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In the hospital where I worked a couple of years ago, a very well known hockey player came for healthcare after an accident...girls were all upside down...and you, for which famous star would you be... Read More

  1. by   DR2004RN
    In no particular order:

    Matt Damon
    Matthew McConahey
    Goran Visjnic (Dr. Kovac from ER)
    Charlie Sheen (always had a crush on him)
    Noah Wylie
    Billy Currington (for those who listen to country music you would know this one. HOLY MOLY HE'S HOT!!!)
    Trent Tomlinson (another country music star. Most known for his song "One Wing in the Fire")

    Wow what a patient load, what with all of those bed baths, and massages! I would be one busy but VERY HAPPY NURSE.
  2. by   tgb3rn
    Quote from hica19
    Wonder what kind of patient Britney Spears was when she had her children lol. Compliant? Noncompliant? Not that I would like to be her nurse.
    I would , but then again, I'm a guy. Thought I would add in the old male point of view there.
  3. by   DaBears
    Wow..I really like this question and here is my list in no particular order, after TOM BRADY because he is the love of my life and I have considered moving to Boston in hopes he would slightly injure himself (not career threatening)

    Tom Brady
    Matt Leinhart
    Brody Jenner
    Jude Law
    Josh Duhamel
    Channing Tatum
    Jesse Metcalf
    Michael Barrett
    the Dockers commercial guy
  4. by   nrsang97
    I would want to take care of ANY Detroit Red Wing. I also would want to take care of Tom Brady (Holy moly smoking hot) he would get massages prn and a bed bath every night. Also Orlando Bloom, Johnny Depp, Steven Tyler, Jon Bon Jovi, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, Leonardo DiCaprio, Mark Whalberg, George Clooney, Tom Hanks. I also would like to take care of Jermey Roenick and Brett Hull just because they are so interesting. Both Hockey players but Brett Hull is retired and played for the Red Wings for a few years and he is really a funny guy. Jermey Roenick plays for another team but he is always a good interview, and a funny guy. I also would like to take care of Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, Lewis Black, Dane Cook.

    At the hospital I work at I have taken care of many high profile patients and I have only worked at this facility since October.
  5. by   Ann RN
    Keith Oberman

    Patrick Dempsy
  6. by   SecondGenRN
    Quote from rn/writer
    Hugh Laurie (aka Greg House, M.D.). No, wait, he'd be the doc and I'd be the patient.

    I agree!!
  7. by   carolinapooh
    Quote from KellieNurse06
    Well a Nate Berkus..the guy who does interior decorating & is always on Oprah...:heartbeat , even though he is gay.. I think he is so darn adorable I can't stand it, he's just as nice as a person too from what I can see......why are all the good ones not available???? lol....
    Let's see who else......Taye Diggs...the guy from How Stella Got Her Groove Back......can we say wow!!!!and Lenny Kravitz.....holy moly!
    And even though he's old....Sean Connery....I think he is just so classy, debonaire & oozes charisma for a man....he is old but I find something about him very very attractive.....

    Oh my God, I'd take the chart into the room and get Sean to read me his PMH and all of his meds. HIPAA be hanged - I'd take ALL the charts to him. I find many things about him very very attractive. When we ran out of charts he could start reading me the phone book or the floor's drug guide.

    Of course, Pierce Brosnan is pretty h-o-t, and Matthew McConaghey could just sit there and smile at me. He could also read Standards of Care aloud to me; I love his Southern drawl.

    Not because he's hot,:spin: but I would love to take care of Jimmy Carter on a low-census night shift. I would love to talk to him; what a fascinating man.

    OOOoooo - Patrick Stewart is HOT HOT HOT, and Bon Jovi is TOO CUTE to be human...
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  8. by   carolinapooh
    My post posted twice! Sorry!
  9. by   KellieNurse06
    rotflmao I thought I was the only one who found SC hot....hehe. I don't know what it is......I think it's the accent & he's definetly classy! My grandma says and I quote..." he can put his shoes under my bed any night".....she's 89
    I also thought of another one........Heath Ledger.......I never really paid attention to him before..but I just saw 2 movies the other day with him in them.....A Knights Tale, and ...10 Things I Hate About You........I could diaper!
    My gosh....I feel like a woman whose been in prison for the last 15 years...rotflmao!!!:uhoh21: The things I'd do to that man are not for ears to hear...hehe
    And I jjust saw Ashton Kutcher on Oprah the other day.......I think he's so an innocent funny kind of way...and he doesn't even realize it either...
    He was asked how he keeps his romace in his relationship...and he said..."if it isn't new, then it's through" can we say...aaaaawwwww
    and he was asked how he stays being a good husband....he said Demi makes it easy......awwwwwwwww
    How darn sweet is that????????????? I think he's adorable......& I love him on the 70's show
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  10. by   KellieNurse06
    Quote from Silverdaisyd
    Justin Timberlake...
    My nephew is his twin....I'm not foolin' he's 21.....he's legal......rotflmao....I call him Justin to get him mad & he gives me the think it's pretty funny........but seriously he is his lookalike..
  11. by   yankeesrule
    Derek Jeter, Matheew Mcconahay(sp?) I agree with tatgirl Jason from Ghosthunters. I love his bald head or is that Jay?
    Brandon Fraiser, Joqauin Phoenix, Turtle from Entourage, Dennis Frantz (dont ask its a guy i find extemely exciting), Mr. Big from Sex in the city... I would do whatever needed to be done to make them comfortable and happy. What a dream it would be to take care of any of these men. YUMMY!!!
  12. by   RN BSN 2009
    hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm someone rich ! Lol and give me a big tip
  13. by   lacedmm1
    Quote from Arwen_U
    Got another Wentworth fan here. Definitely 1:1 care.

    Viggo Mortensen, but only as scraggly-bearded, all-black-wearing, good-with-a-sword Aragorn.

    Bono would be nice too.
    Ok, I agree with Arwen_U, I am a huge LOTR fan and Viggo is really hoooottt!! But also (and I can't believe nobody else mentioned him) Christian Bale (from Batman Begins and most recently the Prestige). He is by far me favorite spongebath candidate, yummo!

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