Most Embarassing Moment

  1. Have you had a most embarassing moment at work or when you were in nursing school? I did. It was when I was in nursing school.
    I was the oldest student. Went back to school after 35 years as a non-student, Well anyway, being the oldest student in the class, and most of my classmates ranging in age from 18-25, I wasn't included in a lot of the conversations the younger students were having, and truthfully, I didn't want to be in some of them.
    Well anyway, I most always ate alone, etc, basically, there were cliques. So always being left out, I had my day at the end of our shift one afternoon.
    We all got in the elevator to go change and attend post- conference. As the elevator door closed, one of the strong, silent types emitted from you know where. It wasn't long before that unappetizing odor permeated the entire inner surface of the elevator. I stood there quiet, which I did most of the time anyway, when my classmates began accusing one another of causing the event. All denied, and when I was asked, I replied, "Who, me?" The blame got laid on one of the younger classmates, and I said nothing, but surely was enjoying the moment.
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    Ohhhhh I have alot. 2 come to mind.

    Okay, I'll begin with the one from CNA class. The classroom was set up in a building next to the main hospital. There was an inmate crew working on painting the hospital or something like that. the class was told to not flit with the cons lol. I went to my lunch break in the employee diningroom in the LTC across the street. Me and another girl who was the same age as me went together and we did have to walk by the cons. I did not say a thing to them. On our way back the other girl was flirting with them. When we walked into the classroom, we were laughing, so I kinda got blamed for flirting as well. I did not know what to say. I was mortified, and this was only like my 2nd day of class. It them slipped out, "No! I didn't! I didn't even look at them, I didn't want to arouse them or anything." I didn't even realize what I had said until the class was rolling on the floor laughing.
    To this day I still get teased. Like when I'm getting ready to go home, they'll say "Don't arouse anyone on your way out!"

    Okay! the next one.

    I was at a training with a fire crew. It was an SCBA (self contained breathing apparatus) training. I am so closterphobic, that I really had no business putting one of those on, but I had it on for 30 minutes! My tank ran out of air and the alarm went off, and I had a panic attack and flipped out. I just happened to be the person on the hose at that time! I was spinning around in circles with the hose on full blast. I had about 30 people soaked! I went to the ground with the hose still on full blast and the instructor ran over to help me. I was so freaked out that I didn't realize that I had blown the instructor away with the hose. I was HUMILIATED and my crew will never let me live it down!
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    LOl cute stories. One time I was at the hospital going down to the blood bank in the basement. I was talking and not paying attention and the floor did not line up with the elevator floor. needless to say it was several inches off. I feel face first onto the elevator floor. Was pretty funny actually.

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    hmmm, was 17 and was working at a factory outlet store where the dress code was pantyhose, nice shoes, and nice dress. One day, I was wearing a skirt with my required pantyhose. So, I go to the bathroom, and then go about my business around the store. About 10 minutes later, I notice toilet paper hanging off my shoe. How embarrassing, but it gets worse. ABout an hour later, a coworker comes to me and tells me that my skirt is tucked into my pantyhose and my whole arse is hanging out.

    Not an end to this story, because I did it again in the same month...
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    kimmicoobug, that happened to me once in a gas station, but what I don't understand is how you could do it twice in one month. You must be talented lol. I was so mortified I was very careful for a long time after that.

