Trick: Searching for job postings

  1. Okay after months of searching online for positions, today I realized that it depends on how you search for the positions.
    Okay normally you would select "RN" or whatever position you are looking for specifically. Then "Full time" and so on. So the system could filter out the results and you won't be scrolling down forever.
    But now you may have to select "All positions" or "All areas" instead of specifically selecting a title.
    Reason being is because the system may filter out the exact postings you are looking for (for some odd reason) in turn making you miss out on potential postings that you may be qualified for.
    I may be late on this but I just thought I would share this revelation. We need all the help we can get in this hard job market.

    Good luck on your search!
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  3. by   HouTx
    You are absolutely correct. Online systems are only as "smart" as the people who maintain them. Some of them require each position to be associated with specific tags & job searches are keyed into those tags rather than job titles.... so even though the title contains "RN", it won't turn up in the search if it wasn't tagged appropriately.
  4. by   avaloncar
    Exactly! Thanks
  5. by   T-Bird78
    And filter by title not just keyword. I'm an LPN and when I'd search by LPN it would pull up RN and NP/PA because those positions supervised LPNs. It's really quite annoying. I had better luck going directly to the various hospital/medical group website and searching their job postings directly. Plus, the national job search websites don't know their geography. When I'd put a 30-mile search radius it would still give posting for well over 60 miles away.
  6. by   uRNmyway
    Oh, and capitals affect searches too. I have searched for 'fulltime' before, have 5-6 results. Put 'Fulltime', dozens of results. Then, make it 'full-time', different results. All within the same search engine for the hospital listings.
  7. by   RInursingstudent
    I've even found RN positions listed under LPN positions. Guess the HR people listed it wrong.
  8. by   avaloncar
    Good points. Thanks!
  9. by   JMart83
    Great thread! I hope everyone sees this!