So frustrated!

  1. I know it's hard out there for us new grads. I expect some rejection. However, I never expected it on the level I'm receiving from my employer. I currently work as a clerk/tech in a very large ER, in fact my company is the second largest employer in the state of CA.

    I was let down by being told they weren't going to go through with the original plan of having a new grad program here in the ER. So they are having one on the floor, which I went for my panel interview this past friday. However, today I got the rejection email.

    I'm totally at a loss. I have my ADN, I'm starting my BSN in January, prior to this job I worked on a ALS/BLS ambulance as an EMT for 3.5 years. I have patient care expeirence. I'm 35 years old, I've done a few interviews in my I don't know that I interviewed THAT horribly. The email said they are going with canidates that have more skills/background and senority that they were looking for. WHAT? This is a new grad program on a med surg unit! How much more skill and background are all of us going to have over one another if we all just graduated nursing school.

    I know, I sound bratty, I'm sorry, but I'm just really hurt. I have been with the company for almost 4 years and they are financially invested in my education. I don't understand why I'm not one of the 28 persons moving forward. So frustrating.

    Any ideas or suggestions on what to do or help me with my attitude? I wanna cry!

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  3. by   amoLucia
    Sorry to hear of your dilemma. From what I've been reading from other posts here on AN, your state of California is being very picky re BSNs vs ADNs.

    Also, there may be LPN applicants who've become RNs that would trump your EMT experience. Applicants who have more general diverse experience like in M/S may have been selected. And if your facility is a corporation, are there any sister facilities who would have had applicants? There could be any number of possibilities for the standard-type rejection letter (thanks, but no thanks).

    I'm not sure of HOW they are invested in your education as you say. Might you be an alternate?

    I wish I had some better words to help your hurt. Good luck and a big hug from here.
  4. by   dmskoka
    I graduated from nursing school in Ca in May of 2010. I was in a 2nd degree program so when we finished we all had at least 2 Bachelor degrees, some Masters. Some had medical experience as well, EMT and other experience. I think about 6 people eventually got jobs in the area because they knew someone and still had to really wait. After 6 months I left the state and went half way across the country taking a job that paid half what they did in the area I was living in Ca. It isn't you. It is the economy and area. Very, very hard. I was reading an article that there is a whole lost generation of nurses because of what is happening in the West and the East in nursing. Also after a year people don't want to hire new grads. I was told go wherever I have to to get started. I didn't want to but found a very supportive hospital and people that have been very patient with me and giving me the time that I need. I know not everyone can move but just wanted to let you know your story is very common.....Just hoping this all turns around.. Hospitals are missing out on a lot of great people like yourself that already have experience..
  5. by   sdlane
    It is just like dmskoka said. It is hard to get in nursing school and find a nursing job in CA. Apply to every hospital in your area.
  6. by   CarynRNBSN
    I feel your pain. I just graduated last month with my BSN, and the job market is grim. To make it worse a few of the SD hospitals aren't even taking any new grads right now. It's very frustrating. I don't want to go work at any random place, I want a hospital job. I would take anything just to get some experience but it's even hard to find random places who will take us new grads. I've been volunteering for more than a year at one hospital, but they are one of the ones not taking new grads right now I can't move out of the area, but even people who have applied all over the country haven't had that much luck.
  7. by   BrandonLPN
    Well, good luck with being so choosy. If you want everything, you'll end up with nothing.
  8. by   Scarlettz
    I am so sorry. I. know how it feels. I am having trouble finding anything health field related. I have been trying to find a tech job for almost a year. I am also an ADN graduate. I had plans to continue on in a BSN program this fall, but without a job and with my financial aid practically dried up, I doubt it'll happen. I guess my only advice is to use this time to gain additional skills, brush up on your resume, and maybe even look elsewhere.
  9. by   Muffy5
    I am sorry to hear of your circumstance, but it isn't just you. I moved to CA from the Midwest approximately 2 years ago. I started back East as a LPN working in a SNF and then continued to work there as an RN. I could not find an acute care job to save my life. I immediately enrolled for my BSN and eventually moved to Cali where all of my career woes continue...

    I got hired in the Acute Physical rehab at a small local hospital and thought it was a great in. I have been with the company for one year and felt that I was losing valuable skills and was stagnant as a new grad, so I asked for the opportunity to orient on Med-surg and ER. After floating to those areas, they called my supervisor and said that they didn't want me back, because of my skills (we're talking starting IV's, hanging blood, etc.), nothing that has ever harmed my patients in any way! So here I am at my year review, given 3 months of what feels like probation, to "improve my skills." I am at a loss and so hurt as well. I have never had a bad review and have never felt more stuck... I feel punished for admitting my flaws and seeking help. Everyone else just sweeps what they don't know under the rug, and no one is the wiser!

    I don't know if I can agree with Brandon, because I am living with the consequences of taking any job, and have often given people the advice to be choosy. I wish you luck and hope you can find what you are looking for! Thanks for anyone who read this vent. California is a really tough state to be a nurse in right now!
  10. by   Coriander
    I'm with you here. I've had three interviews and have been rejected every time. Some places are rejecting me flat out without any interviews. I graduated in May with my BSN and have started expanding my search throughout California instead of just San Diego. It's tough. It's really tough.
  11. by   not.done.yet
    Any applicant who had a BSN probably trumped you. Any applicant who had a tighter connection with that floor probably trumped you. Any applicant who might have had a stronger work performance over the years might have trumped you. Only you know if there is anything in your file, officially or unofficially, that may have affected this - issues like tardies, call-offs, being difficult to work with, not getting along with others, errors on the job, patient satisfaction scores. It may be you simply made your passion for the ER too well known over the years.

    Consider asking for a post interview meeting to find out what you can improve on, both in terms of interview skills and whatever else might have affected their decision. Saying you "didn't interview THAT horribly" is being damned by faint praise even in your own words. Interviewing "not that horribly" isn't the same as interviewing spectacularly. It could be also that other candidates sparkled more than you did and just seemed like a better fit, more passionate, more excited by the opportunity or more like someone they want to work with. Your original post sounds very much like you pretty much assumed you would get the job, both in the things you said and the attitude in which you said them. Perhaps that came through in the interview. Perhaps your disappointment in not having an ER position to apply for did as well. Only you can know. Believe me, I am not condemning you, but rather encouraging honest self evaluation so that you can do better next time. For whatever reason, you were not the one they chose. And there IS a reason.

    I can understand your disappointment but the truth of it is, you don't have the luxury of feeling sorry for yourself over it. Time to get to work finding work. You are in one of the top two most difficult markets in the US for new grads, as you undoubtedly know. I am sorry you didn't get the job and wish you luck in finding the one meant for you.
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