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I thought this would be a fun topic since nurses are the most superstitious people in the world! I believe that disaster will strike if someone says the "Q" word. I even cringe if a patient says... Read More

  1. by   ortess1971
    Don't know if someone posted something similar(didn't read through all the posts-I know, BAD GIRL) but in the OR, we never ever mention abdominal aortic aneurysms-AAA. One time the phone rang and the anesthesiologist on that night said "HaHa, it's probably a AAA" He was right. I also noticed that any night that I brought my books to study when we had downtime, we would be so freakin' busy...
  2. by   ortess1971
    Quote from imaRN
    The same for us all the usual superstitous behaviors and another one is, several years ago, a patient in our unit got one of those "walking Tweety Bird Balloons" the big ones that move with the currents of air, Well it ended up in another patients room after it's patient died,and they died too, Then everwhere that balloon showed up someone died,,,,,it was like a horror film! We have never looked at those balloons quite the same since then...and we shudder when one comes in as a gift for a patient! imaRN
    This is the creepiest thing I've heard in a while. Just another reason why I dislike balloons!
  3. by   auntsas82
    Quote from ornurse2001
    Do we all work at the same hospital???We used to listen to a scanner in an ICU where I used to work and when we heard that the medics were picking up a chest pain or potential vent patient in the area, we also prepared a room, balanced the bed scale, etc.Worked every time.....Anybody here ever worked at Haywood County Hospital in Clyde,NC? Thats where I worked ICU.Great Topic.
    I realize this is an older thread, but are you still around? I have been looking at a travel assignment in Clyde NC...I would love to hear your outlook on it, and yes it is ICU. Thanks for any information you can give me, email me at thanks
  4. by   Hygiene Queen
    Oh lordy! LOL!
    The "Q" word... you gotta run and find some REAL wood and knock on it three times...and FAST!!!
    Just good luck finding real wood, hee-hee!
    Pt's DO come back when you talk about them! Just happened to us again this week!
    As my mother always said, "Don't call what you don't want to come!"
    Pt's also die in three's.
    A very sick pt who suddenly gets quite perky is sure to die SOON.
    The dreaded full moon....
    And as soon as you congratulate yourself on not having to clean up poop all shift, someone will have an explosion just before you get to go home!
  5. by   NewWayofLife
    I talk about nursing superstitions all the time at work... I think it's funny that an evidence-based field like nursing relies so heavily on them... yet I believe them myself.

    What about preparing for the worst? On tele floors, anyone who is bradying down to the 40's or so gets pacer pads at the bedside and atropine ready by the monitor... that way we never need to use it.

    The really unstable patient gets the code cart outside his or her door, and it won't be used that shift.

    The patient with the frequent loose stools gets more wipes, briefs, and linens in the room, so that you won't have to use them.

    I could go on and on, but the point is, if you prepare for it, it won't happen.
  6. by   Quaffetti
    Our superstition...

    we always have the code cart in the room when giving a pt ibutilide. Otherwise they will for sure go into VT.

    And yeah, we NEVER say the Q word, and we certainly have a couple of s**t magnet nurses. They even admit it themselves.
  7. by   Quaffetti
    Quote from SmurfGwen

    What about preparing for the worst? On tele floors, anyone who is bradying down to the 40's or so gets pacer pads at the bedside and atropine ready by the monitor... that way we never need to use it.
    I think that's just good practice. We have anyone with HR's in the 30's with the pacer pads on and monitor at bedside, usually by MD order.
  8. by   Runman1914
    NEVER throw something at the trash container. If you miss the rest of you day will be a disaster. Always make sure you carefully discard the trash!!!
  9. by   SaraO'Hara
    My day will always be markedly more hectic if I wear my white socks with pink flowers on them.

    The opposite is true for the light blue socks with penguins.

    Black socks with skulls and hearts on have no effect.
  10. by   SammieMom
    Everytime I wear white pants, there is a code. It sounds crazy, but its true!
  11. by   NewWayofLife
    Sure, having them there is good practice. But the belief that having them there "wards off" bad events, that's the superstition.
  12. by   mskate
    you dont move a patient after 2pm if they are actively dying because they will die on your shift (something an old preceptor of mine said)

    open a window when someone dies to let their soul leave
  13. by   mskate
    oh! if i have a pt i have a bad feeling about, i set an amp of epi at the bedside to ward off bad spirits!

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