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Nursing Floors... Dumb Question

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What do all the floors or places in the hospital mean?

I know this is a simple/dumb quesiton, but you gotta learn it sometime I guess..

Obviously I know what OB/L&D are, Oncology, ED, the obvious ones, but can someone please explain to me all the other floors or departments, or places, and what exactly you do there? ..

MedSurg or MS: medical-surgical floor, the general catch-all place pts end up who are not on a specialty floor.

Neuro: neurological/neurosurgical....having to do with the brain and spine

Cardiac: heart-related

Pulmonary: lungs

Ortho: skeletal structure

Nephro: kidneys

Hepatic: liver

(When nephro and hepatic patients are separated into their own units it's usually due to transplants)

Heme-Onc: blood cancers like leukemia


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also Telemetry- like med-surg, but with patients that require constant cardiac monitoring

MICU- medical ICU

SICU- surgical ICU

PICU- Pediatric ICU

TICU- Trauma ICU

NICU- Neonatal ICU

MikeyJ, RN

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NSICU is Neurological Sciences ICU (a.k.a. Neuro ICU)


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PACU=Post Anesthesia Care Unit

MICU=Medical Intensive Care Unit

Step down units can mean different things in different hospitals...there was a somewhat recent thread on here about differences in cardiac stepdown units...do a search on here



A&E in Europe and OZ is accident and emergency (ER or ED in US)

Theatre there is operating room here.

Rooms there is doctors office here.

Cafeteria = Cafeteria (aka "The Slurp 'n' Burp") :D

gradRN2007, BSN, RN

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ccu=cardiac care unit

aku=acute kidney unit, dialysis


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Don't forget psych! Psych=MHU=Mental Health Unit=loads of fun until all you-know-what breaks loose!:monkeydance:

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