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:D I worked in a hospital clinic years ago, and grabbed the next patients chart to come back. I went out in the Lobby, looked at the name and said..."Holy Makeral"... Read More

  1. by   OneChattyNurse
    My mom went to high school with a girl named...Candy Barr...How sweet...

    I used to babysit for a couple that named their daughters...Candice (Candy) and Crystal...I am dure they were drug users...guess they needed to be reminded of their "drug of choice". Pathetic!

  2. by   midnightkk
    There is a Doctor at our hospital who specializes in hand surgery and his names is Dr. Groper
  3. by   debbyed
    OneChattyNurse reminded me...........I went to school with a girl named Candy (Candace) Kaine. Luckily she was a very levelheaded girl with a great sense of humor.
  4. by   KRVRN
    In the NICU we frequently make a sign (or the parent's will) with the baby's first name on it. Kinda personalizes the baby plus it's pretty.

    We had a baby GIRL named Montserrat. Kinda strange...but to each their own. BUT, by the end of a 12 hour shift, you just have to look at the sign an extra second because the letters run together and it starts to look like it says "Monster rat." And, unfortunately she was referred to by that name a few times. Luckily she wasn't in the NICU long.
  5. by   Yanksindixie
    I worked in a combined peds/adults cardiothoracic unit & had quite the diverse names pop of my favorites were twins:
    Orangello & Lemongello..guess what Mom's 2 favorite food cravings were thru her pregnancy!!!!
  6. by   suzannasue
    UMMMM....WHAT WAS THEIR MAMA THINKING????????????????????????????????????
  7. by   BeachNurse
    There is an OBGYN doc in Northern Virginia named Harry Beaver. HONEST!!
  8. by   kennedyj
    Knew some weird people in high school

    A teacher Mrs Peters whose husband was Harry

    another Mrs Offutt whose husband was named Jack

    a girl named April Showers
  9. by   Whisper
    We had a bed manager wanting to know if we had a pt, a Mr Potter, Mr. Harry Potter,
    And he couldn't understand why were laughing! (Incidently he had annoyed a bank nurse earlier in the day, and this was her revenge! Kudos to her)
  10. by   midnightkk
    I was in our ER Dept., the day the Harry Potter movie opened. I heard a overhead page "would Harry Potter please walk through the double doors and turn left". This is the way patients walk into the peds area. One of the doctors was a Harry Potter Nutcase and was having fun!!!!
  11. by   radnurse2001
    My husbands shop teacher---Harry Crack.
  12. by   Ariko
    My wife had a patient that wanted to name their son Gastric. They had to get a priest in the room to talk her out of it. She said she heard the name in the hospital and thought it sounded good.
  13. by   dawngloves
    I kid you not, I know a urologist, Dr. Weiner and a GYN, Dr Brest !