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Hello,Though I work, a hospital is very quiet. A snake lives in my friend's nurse's head. A name is said as Gorgon. Many snakes live in her head. I know that. I think her hairstyle to be strange. ... Read More

  1. by   liberalrn
    Kenshi: Welcome to the BB! We hope to talk often. You work at night? In the hospital? You are a nurse?

    PS-can someone make me stop typing in this Dick and Jane way? I am saying the words really loudly and clearly in front of my computer!

    redshiloh: My VP of nursing IS a snake! But no good ever sprang from her head!!
  2. by   Kenshisandesu
    I am a nurse. But, I am a man. As for my friend's nurse, a hair seems really to be a snake. Such a hair is in fashion in Japan. It looks like SARS.
  3. by   PennyLane
    Kenshi--sounds interesting. Looks like SARS, hmmm? Can you post a picture of this hairstyle?
  4. by   Shamrock
    PR_N, thanks for the education! I'm thinking that Kenshi. is working with
    someone with snake like hair (spirals), and waiting for the ambulance to bring
    in the next patient which looks like SARS.
    Is fun trying to figure it out!
  5. by   katscan
    Kenshi, I think that I understand part of what you are trying to say, but I think that you may be placing English words the way you would place japanese. it seems as though you had some slow time at work-you had 4 patients with mild illnesses and you are waiting for the ambulance, so you wrote to us. I think you are trying to say that your friend or a nurse has hair that looks like a snake. But you know that snakes dont actually live in a person's hair-that is what I meant by translation.You are meaning a certain thing, but the words say another. But this is how one learns a foreign language. It is hard, but it is fun! And you have all of us here to help you! Please keep coming back!
  6. by   Kenshisandesu
    I can discuss my friend's nurse's hair type, and very happy. She is very dreadful existence for me. Because, it seems that her face is always angry. She is very gentle to the patient. But, she is always angry at me. It is because I have only the Internet in the hospital. I become a nurse when there is an operation and there are a few nurses. I usually have only the Internet. I may not be a nurse. But, I get information from the Internet, and put information in order, and provide a topic for the nurse. Recently, am I a nurse or an announcer, which?
  7. by   Dayray
    Ahhhhhh!! help there is a Snake in my head!
  8. by   2ndCareerRN
    Or is the hair style that looks like the SARS virus?

    That is the explanation I am leaning towards.

    Sounds as though you may be a on-call OR nurses. You only work when there is a case going on. The rest of the time you get to use the computer to browse the web.

    Still working on breaking the code for the rest of it.

  9. by   sanakruz
    Kenshi- Here in California we call that hair style" DREADLOCKS "or "DREADS".Its pretty popular here also.
    But it doesn't flatter every wearer.
  10. by   Kenshisandesu
    She is always angry at me. Last month, I quarreled with her. (But, I am not striking her.) I said "Your hair to look like Gorgon is a snake with your head." to her. She got angry at me very much. But, I told that that was a fact. But, she denied it. I advised a doctor. A "When it is seen by her. You become a stone." doctor appreciated me. A doctor told that I said that it met her. Her anger amplified. I have troubles.
    I am afraid to work with her. Because she is a snake.
    I said that it wanted to take a picture of the head to her some time ago. She demanded to pay money to me. I promised to provide a cookie for her, and approved it. I appreciated her. I report her photograph.
    I think that a new topic will be contributed. Why does a nurse in America and Australia have many beauties? I think in the doubt. I want to be a patient in the foreign country. Is that inappropriate? A nurse around me is full of monsters.
  11. by   sanakruz
    Our nurses come in all shapes and sizes!
    Some are pretty but almost all are beautiful
  12. by   Kenshisandesu
    A nurse around me is scared. I hope for the gentle nurse someday and the interchange in other hospitals. I like a gentle nurse.
  13. by   oramar
    Is it possible that your friend has DREAD LOCKS? They have been all the rage for years now in US but they have always looked like snakes to me.

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