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Found in the History and Physical section of a patient's chart who had experienced visual hallucinations while ill: YIKES! Angela... Read More

  1. by   deadend
    once say a nursing note
    " Pt in bed, non verbal no pulse, respirations, or BP. Pupils dialating"
    I had to laugh at this one Did the nurse actually expect the patient to tell her he was dead???? I had visions of dialating pupil on this poor soul.
  2. by   jansgalRN
    Not in charting, but I've answered calls and was told by a family member "we gave the depository but he still didn't produce" [stool].
    Also, family members pick up on things that nurses may miss (esp. in home care). A pt's wife called me once claiming his urine had a loud odor. I had never heard that one before.
    I was once told that she knew her husband's sugar was high because he tasted sweet. I didn't even go there.
    Often times, in termial care patients report visions of previously deceased loved ones. This is a common phenomenon, and is usually discussed with family members as a way of preparing them, sometimes giving an idea of imminent death. I was called to visit a patient once by a frantic family member. Unable to get enough valuable info on the phone, I finally went over. The patient's 23 year old grandson was scared to death, sitting out side on the front porch, refusing to accomany me inside because of ghosts, also he was demanding that we get the patient out(who was bedbound and incoherent). Poor thing. I ended up staying for 2 hours until his mom came home from work (he stayed outside the whole time-talking to me through a window.
  3. by   Linderella
    Thanks for the laughs I had a bad week and its nice to see the humor., and i guess I'll go back for more tomorrow ( that's work I mean and try to find the humor when I'm trying to do 10 things at once and trying to keep the unit from chaos .!!!!!!
  4. by   Jay-Jay
    Not a blooper, but 'cover my a**' time:

    IV finished. Numerous phone calls to MD have failed to produce follow up orders re. D/C'ing midline IV catheter. Patient threatening to D/C cannula himself if nurse refuses to do so. Midline removed, cannula intact, site clear.

    The patient actually had the dressing half off his arm before I finally gave in, and agreed to do it. The next day, the doctor FINALLY called, and said we could stop the IV, and pt. was to come in for a followup exam next week. Oh, yeah, the drug was vancomycin, and the doctor gave NO instructions re. having his levels tested throughout the entire 2 weeks he was on the antibiotic!
  5. by   amber71
    cant help but tell my little story.... i have an elderly pt (about 82yo) very sweet lady.we used tympanic thermometers in the hospital and as soon as the thermometer was in her ear she immediately said "HELLO"(she thought it was a telephone). boy, we were laughing so hard that her false teeth fell off.
  6. by   sixes
    Originally posted by Jay-Jay
    I think it's posted elsewhere on this site: the physician couldn't think of the correct name for the incentive spirometer, so he wrote: suck balls QID!
    :roll Read all 14 pages this one still has me in tears.
    Hubby thinks I've lost it. All I can do is point. So he reads it
    He certainly likes the order

    Thanks for making my day
  7. by   sixes
    Dr.s order
    Valium 20mg Im per rectum. Remove needle.(God I hope so)
    Lithum levels q 2h (should have read q 2months)
    NPO may have 4oz of brandy per day
  8. by   soniblvn
    pt came into er for penis laceration, nurse wrote:
    exam by Dr. Forskin retracted to see damage for repair. It looked like Dr. Forskin was the one examining the pt., b/c the sentences all ran together. It made for a great laugh.
  9. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    Med order for "Albuteral, IV". Seen this one a few times from the same dr.

    I'm assuming ya just hook the inhalor to the saline loc and press away? lmao

    Phenergan 25 g (yes GRAMS) PRN q4. Oh my lol.
  10. by   NotReady4PrimeTime
    Originally posted by LPN2Be2004
    Med order for "Albuteral, IV". Seen this one a few times from the same dr.

    I'm assuming ya just hook the inhalor to the saline loc and press away? lmao
    Actually, there is an intravenous formulation of salbutamol, (another name for albuterol) which has been used with great success in severe, life-threatening asthma. We run it as an infusion at least once a year in our PICU, often combined with neuromuscular blockade to decrease competition with the ventilator, and ketamine which relaxes smooth muscle. We had an asthmatic teenager in the unit this summer who nearly died, and would have without intravenous salbutamol, so I'm not laughing.
  11. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    When we called to verify the order, the MD meant Albuterol by metered dose inhaling. Every once in awhile we still see "IV" on the sheet though, even though he's always meant for it to be inhaled instead.

    Sorry i found humor in seeing this wrote down.
  12. by   candiceRN2B04
    "1 baked potato p.o. bid".

    i had an order written chocolate icecream
    po prn!:chuckle
  13. by   NotReady4PrimeTime
    Saw this the other day in a consult... doc's handwriting is so wonky that "discuss" looked like "Dr Seuss"!!!!!