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ortess1971 specializes in OR.

Passed NCLEX-RN on 8/2/06

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  1. ortess1971

    What do you think of this......

    I was always taught that even if a patient asks you directly how things went, is something cancerous etc, that you were just supossed to say "the doctor will discuss that with you" So that's what I do on a professional level-my human mushy side knows that it may be very hard for them to wait and I WANT to tell them. But that would be stepping outside my SOP so I don't.
  2. ortess1971

    Bachelor's or Associate's in OR?

    The majority of nurses in my OR have their ASN so it doesn't matter around here..
  3. ortess1971

    Old School OR stories?

    I'm stealing the idea for this thread from the General Nursing Discussion. They had a neat one about all the old school techniques and practices. I talked to an older nurse at work, and she said they use to reuse gloves!? Is this true? Any "seasoned" OR nurses that can tell us how they used to do things back in the day? I love hearing about stuff like that...
  4. ortess1971

    How to deal with PCA bad attitude

    I agree. It would be nice if you could talk to her like a rational human being but it sounds as though she's forcing your hand. Write her up. You're not only protecting patients from her negligence, you're protecting your license.
  5. ortess1971

    What's your favorite pair of nursing shoes?

    I took a chance and ordered shoes online and they've been working out nicely. They're Cherokee Rockers and the model is Flash. Kind of like an old school nursing shoe-clunky type mary janes.
  6. ortess1971

    Most RN's first borns?

    Oldest child by a lot(7 yrs older than my sis, and 12 yrs older than my brother) and my dad is an alcoholic. Still have a good relationship with him though-he was/is a good dad despite his problems. I forgave him long ago. I also have heard of this theory and think there is something to it. Children of alcoholics tend to be good in a crisis and sometimes will create drama just so they feel like they are in a "familiar" environment. I know-I've done it!:uhoh21:
  7. ortess1971

    Slanted work duties

    Not to sound unsympathetic but most facilities are like that. Meaning that OR nurses scrub, circulate, play the part of anesthesia during conscious sedations, and whatever else is needed. What kind of facility do you work in? I do think that they could have other nurses multitask as well though. But, in any given day, I scrub and circulate and in one case I did both! Someone came in to relieve me for lunch, when I came back, they said the scrub hadn't gotten lunch so I scrubbed her out and someone took over the circulating. I actually like when I get to do different things..I get bored easily!
  8. ortess1971

    Positives and Negatives about working OR

    Pros: surgery is very very cool, you have 1 patient to take care of, the OR is kind of a self contained unit-you get very close to the people you work with, and you basically have a set schedule(except for call), you don't have to deal with pt's families much. Cons: having to pee when you're scrubbed, sometimes you get sprayed with blood and other stuff(as a tech, I got covered in irrigation that had pseudomonas in it! Had to go take a shower!), getting called in in the middle of the night when you're all snuggled under the covers,dealing with some of the docs-especially anesthesia. I also love the OR and wouldn't trade places with anyone..
  9. ortess1971


    Beg to differ on that...My hospital has two techs that were trained on the job(one was 3 years ago, the other was 5). Did you actually reread what you posted and the tone of the posts? Maybe you don't mean to be snippy but I'm not alone in feeling that that is how they come across-usually when someone has very few posts, and then chooses to make their first posts negative and confrontational in nature, that person in engaging in troll-like behavior. If you look at my first post in response to you, it was very calm and rational. You chose to respond in a confrontational manner. You then proceeded to back off some of your statements when it appeared that you were getting called on some of your comments. Again, I'm not the only person to notice this. Ok, now I really am done. Marie's right. This thread is becoming tiresome, because you can't have a rational discussion with someone who has a huge chip on their shoulder.
  10. ortess1971


    ok, i lied. i'm not quite done...the hostility that was present on this thread was aimed towards rn's. most people here feel that techs have a place in the or and i personally did not say they were uneducated, just that they receive a different education than rn's, one that is procedure focused, rather than focused on the patient as a whole. and in many or's in the country, there are techs who have been "grandfathered" in-they had no formal schooling and learned on the job. i also find it amusing that my post was seen as "immature" by a certain person, when all i did was point out that their posts had a disrespectful tone. ironic that this person didn't start bringing up the teamwork concept until i mentioned it. like marie said, respect goes both ways and patients aren't going to be helped by someone whose ego is their first concern. i didn't see any of us here stating that we think we are "better" than techs. but the fact remains that for now at least, we have separate roles. i work with some techs who run around all day whining about respect while giving no basic human courtesy to others. i only ask a small favor. if you are going to respond to something i have written, at least read it thouroghly and don't put words in my mouth.
  11. ortess1971