    My most embarrassing nursing school incident:
    A 70 something year old man had hemorrhoid surgery and something else DOWN THERE...don't remember if it was a perianal abcess or what, its been so long ago. He was in ICU. I was giving him a sponge bath and just hitting the scrotal area when my instructor walks in and calls me out. Tells me the guy is perfectly capable of washing himself there. I was embarrassed, but it was worse at the end of the day in conference he brought it up and gave us a lecture on doing too much for patients. I am not naive usually, but I didn't think the guy could wash himself and I didn't think he enjoyed it.
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    you can never do to much for the patient
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    My first week in the "Preliminary Nusing Course" as it used to be called in the days of hospital training WAAAY back when. We were to go to the wards to do the "sponges" (Bed baths for non Aussies) The educator for our group took us outside and said "Now all you nurses who have never seen a naked man stand on my right side, those who have seen a naked man stand on my left. 12 young 17 year olds paled as we looked into each others eyes. What to admit to? AAAHHH! the innocent days of youth.........
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    Ooooh, ha, ha, ha. Good ones y'all. That one about the cons had me really going, as did the hosed down instructor. Then those 17 year old nurses? woooowh! And the dress thing? I did it several times. It was the danged dress! The final straw that broke the camel's back was when it happened to me on the day my daughter and I went to church.
    We had to travel a distance, and I drink at least 2 cups of coffee, and sometimes 3 each morning. Well anyway, I had to go to the bathroom really bad, and could not wait until we arrived at church. So I stopped at a restaurant a few miles down the road, and did my thing.
    When we got out of the car at church, my daughter who was behind me said, "Your dress is inside your pantyhose." Thank God she was behind me, because we were late, and anyone who was late had to sit up front. Can you imagine? I got rid of the dress!
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    Hi All:
    I have really enjoyed these stories. I am a first semester of clinicals student.
    Anyways, Picture this.....

    It is my senior year of High School. 1993. It is the middle of June and final exam week is happening. All the kids were standing outside around the school. My grandpa whom, I lived with at the time is dropping me off in front of all those kids so that I can take my final. I get out and move towards the back of the car, to fiddle in my purse for something or other. When all of a sudden my Grandpa starts to take off in his car. Now, I have to start running behind him at full speed, because I am attached to the car bumper by my drawstring of my jacket. This must have went on for like 30 feet atleast, and he sees me in his rear view mirror and squeals his breaks to a stop. You wanna talk about embarrasing? Everyone was laughing and gasping at me. That was soo funny, looking back on it now:roll Heather
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    Here's mine, from an old, old thread on this board:

    Most embarrassing moment as a student Post #1

    While doing my final stint as a nursing student, I was helping another nurse change the bed of a very heavy patient who had suffered a stroke. For some reason, we neglected to reposition her to the middle of the bed before putting the top sheet over her. I dropped the siderail briefly to make a nice, neat nurse's corner. The patient chose that moment to move, and the next thing I knew, she was on the floor. All 300 lbs. of her.

    Horrified, I rushed to comfort her and check her vitals, while the other nurse ran to get the Hoyer, and summon some other nurses to help get her into the sling. Pretty soon, it seemed that every nurse on the ward was in the room - it's like a traffic accident, everyone has to come and have a look.

    The patient seemed okay, so we got her into the sling, and began to lift. As soon as we got her airborn, she began to let loose with the longest, loudest farts I have ever heard. They were quite pungent, too, and did a good job of clearing those who had just come to gawk out of the room.

    We got her settled in bed, and I fussed over her a bit, asking if there was anything I could do for her. She replied that her shoulder, which had been sore earlier, had been made worse by the fall, and would I please refill her icebag.

    "Certainly," I replied, and picked up the ice bag by what I thought was the top. It wasn't. It was the bottom, and as I lifted it, the clip at the top snagged on the sheets and sprang open, dousing the patient and the freshly made bed with ice water and bits of ice. Horrified, I managed to snatch the sheet off the bed before the water soaked through to the rest of the bedding. Apoligizing profusely, I moppped up the patient, remade the bed, and slunk off to the nursing station to file the incident report.

    The next time I came on duty, I was greatly relieved to find that the patient was recovering nicely, and had been discharged to a nursing home.
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    I would have loved to seen that.:chuckle Do you still get teased about it?
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    And Jay-Jay,
    One afternoon while I was a patient in a local hospital receiving massive doses of Solu-Medrol, I literally became a "hot momma!" One of many of the reactions I was suffering from was HEAT. I sweat so much my linens and gown had to be changed every shift.
    Well anyway, my nurse for that afternoon had just finished changing my linens and gown, and as she turned to leave, she knocked my pitcher of fresh ice water off my bed tray and it landed right square on top of my stomach, giving me a wonderful soaking of icewater. She was horrified, but my daughter and I started laughing, and I thanked her for the nice cooldown. It felt soooooo good!