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This one will hurt if you are a sympathetic person, I observed an Student Nursing Assitant do this! We were swampped and short staffed one night on second shift and being the super nurse I am I... Read More

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    After much searching. that was the only thing that looked like a urethra so I tried it and struck gold.
    lol, how long was "searching" done? Question: wouldn't the patient know of her condition? I wonder if there's a difference when she voids? maybe a little uncomfortable feeling, pain, etc.? Probably not. Hers looks just normal from a distance.

    I think I've seen/scanned about conditions like hers (at least, anything displaced anyway... pictures mostly). But, it doesn't really become real to me until I've seen it myself. It has to suck to have a displaced urethra?? lol, good thing it didn't take you long to figure it out.
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    A friend of mine evidently has a hard to locate urethra. When she was preparing to deliver her daughter, the nurse attempted to insert the foley. And attempted. And attempted. Eventually, the nurse was actually completely on the bed with my friend, with her face about an inch from her perineal area, muttering "I know its here somewhere. It has to be here!" It was hilarious, to say the least.

    Crazy as it sounds, SOME MEN will find that sexy! and apparently a turn on. lol.

    I guess it's easier to find males' urethras then? Females are harder, someone told me that, of course he was a DUDE and I think he was a little gay? He couldn't find a female's G-spot, even with YAHOO maps!

    Hmm, kidding aside, he was a good guy. I think he went to cardiovascular nursing, that's the last time I heard.
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  3. by   suanna
    I have always believed that men should be the primary cath inserters on female patients, and women on men. Reasoning: how many members of your same sex have you seen so up close and personal that you would be familliar with the anatomy in the smallest detail? (with some obvious exceptions). I'm not making sexual references about a patient, but the anatomy dosen't change for whatever reason you are "down there" and I would imagine most of the less clinically experienced staff have more familliarity with the opposite sexes anatomy than thier own. After a year- it's an open season- If you can't place a foley on anyone after a year in practice, you haven't been trying.
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    There was once a male patient we had with hypospadias. Multiple nurses tried to advance a catheter several times through the opening on the tip of his penis only to meet resistance and were unable to advance after about an inch. The urologist was called and was able to locate the actual urethra on the underside of the penis about half way down. When this was mentioned to the pt he responded "I know, but no one asked." LOL poor guy, you would have thought he would have wanted to save himself the pain. Now I always ask if theres anything I should know anatomically before attempting insertion,
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    Perhaps he was just enjoying the attention.
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    I discovered once that men can be "innies" instead of "outies." I had one man with so much scrotal edema and so little penile substance, I couldn't find an opening. Neither could the other nurse on my floor. Had to call a urology nurse.
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    Quote from beachmom
    I discovered once that men can be "innies" instead of "outies." I had one man with so much scrotal edema and so little penile substance, I couldn't find an opening. Neither could the other nurse on my floor. Had to call a urology nurse.
    I had to put a texas condom catheter on a male "innie" patient. Didn't work out too well. I got another nurse to help me. The opening was there.. but there was no.. penis.. you had to push down.. and I mean .. really push down. to find the penis.
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    I considered myself a foley queen until I encountered one pt. in home health whose urethra completely eludes me. Seems like every time I see her (which thankfully isn't often) there's an order to straight cath for UA C/S, or like one time, the lab ran the UA - which was clearly positive - and just, hmm.. forgot to run the culture. I know it was ordered correctly b/c I obtained that one too! Even went back and looked at my copy of the lab req. Yup, Urine culture. right there.

    Anyway, this pt. is moderately obese, usually not a problem, and given enough time and minus a hyper-attentive daughter fluttering around, I think I could find it. But I've had so much trouble I make the daughter get the specimens for me. She caths for residual occasionally so I tell her she's much more familiar with mom's anatomy. It's sure got me baffled, and I told her so! Lest she think I'm just incompetent, which she may well think anyway. eh.
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    Quote from Sue Damonas
    I had a lady recently that I was trying to put a foley in and after a lot of searching, it turned out her urethra was below her vagina, off to the side. I had never seen anything like that!!
    The most unusual one I ever saw had the urethra above (superior to) the clitoris. I couldn't believe my eyes!
  11. by   Summer Breeze
    Ah, this is embarrassing! But when I had my OB clinical... it was my first time inserting a foley catheter into a woman (males are seriously so much easier) and I was just confused on where to insert it. lol. The nurse that was watching me was really sweet and helped me, but I felt so silly!

    That experienced helped me. I don't consider myself a catheter pro or anything, as I have yet to have more experience. But during my senior synthesis in the PICU I was able to straight cath my little 6 month old baby girl no problem! now that made me excited because she was just so tiny. lol
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    I remember the first time I tried to put in a foley on a women, I was so yound and dumb. The lady was old about 80 and I found what i thought to be the urethra and it just went on and on ( it was in her vagina) AHH I was an aide then and I told the nurse what happened and she about died laughing at me. Because I told her that I thought her vagina and urethra were connected.

    To my defence I had a pt where she pooed out her vagina so I was thinking it was like that.

    I had another incidence where I went with the nurse to put in a cath in this lady from another country. We had opened her labia majora and she had one very small vagina and nothing else. She was circumsized and then sewed up, so we had to get a Dr. to go in through her vagina to get to her urethra. I felt so bad for her.

    There was another time with a male, I was putting on a codom cath and he said "take off your gloves, it will stay on better" I don't think so...
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    I was doing a Gamma Nail on a VERY obese male (about 600 pounds), and trying to insert a foley proved to be the most difficult part of the case! I got some help raising the pannus, and after lots of sweating and digging, COULD NOT find his penis. I had 3 big guys holding up the pannus, one guy holding the unaffected leg, and I still could not find the penis. We had a C-arm in the room already and the surgeon jokingly said, "Let's just take a picture and maybe it would help you." We all looked at each other...and smiled. CHA-Ching! The penis was WAAAAYY up in the peroneal area and I swear, I don't know how in the world this guy urinated without messing himself. I ended up having to cath him like a woman and then I struck gold! Needless to say, I was shaking from sheer muscle exhaustion!