    Yes, at least in my state, that is what I'm saying. The problem with tech training is that it is not consistent. There are still many techs that received OTJ training and wouldn't know a lab value if it walked up and bit them on the fanny. Techs are certified at the most, and that is not mandatory. Why the snippy attitude towards RN's by the way? Most posts on this thread have been more than respectful towards techs. Techs are needed in the OR, but they do not have the proper training to assess patients. End of story. I'm not going to bother arguing with you further-it's kind of a moot point for me to wonder if techs can circulate because it's not going to happen.(at least where I am). I wish you the best of luck though. Just remember, in order to get respect, you have to give it. Trying to pick fights among members of what is supposed to be a team is childish and self centered.Remember, patients are the focus, not your ego. Hate to point the troll finger but you have all of 2 posts on this board, and both have been antagonistic in tone. Done here, because I don't like to engage in troll feeding.
  12. ortess1971


    Pre-op nurses will assess a patient. However, it is vital that the circulator assess the patient as well. As an example, 2 weeks ago, I had a patient who was going in for a nephrectomy. Supposedly, she was seen in pre-op and assessed. However, when I looked in the chart, this patients consent for transfusion of blood product hadn't been filled out. She had a hemoglobin of 9.3 to start and got blood during the case. If I hadn't picked up on the fact that her consent for transfusion wasn't in order, BAD things would have happened. I am not slamming techs. I was one for 5 years, and graduated from a 2 year tech college. But my training was procedure centered not patient centered. We didn't learn lab values, EKG's, F&E balance etc etc. What it comes down to is the circulator is the patient's advocate and you cannot do that job properly if you don't assess your patient completely beforehand.
  13. ortess1971

    What happens if you leave a sponge?

    We also had a problem with surgeons wanting to use the or towels to pack-we ended up putting it in our policy that they are NOT to be used. LOL..doesn't mean some of them still don't try. As a tech, I actually slapped a doctors hand because he tried to grab it off my back table. This was done in a somewhat humorous manner and I knew the doc fairly well so he didn't flip out. The circulator actually applauded!
  14. ortess1971

    First and Last Year in Nursing

    I'm sorry that you are going through this. I, too, think it would be a shame if you didn't try some other area of nursing. Around here(New England) many of the hospitals will train a new grad in ER, OR, ICU etc. I think it is terrible how M/S nurses get treated and I started nursing school knowing that I would not be doing med/surg when I was done. I have my bad days too, but I love my job. I think a big part of this is I only have 1 patient at a time and I get my breaks and lunch 98% of the time. My ultimate goal is to do travel nursing. Have you considered that option? There are travel agencies that will set you up with a assignment close to home, so if you have a family. it won't affect them. We as nurses are needed. If you had to, you could find another job inside of a week. Make the shortage work for you. I posted my resume on Monster just to keep my options open, and each day, I have 3-5 people calling me regarding jobs. Your niche is out there. Best of luck to you.:biere:
  15. ortess1971

    Where are you at six months??

    I'm circulating for the most part on my own, next month I'll be completely on my own and in February, I move to the 3-11 shift. They tried to get me to take a 11am-7pm shift but I turned it down. That shift is very disruptive, IMHO.
  16. ortess1971


    I like all specialties except for GYN. I don't find it hard, just boring and after a day of dealing with some patients who have BAD personal hygiene and having to watch the OB-GYN's like hawks because they contaminate themselves and the field at the drop of a hat....Uhh, no thanks! Oddly enough, cysto doesn't bother me. I also love vascular, ortho and neuro.