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  2. We had a patient that just would not stop stooling, finally we ran out of yellow gowns. So what do you wear now?

    see the photo

    anyway I thought it was funny.

    note this is not the original photo, the patient (who was unidenitfiable has been fuzzed out in response to some overly reactive types)
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  4. by   Slowone
    Was that an actual patient you were standing over taking pictures?
    Was the patient in on this "funny time" and does he/she know that there is a picture fo him with nurses goofing around reagrding his stool on the internet? for some reason, I don't find this one too funny. Sorry.
  5. by   Huganurse
    I thought it was cute. A great pic showing how creative, adaptive, and humorous we nurses can be!

    God Bless America!
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  6. by   KRVRN
    I especially like the glove on the head-- looks like a little bow.
  7. by   Slowone
    It's not the confidentiality issue so much as it is nurses standing around a compromised adult who may or may not find it funny for them to be poking fun at him uncontrolably moving his bowels in his bed.
    If I were the patient and my nurse jokingly put a golve on his/her head to protect them from what is already embarrasing, I would be mortified!
    That is why I asked if the patient was in on all the fun. But I agree, confidentiality was for the most part maintained I suppose. i just think it lacks taste thats all.
  8. by   misti_z
    originally posted by huganurse
    i'd award this photo "nursing pic of the week"!
    i would vote for it!!

  9. by   Slowone
    Okay I give up, maybe you guys see something I don't.
    Consider me "lightened up!"
  10. by   NurseDennie

    I didn't "get" the thing on the head, but I've used those chucks like that before, too. Sheesh, that's not fun. There was one guy who just SPAT everywhere.

    Then there was the guy's mum who kept opening her SON's diaper and taking the condom cath off of him so he could spray everywhere. I asked the doc for an order to restrain the mum!

    I had one stroke patient who got the dreaded C.diff. Horrible. I went in there one time and was *Literally* cleaning her up for an hour. Poor lady was so tired of it all, and much too compromised to sit on the commode or anything like that... After I'd cleaned her and parts of the room for the 8th time in that hour, she "went" again. She was so tired of me, she said to me "I'm willing to ignore it if you are."


  11. by   night owl
    I see you folk have the same sick sense of humour that I have!

    I think it's absolutely, positively, undeniably FUNNY!!!

  12. by   waggy-2
    Love the picture. I LMAO.
  13. by   NotReady4PrimeTime
    Our facility has a number of color-codes for different problems... Code Blue = arrest, Code Red = fire, Code Orange = external disaster, Code Yellow = missing patient, Code Pink = infant or child abduction, and so on. In our unit we have added one to the list... Code Brown. And when you run to one, wear a double mask and bring lots of washcloths!