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Found in the History and Physical section of a patient's chart who had experienced visual hallucinations while ill: YIKES! Angela... Read More

  1. by   perfectbluebuildings
    I finally have one to add... last night I found an order for a nasal spray written as "one spray to each nose q24h"!!! not one of the best here but I surely got a kick out of it
  2. by   Marylou1102
    A new student nurse once charted "sitting up in bed watching basketball game on tv. Score 24 to 14"
  3. by   HappyJaxRN
    Quote from LilgirlRN
    Foleys are sometimes inserted into a stop a nose bleed
    WHAT??? Never heard of such a thing. :chuckle I guess where ever this is they don't have nose bleed kits...ya know the thing that looks like a tampon that is inserted into a nare....has a string hanging out....a foley cath in the nare? I have to ask around about that one...hey, whatever works! :chuckle
  4. by   HisTreasure
    An "FYI" sticky in a the treatment MAR: "Per family request, leave window open when in the room giving care. Open when you leave, resident may fall out."

    Wow. I hope I'm not the nurse on duty the day that happens!
    Edited to add: I really don't want the resident to fall out, even if I'm not there! LOL!
  5. by   McGyverRN
    The H & P read " the patient uses a homo tube..." (home o2).

    A nurse's note read " the resident ate two bowels of oatmeal for breakfast"
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  6. by   futurepeds
    Oh my these are so funny and so scary too. I am just waiting for me to be the topic of laughter. lol
  7. by   tes85
    In my class my prof went over some charting blooper some where:
    "both patients breast were equally and symetrically reactive to light and accomodation" instead of "...eyes were equally..." another was "the patient was raped in the usual fashion" instead of reading "...patient was draped...".
    I thought that was kinda funny (aswell as the rest of my class)
  8. by   IvyDrip
    I would attribute this type of chart bloopers to medical transcriptionists who are either in a terrible hurry, or don't speak English very well ...
  9. by   marymack57
    Order given: "Fortified foods at all meals and HS"
    Order written by charge nurse: "Four to five foods at all meals and HS"
    Now THAT one took me a while to figure out!
  10. by   anissa
    was supposed to read Shift Summary...somehow the f was dropped! Must have been a long day ...
  11. by   Diary/Dairy
    Hey there everyone- Reading this forum made me and my co-workers crack up.
    I also had one of my own to add.
    One of our graduate nurse's accidentally put a note in a pt.'s chart that said, "Jeff is Kool-Aid man," speaking about the RN, who kept saying to him "Oh, yeah."
    OOPS- He was really embarassed when the RN found that in the chart.
    Keep the laughs coming!!!
  12. by   Diary/Dairy
    Hello again!!!
    Forgot another funny story.

    My mom, who is also an RN, recently created a thong depends!!! (apparently she had way too little to do that night!!!) She and another nurse even made a poster and got someone else to model it over her scrubs and took pictures of their "trial product" from depends. It's still in their break room!!!!
  13. by   superbratnurse
    When I first Graduated from school I worked in a small hospital, that would frequently put noncontagious pts such as kidney stones or chronic pain, on the post-partum unit, when the hospital was full.

    Found in a Male Kidney stone patient's progress note written by his Primary Physician... "fundus firm"

    .....geeeez where was HE feelin'?