HIV positive
    - Urban Outdoorsman - Homeless person
    - Bungee jumper - a patient who pulls on his catheter tube
  8. by   nurse97mommy2000
    Withdrawal -- EMS picking up a patient
    Deposit -- EMS bringing in a patient

    DRT -- Dead Right There
    DRH -- Dead Right Here

    OTD -- Out The Door

    Code Brown -- You can guess this one:chuckle

    TMI -- Too Much Information

    Circling The Drain

    "They're on their way to their Heavenly home"

    "Norm-al-la-sine" -- Normal Saline (Good if you tell a patient you are giving this for pain ((with a doctors order of course)). They think it is a new pain medication. We actually had a patient (a FF) to say their pain got better :roll)
  9. by   suanna
    Quote from RNAnnjeh
    Code Brown.....self explanatory
    Nintendo Thumb.....reason why pulse ox. monitor continuously rings off

    We (and I assume other hospitals) have an official "Code Brown". It is a missing patient. It's posible that no nurse was consulted when these color codes were assigned but maybe- I can imagine the response to discovering one of your confused patients has gone wandering is "Oh ****"= code brown.
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  10. by   suanna
    Quote from CVICURN2003
    SAS = "Sick as ****" I use this one frequently
    DOV = Dead on Vent, for those that we are breathing for them, making their heart beat etc....
    We usually ad a "B"- DBOV= dead body on vent.
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  11. by   suanna
    I can't believe no one has posted JMD=as in the patient has a bad case of Japanese Monster Disease. A patient on deaths' door that has become so fluid overloaded that their sclera edema is so pronounced it looks like ping pong balls, there tongue is hanging out and looks like a large baked potato, profound facial edema- Generally a Godzila like appearance.
  12. by   nursval
    KTC: kick to curb
  13. by   al7139
    When I worked in animal medicine (before nursing), we used these terms:
    DIC=Death is Coming

    Peek and Shriek (for a surgery where you open the pt up, shriek because the problem is irreparable, and close them without doing anything).

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