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  1. Mandated

    What states are you all from that allow mandating??
  2. Please help: New grad having difficulty finding a job.

    Sorry to hear you are having a hard time finding employment. They hired a bunch of new GN's at my hospital. I know Yale just had an open house looking for both new and experienced nurses. Best of luck to you in your search!
  3. New admits at shift change

    Ha ha Ok, and shall I stand there with drinks and appetizers for you? Seriously....we have full assignments, often times 6 pts....I absolutely do not have the time to stand there waiting for my post op when I could be passing meds, assessing, doing...
  4. I knew it wasn't right while I was doing it...

    I think it varies from state to state. In CT, LPN's are not permitted to take TO/VO. As for medications, they are also not allowed to push anything IV, or hang antihypertensives.
  5. Where do CT nurses find jobs ?

    Yale New Haven Hospital http://www.ynhh.org/ St Raphael Hospital http://www.srhs.org/main.asp Or in Bridgeport there is: Bridgeport Hospital http://www.bridgeporthospital.org/index.asp St Vincents http://www.stvincents.org/ Or you coul...
  6. Hello everyone i need some help please?

    Just wanted to wish you luck. I have a BSN myself, so dont have any personal experience with the community colleges. However, I have worked with many nurses from Naugatuck, and they were all great nurses.
  7. Where do CT nurses find jobs ?

    I would reccommend going to the individual hospital websites, if you are doing it online, and search the job opportunties that way. What area of CT are you interested in?
  8. "On your unit, what are your duties as CHARGE NURSE?"

    i'll give it a go ....
  9. Vote here! allnurses presidential race poll

    Bush Baby!!
  10. The hospital that I work at is not immunizing any of the nurses, and I am quite surprised by this. I understand that severity of the shortage, but arent healthcare workers in the high risk category? I can see it now, once the influenza pts start get...
  11. Ok Need Help On Living In Ct

    I think you mean Groton :) I dont live in that area, but have visited many times. It is on the shore, and simply beautiful. As is the case with ALL of CT, it is pricey. Good luck on the relocation :)
  12. still hoping to get to know you

    Nice to see some posts on the CT board! Hi and welcome to all!
  13. :angryfire Lovely, just lovely.
  14. Someone Please talk to ME....I am Brokenhearted

    {{{{{Deb}}}}} I am so sorry that you are going thru this. Take care of yourself. Hugs!!
  15. Topic: Venting in Private?

    Nursie30 ~ I am so sorry this happened to you. {{{hugs}}}