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    they pay me one dollar extra....laughable I know:chuckle. The thing is about the older nurse is that I have been here 8 months and I am now the RN on med surg that has been here the longest thank you! It is very stressful and I dont think that I should have to deal with it at all. I have learned so much, but it is getting tuff the more and more i keep myself in the situation. my complaints, as well as the complaints of my coworkers, about us being shorthanded is not being considered what so ever. I dont like to be in charge of anybody. I like to do my thing and taken care of my patients. thanks! Thank you guys for your support. :heartbeat
  2. Bella36RN

    Salary questions for AL nurses

    I live in Butler County. New Grad. Base pay $18...$3 shift diff. 12 hour shifts. sign on bonus
  3. Bella36RN

    Do anyone in healthcare in the US wear these?

    I live in Alabama and I use one!!!
  4. Bella36RN

    Calling a Code

    Definitely not at the hospital work at...they will hound you for as long as they see fit. It is a small town hospital and if you mess up they will joke about it for months to come
  5. Bella36RN

    Calling a Code

    I was just thinking that the aide should have been notified on who was a DNR. Thank you
  6. Bella36RN

    Sample routine of typical day for new nurse

    1830: arrive at work, get census 1900: listen to ALL reports...urggg 1930: do assessments, vital signs...depending on how many patients I have it usually takes me 45 minutes to an hour 2000: pull all 2100 meds and chart until time to give 2100: give all 2100 meds and do finger sticks and pull 2200 meds 2200: give 2200 meds 2300: chart checks 0000: vital signs 0100: take a break and get a bite to eat 0200: fill the rooms up with new IV bags so when the one hanging gets done all the day shift has to do is change it 0300: restock everything 0400: vital signs 0500: get 0600 meds together 0600: gather IandOs, daily weights, give meds 0700: give report and go home to sleep
  7. Bella36RN

    quit first RN job after 3 months?

    If you think that it is not right for you...then it isnt. Its your license and you do what you feel like you need to do.
  8. Bella36RN

    Calling a Code

    SO... I was coming onto shift the other night and getting report and all of a sudden a code is called to one of our rooms. I had not been on so did not know who was in that room. But one of the other nurses knew who it was and ran out the door. All of a sudden the nurse screams that she is a DNR not to touch her. I walk out in the hall and EVERYONE was there the doc, a ton of other nurses. Anyways...come to find out the Aide called the code and had no idea about the DNR status. Our unit looked like a bunch of morons. My question is...aren't the aides suppose to get the nurse in a situation like that?
  9. Bella36RN

    Leaving before finishing

    If the work is something that I started...like admitting a patient or something of that nature then i think that it is my duty to finish it. i never leave unless i know that my stuff was done. I have stayed two hours passed my time to go to finish stuff that was unfinished.
  10. we only have 3 RNs on night shift now...our patient load is usually 4 or 5 but there are some nights 7 has come into play. i wont take any more than that...too dangerous and it is my license on the line!!!!
  11. Bella36RN


    Congrats and I would call the nursing recruiter and tell her the situation that you are in and tell her that you would love to be there and meet everyone but you unfortunately have class and clinicals to attend
  12. Bella36RN

    Weekend Off

    I work nights and we consider the "weekend" friday night and saturday night
  13. Bella36RN

    DUI suspect gets $15,000 for forced catheterization

    I totally agree... i would not do anything like that to anyone unless i had their consent. It is THEIR body no matter if their drunk or not!!!
  14. Bella36RN

    Do you wear rings at work?

    I wear my engagement ring and a watch and when i rub my hands with alcohol and wash them...i make sure to wash under it
  15. Bella36RN

    Kardex ?

    Our hospital no longer uses a kardex because diets etc. would not get changed and nurses relied on it to heavily....i say go to the order
  16. Bella36RN

    Charge nurse??

    At our facility charge nurse is house supervisor...in charge over a BUNCH of people...thats what makes me nervous