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I know this has been asked several times before, but I haven't seen any recent ones so I thought I'd give it a shot. Which states are hiring new grads? I have a BSN and I'm willing to move... Read More

  1. by   hecallsmeDuchess
    VA hiring. A friend works for a teaching hospital in Norfolk and said her floor hired up to 10 new nurses including new grads in the past few months.
  2. by   anotherone
    many rural areas all over the country. look at places at least 2-3 hr from a city area. remember that housing is difficult to find in most of these places. it will be a culture shock to many from big cities and subruban areas. i speak from experience, lol
  3. by   NickiLaughs
    Have you looked at the very rural parts of CA? Eureka? Rideout in Marysville? Those places tend to hire NG, might be better than leaving the state.
  4. by   amygarside
    Most states hire nurses but if you would like an assured job you can try the rural areas.
  5. by   SCSTxRN
    I live in Wichita Falls, TX. United Regional Healthcare urhcs.org just closed a position for nurse internships, but hires new grads - to my knowledge - every semester. The North Texas State Hospital (psych) hires new grads. https://jobshrportal.cpa.texas.gov/E...7-431b08f314e8

    The hospitals in Electra and Henrietta also hire new grads, as does (occasionally) Kell West, which is also out here.

    The winters can be miserable, and people here aren't used to snow - the summers are scorchers, and 3 months out of the year the water tastes like insecticide, there's no culture other than cowboy (but DFW is only two hours away)... other than that, it's a great place to live. The cost of living is reasonable, the schools are good.
  6. by   ileex3
    I graduated in June 2012 with my BS in nursing. Since July, I started job hunting in New York. No luck at all. I am also considering working outside of NY. I do not know which state though.
  7. by   NKing11
    I have to agree with others on this North Dakota hires new grads like crazy. I'm sure many other small rural areas in various states as well. Graduated May 2012, licensed in CT had no luck in any of new england. Started applying to North Dakota and within 3 weeks had 5 phone interviews and 3 job offers. Depending on where you're from it will definitely be a culture shock and the pay in the midwest is definitely not up to par with the coasts but gaining the experience to open new doors is priceless.
  8. by   greyL
    Thank you everyone. All the comments have been helpful.
  9. by   marcos9999
    At the end of the day the most rugged out of beaten path and remote areas are hiring. It will take some guts to just get yourself there and start working and finally get over this NewGrad curse.