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  1. Is it possible to actually LIKE my job in nursing?

    Yea maybe I just need to find my niche. And @ArtClass, I love my life very much even at my job, I just would highly rather not be THERE, thats the problem.
  2. I guess I am burnt out.. I worked in a SNF as a CNA & LPN through nursing school, and the last, almost 4 years I have worked in a Neuro ICU. I applied for and interviewed for a float RN position at a hospital near home, and didn't get it because...
  3. Moving to the Macon/Fort Valley Area

    Hi all! I'm thinking about moving from the Phoenix area to Macon/Fort Valley if all things go as planned over the next few months. I currently work in a Neuro ICU making approx $28/hr before differentials after about 3 years experience. I am just wo...
  4. New Graduate Nurse into ICU

    Sounds awesome!!! A new start to the rest of your life! I got a job as a new grad in the Neuro ICU a year and a half ago & its all been great :) Have fun on this journey & get ready to learn tons!
  5. CCRN Practice Tests

    13 months off orientation & 3 good weeks of studying & I PASSED TODAY!!! yay!!! :) Thanks yall for your replies! :)
  6. Difference Between Contact Hours & CEUs

    Hey there, I've attended a couple conferences lately which have awarded contact hours. I'm just wondering if these count as CEUs to maintain certifications?
  7. CCRN Practice Tests

    Hey ya'll... I'm a neuro nurse with only one year off orientation in a neuro ICU. I really want to take my CCRN this year so that my unit will pay for me to take my CNRN next year- and I like to get things done sooner than later... and I'm a pretty g...
  8. Vodka tampons?!?

    I just heard of this last week!! So gross & so stupid!
  9. Unsafe Staffing

    Dream job sounds like a good idea.. Rather have a dream job than one where I have to tough it out lol
  10. I have THE BEST job ever <3

    I guess this is a reverse rant haha... I started at my job a few months ago, and got a sufficient orientation with preceptors who sought out learning experiences for me at all times. I was always able (and still am) to ask a million questions, and "t...
  11. Preceptorship advice!!

    Oh so my answer would be neuro icu :) TONS of patho, tons of leanring and even more skills!
  12. Preceptorship advice!!

    I agree with always acting like it's an interview... I also got hired on my dream floor, the neuro icu, right out of school after making a good impression there.
  13. How to learn ACLS?

    I did :) Got the two day class woohoo!
  14. Who delivers donated organs?

    Oooh I just had my last day of orientation this weekend & got to see a organ harvesting surgery- it was so awesome!! Anyways, this topic was brought up by some of the docs- we had the heart team fly in via private jet, and the other teams say the...
  15. How long was/is your orientation?

    Wow 6 months at some places, thats crazy! Im in a neuro ICU on week 9 of 12 & they say I'm doing well & they think I'm ready to come off orientation, but the general consensus from the more experienced nurses is to take all 12 even if I'm "s...