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  1. What do you think of this......

    I was always taught that even if a patient asks you directly how things went, is something cancerous etc, that you were just supossed to say "the doctor will discuss that with you" So that's what I do on a professional level-my human mushy side knows...
  2. Bachelor's or Associate's in OR?

    The majority of nurses in my OR have their ASN so it doesn't matter around here..
  3. Old School OR stories?

    I'm stealing the idea for this thread from the General Nursing Discussion. They had a neat one about all the old school techniques and practices. I talked to an older nurse at work, and she said they use to reuse gloves!? Is this true? Any "seasoned"...
  4. How to deal with PCA bad attitude

    I agree. It would be nice if you could talk to her like a rational human being but it sounds as though she's forcing your hand. Write her up. You're not only protecting patients from her negligence, you're protecting your license.
  5. What's your favorite pair of nursing shoes?

    I took a chance and ordered shoes online and they've been working out nicely. They're Cherokee Rockers and the model is Flash. Kind of like an old school nursing shoe-clunky type mary janes.
  6. Most RN's first borns?

    Oldest child by a lot(7 yrs older than my sis, and 12 yrs older than my brother) and my dad is an alcoholic. Still have a good relationship with him though-he was/is a good dad despite his problems. I forgave him long ago. I also have heard of this t...
  7. Slanted work duties

    Not to sound unsympathetic but most facilities are like that. Meaning that OR nurses scrub, circulate, play the part of anesthesia during conscious sedations, and whatever else is needed. What kind of facility do you work in? I do think that they cou...
  8. Positives and Negatives about working OR

    Pros: surgery is very very cool, you have 1 patient to take care of, the OR is kind of a self contained unit-you get very close to the people you work with, and you basically have a set schedule(except for call), you don't have to deal with pt's fami...
  9. Circulators

    Beg to differ on that...My hospital has two techs that were trained on the job(one was 3 years ago, the other was 5). Did you actually reread what you posted and the tone of the posts? Maybe you don't mean to be snippy but I'm not alone in feeling th...
  10. Circulators

    ok, i lied. i'm not quite done...the hostility that was present on this thread was aimed towards rn's. most people here feel that techs have a place in the or and i personally did not say they were uneducated, just that they receive a different educa...
  11. Circulators

    Yes, at least in my state, that is what I'm saying. The problem with tech training is that it is not consistent. There are still many techs that received OTJ training and wouldn't know a lab value if it walked up and bit them on the fanny. Techs are ...
  12. Circulators

    Pre-op nurses will assess a patient. However, it is vital that the circulator assess the patient as well. As an example, 2 weeks ago, I had a patient who was going in for a nephrectomy. Supposedly, she was seen in pre-op and assessed. However, when I...
  13. What happens if you leave a sponge?

    We also had a problem with surgeons wanting to use the or towels to pack-we ended up putting it in our policy that they are NOT to be used. LOL..doesn't mean some of them still don't try. As a tech, I actually slapped a doctors hand because he tried ...
  14. First and Last Year in Nursing

    I'm sorry that you are going through this. I, too, think it would be a shame if you didn't try some other area of nursing. Around here(New England) many of the hospitals will train a new grad in ER, OR, ICU etc. I think it is terrible how M/S nurses ...
  15. Where are you at six months??

    I'm circulating for the most part on my own, next month I'll be completely on my own and in February, I move to the 3-11 shift. They tried to get me to take a 11am-7pm shift but I turned it down. That shift is very disruptive, IMHO.