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  1. by   Cooker93
    I used to work @ R. H. Deadman Hospital in north Dallas. :roll
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  2. by   Ann Algesia
    There is a hospital in Leeds, England called Killingbeck
  3. by   daltaco1
    Recently on my sister's unit they had a patient named James Bond and you guessed it Dr. No was his doctor!
  4. by   daltaco1
    Oh! I forgot about Nurse Bedgoode!
  5. by   KeniRN
    I had 2 RNs care for me 22 yrs ago on the peds onco floor at our childrens hospital named Janet Devine and Mary Blessing. To this day my grandmother swears I was cured due to the "Devine Blessing".:angel2:
  6. by   KeniRN

    We have a pt at our clinic who's name is pronounced "shi - theeed"

    But its spelled sh*thead. Sadly, this is very much true.
  7. by   ashleydawn
    my doctors name is dr. Hirtzer and my dentist is dr.killvert
  8. by   gizzy76
    My old neighbor was Dr Annis (prounounce anus) - he was a dentist and a very nice man!

    Where I'm at right now there's a Dr Junck (pronounced Junk) I thought that was kind of cute.
  9. by   RNConnieF
    I had a patient named Dick Long, think what the comes out to when every thing is last name first.... you got it Long, Dick
    We have a urologist named Dr. Cuttler AND he's got some kind of strange tremor that his entire right arm jerks up and his shoulder brushes his face. Looks like he's trying to wipe his mouth with his shoulder. Just guess if I let him do a cystoscopy on me! Not in this life time!
  10. by   Goofball
    We had a patient named Larry Lobster.
  11. by   Ann Algesia
    About fifteen years ago I mentored a student nurse called Nurse Gotobed - and she did, with anything in trousers!
  12. by   KatWright
    We have a new doctor, Dr Huh
    And I am (ashamed, proud, surprised to admit.........your pick) that we have been rather, shall we say, bad.
    (Similar to who's on first)
    "Have you seen Dr Huh?"
    "Yeah, Huh"
    "Who, Huh?"
    "Uh, Huh"
    Now, I will have you know that we do know when to stop..........
    When he comes around the corner!!!!!!!
    OOPS, We got caught. But he just thought that we wanted to ask a question!!
  13. by   TheLionessRN
    We have a general surgeon named Robert Carver Bone. Too bad he didn't go into ortho, huh?

    When my ex was in the army, one of his buddies, Sgt. Dick, got married. My aerobics insructor was his fiance, but I didn't realize this until after the marriage, when I asked HER why she didn't change her name. When I found out who she married, I couldn't blame her for keeping her maiden name, cause her first name is Anita.